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If you don’t know how far you should go while drawing Rebelcaptain fan art just remind yourself that you don’t have to show them making out or having sex. 

You can just emulate the sexual tension that was shown in Rogue One. Both in the book and in the movie. That would be enough.

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My character is a veteran of the Last Great War, a former patriot of Thet that was basically as close to a flag waver as you could get in the universe. When war broke out, she dived headlong into signing up for the military, hoping to win great battles for her nation. Thet, however, was not the best of nations when it came to military ops; her first imssion was a raid on a farming village out of the way of anything. 1/2

2/2 The final one was a attack on a “millitary encampment” that turned out to be anything but. After the war, she tried to return home to her family, but the horrors of what she did during the war haunted her, and she hated the country she once loved. Now she wanders the world, staying at inns and doing menial jobs to survive, until she got caught up to the party and a search for some missing cargo by the coast…

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How does Han help Leia when she has a headache? (Not GFFA universe) (Star Wars universe)

He makes sure she’s eaten and has plenty of water. He gets her a painkiller and some caffeine. Then, he convinces her to lay down or snuggle up to him, then carefully takes her hair down and massages her scalp and neck. In extreme cases, he’ll get her one of those warm rice bag things for her neck, or draw her a hot bath. Then, they go to bed and he holds her and rubs her back or her forehead until she’s asleep.

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If you could put Ilwe'ran in any alternative universe, what would it be? What would he do in the AU?

I admittedly needed several days to think over this question because I am not the sort of person who take a character from an universe to another unless they are close from each other (aka I wouldn’t take Ilwe’ran to Star Wars universe for example, that would feel very wrong).
Yet, when I think of it, I believe that there is one thing in his backstory that could have not happened and would have changed everything he is : 
Ilwe’ran is from Meracydia and he guided his Clan away as their land’s aether was poisoned by a piece of Dalamud which fell in the Desert. But what if this never happened ?

At this time, Ilwe’ran was working as an ambassador from his Clan within the Tribe against which they were in war since decades. His role was to help to settle the fights and to become the necessary bridge for the solutions to happen. His Mothers put him at this very place, they taught him everything they knew for him to be accepted within the Tribe’s Council and as the Tear from Dalamud fell, it had been a year he was working within the Council and they were slowly but surely calming the hostilities.
The fall of the Tear ruined everything, they had to flee from the Plague which killed most of Clan’s member and that’s how Nossë migrated to Eorzea two years before the Calamity.

But if that didn’t happen, Ilwe’ran and his Mothers would certainly have managed to calm the conflict, recovering his ability to use aether might never had happened and I believe that the Tribe and the Clan would have faced Sholtë and the Garlean attack against the island together.
I think he would still be single and without children, the only other female he would have gotten close to being Ethany, he would certainly have learned to be even more wary than he is now as she’s quite prone to betray him.
He surely would have kept his place as ambassador for long and might not have become Harya even though Parma is so stubborn. Maybe that would have been the trial the Clan would have need to overcome and who knows to which stories it would have lead to ?

Thank you SO MUCH for the ask @dayst-ffxiv ♥ ! I love to think of alternative stories !

Curious about Ilwe’ran ? Send your question ♥ !

Unpopular opinion

Real human lives matter more than fictional characters. Even characters and stories that mean a lot to you. People matter more than fandoms. If you bully and harass people because of their ships or headcanons, you need to stop and reevaluate things

To all y'all liberal kids that are getting icky feelings about punching Nazis and other forms of violent protest:

Voldemort was taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

Darth Vader was taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

Jeanine Matthews and the Eurydice faction were taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

President Snow and the government of Panem were taken down by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

The Homeworld Gems were stopped from destroying Earth by a left wing anti-fascist group of radicals that used militant violence against the government.

I mean damn. One Piece, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, we can stretch it and say The Silmarillion, Eragon, The Chronicles of Narnia, Animorphs, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron, I could probably name more if I had time, all this has in common is that the bad dudes with power WILL NOT GIVE THEIR POWER UP. EVER. It had to be TAKEN from them.

If y'all can understand this and relate to fictional characters, why can’t you do this to your fellow humans in real life?? Y'all are supporting the Death Eaters, the Empire, the bad guys you say you hate. Get your priorities in order. Get over that “Non-violence” bullshit.

I never saw Princess Leia shake hands with the Sith.

Okay, I want to talk about something. I think about this a lot; ever since Captain America: Civil War came out. And anytime someone says Bucky is a villain.

This particular scene hits me like a ton of bricks.

This part absolutely rips my heart to shreds. Bucky wanted to get away from everything. He was trying so hard to stay low and try to live in the dark; run away from his life with Hydra. A life he didn’t choose nor want; he was forced. 

Bucky Barnes is not a villain. It hurts me when I look into his eyes in this scene, and I couldn’t imagine him being a villain. All he knew was fighting. Whether he was fighting against someone Hydra ordered the Winter Soldier to, or Tony when he was James Buchanan Barnes. 

All he knows is fighting. All along, he was fighting against the Winter Soldier, fighting against his mind–doing anything he could to stop the Winter Soldier from taking over. 

His eyes are screaming “Help me.” 

“I’m sorry I fell off the train protecting you, help me.” 

“I’m sorry I took the lives of innocent people, help me.” 

“I’m sorry I almost killed my best friend, help me.” 

“I’m sorry I’m coming in between you and your other best friend, help me.” 

“I’m sorry I can’t understand why you think I’m worth it, help me.” 

“I’m sorry.”

“Help me.”