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Steven Universe. Lar’s head. Leaked clip

I’ve waited so long for another afro fusion/gem! So far we only had Ruby, Garnet and Sardonyx!

I can’t wait to get to know who this new gem is!

She seems to be a ruby/pearl fusion.

I was hoping it would be two new gems or a new gem Altogether. But it’s fine I suppose.

Surely she will look much different from our ruby and our pearl fusing.

And that sapphire is hilarious! Talk about future vision. This girl sees the future in the future. Lmao.

I have a feeling she is just trying to be what she’s made for instead of herself. Maybe she wasn’t meant to see into the future. Maybe my love should try… seeing in the past ? Hehehe.

I wonder who that mysterious wonderland caterpillar character is. Lol now it feels like homeworld is being compared to wonderland. Well the Diamonds are kind of like the queen of hearts. Lol. Steven is the white rabbit. And lars is alice, since steven got him into this. Haha!

And shout out to @rebeccasugar for the afro hair and siamese twin representation ! We really appreciate it!

Now I can’t wait for the shallow minded art work of our new gem fusion with straight hair instead of the representative style she was made with. *eyeroll* It’s an afro people, drawing it like that doesn’t make any physical sense.

What am I saying? They won’t listen to me anyways. They’ll do her like they did Ganet, Ruby and Sardonyx. Let the representation erasure begin.


And now we’re back at Windham University! It’s sophomore year for Audrey and Xavier, and it’s time to introduce two new playables - Evelyn and Clara. :)