In the wake of Sandra Bland death, another unarmed black man has been killed by a University of Cincinnati campus police officer during a routine traffic stop. Sam Dubose was shot in the head while driving off. The officer was wearing a body cam. Investigators are saying to footage is very bad and that Mr. Dubose did not have to die. They have not released the footage, as they are afraid of possible riots. Check out the full story at #sandarbland #samdubose #blacklivesmatter

local breaking news: police officer who shot and killed samuel dubose (a black man) during a traffic stop on the university of cincinnati campus was found at fault and indicted for murder.

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In Houston go to the house of pie. It's good and stays open late. I suggest go walking down rice village and check out Rice University the campus is gorgeous.

Is there pie there?!


Black man Samuel Dubose was shot in the head by a white campus officer during a traffic stop 

During a routine traffic stop on Sunday night, white University of Cincinnati campus police officer Ray Tensing shot 43-year-old black man Samuel Dubose in the head. Dubose was missing a license plate on the front of his car, according to police officials. Dubose allegedly refused to provide a drivers’ license and instead pulled out a bottle of alcohol. Their interaction then quickly escalated.

The signs as college students

Aries: joins a big sorority/fraternity

Taurus: skips class to take naps or get food

Gemini: dates all the really hot upperclassmen guys/girls

Cancer: stresses and cries about bad grades all the time

Leo: crashes all the fraternity and sorority parties

Virgo: keeps a set schedule everyday for classes, study times, and chores

Libra: wants to switch their major every year

Scorpio: often studies and plays video games in their dorm

Sagittarius: Yik yaks about annoying or strange things on campus

Capricorn: waits until the last minute for assignments and is up all night studying

Aquarius: the artsy hipster who enjoys getting hot tea in the cafeteria every morning

Pisces: involved in campus activities and enthusiastically gives tours of the college to incoming freshmen

University Street, LONDON

(UCL Rockefeller Building, Bloomsbury)