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Happy Birthday MaRo! When I was in university we founded a campus Magic club One event we ran was called 'Tribal' You had to choose a creature type, 60% non-land were creatures of the type, and the other 40% had to be thematic. We decided to run this event as a free-for-all multiplayer game with about 20 players. The game took 10 hours, and multiple players ended their turn, left to go to the store, and came back before their turn came back around. Clerics won at somewhere over 1000 life.

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hi im really sorry to bother you with questions , but i saw that you are/were studying in uni in Australia for an animation degree Im EU based but keep my options as open as possible :D So , if you can , could you tell me the mame of the uni , plz ? Thank you ✨✨✨

no worries!!! i go to griffith university at their southbank campus which is also called the queensland college of art!! 

but anon im sure you could find something closer to you… and better….

australia Sucks for art based courses and the animation industry in australia is just like… *tumbleweeds*

i dont even want to study animation. i would rather study illustration or even sequential art. but alas, out of this whole dang country there are 0 courses for that area of study