The English Market

One of my favorite places to go in Cork deserves a post all to itself. The English Market is a quite famous indoor market located in Cork’s city center. It’s full of fresh, local food and the wonderful thing about it is that it runs all day, six days a week. I do most of my grocery shopping there.

Ah, the chocolate. Obviously my favorite part.

You might remember me mentioning earlier that the English Market deserves a post all to itself. Well, scratch that.

I just finished my third day of classes at University College Cork! Mostly it’s been a lot of confusion… So far I’ve missed one class because I couldn’t find the classroom. I originally went into the wrong class and didn’t realize it for about five minutes. It was a third year engineering class, so that’s a bit embarrassing. I then ran around the building desperately for an entire hour and still couldn’t find my classroom. The next DAY I came to the realization that I had indeed been in the correct classroom, but I was there on the wrong day. Clearly I’m really on top of things.

Oh well! I’m confident that I’ll have it figured out… by the end of the semester. And the classes I DID find went quite well! (And tomorrow I have an Irish Folklore class… there will be talk of fairies. Enough said.)

I’m taking a little trip to the nearby town of Kinsale this weekend. I leave you with a few photos to get you as excited as I am.

External image

External image

Right?? Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this little excursion and I’ll certainly be blogging about it.

Until then!


If you’re in Cork City over the weekend, why not drop into Kaizoku-Con at University College Cork. I’ll be at the Artists Alley this Saturday and Sunday selling an array of prints and trinkets, including these brand new yokes:

★A3 and A4 prints of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders. All A3 prints are €12 each, and all A4 prints are €8 each.
★Steven Universe: Ruby and Sapphire Keyrings. Ruby is on one side and Sapphire is on the opposite side! €3 each.
★Mini Paper Frame Commissions: Request a mugshot drawing of anything you’d like, and I’ll decorate the frame with a design or message of your choosing. Limited to 8, including the example pieces shown which you can also buy. Each come with their own clothes peg so you can hang it up. €8 each.
★Ink Commissions: Request a portrait, bust or full body image drawn in ink for €15. Example pieces shown are also for sale for €15.
★If you buy both a Mini Paper Frame and Ink Commission, you’ll get the two for just €20.

A selection of A5 prints, magnets and bookmarks will also be available.

Check out the map to see where you can find me. I hope to see you all there! ♥

I regret writing the first piece of Sherlock graffiti in a toilet cubicle at my college in Ireland last year while I was bored and timewasting. it clearly inspired some of my fellow students to come out of their weird tumblr shells. if only I had known back then just how terrible the whole superwholock fandom shite was gonna be. what hath I wrought

My first post!

Hello all!

This is a blog I made for my family and friends to catch up on my adventures while studying abroad in Cork, Ireland. Many of you can view my facebook pictures, but those pictures can’t always tell stories of the trials and tribulations of an adventure. 

As many of you know, I am studying at University College Cork (UCC) which is in the city of Cork. UCC was named “Irish University of the Year” in 2003, 2005, & 2011. And in 2011 it was named in the top 2% of best universities worldwide by QS World University Rankings. UCC has about 13,000 undergrads and about 2,000 (maybe?) international students a year.

This is the quad; but don’t you dare walk or sit on it! Stories say that if you do, you will flunk all your finals. Superstitions like this come form the school being so old; est. 1845.

This is the UCC crest. A ceramic tile crest is embedded in the ground in the top picture, underneath that arch under the tallest tower. It is said that if you walk on that crest, you will get pregnant. The rule follows males, too; the last girl they had sex with will get pregnant with his baby. 

I am already in love with UCC and it’s surroundings! Keep posted for another post (awkward wording) about Cork City and my adventures thus far !