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Tips and Tricks for a Semester Abroad

Hello my lovelies! I’m officially on winter break and I realized that there are some students getting ready to start their journeys abroad! I know for the Korean universities my home university has partnerships with, school begins late February, early March. So I’m hoping this post helps study abroaders out, whether you’ll be going to South Korea or somewhere else.

Know how to read hangul

In Korea, it’s not necessary to know the language but it helps to be able to read the hangul. Sometimes, in restaurants, the menu will be in Korean. And sometimes, menu items will be in Konglish. It also helps when you’re looking for certain shops and places which is really handy.

When leaving Korea, prepare to ship a box (or two) home.

Believe me, you will end up buying some stuff while in Korea. Everything is just so cheap. Whether it be souvenirs or tons of KPOP merchandise, we’re going to want to send a box or two home before getting on that plane. It will save you the stress of trying to shove everything into your luggage the night or morning before your flight home. And send in it through boat mail. It’ll take longer to get back home, but it’s a lot cheaper.

Phone and Data Plan

If you’re anything like me who can’t survive without having access to internet everywhere, then you going to want to have an unlocked phone and a Korean data plan. Yes, yes, yes, there is wifi everywhere in Korea but I had difficulty connecting to the wifi so I gave up and bought a data plan through EG Sim. And even if you don’t plan to get a data plan, you still want to unlock your phone just in case, or you’ll end up like me and have to buy a new phone.

Apps to Download

Kakao Talk, Naver Dictionary, and Subway Korea are my three must-have apps. Kakao Talk is the messaging app that everyone uses in Korea. Most Koreans don’t need a phone plan because Kakao Talk is all you need. Naver Dictionary is obviously a Korean-English dictionary. It’s helpful just so you can look up words when there isn’t someone who speaks Korean around you. Also, very helpful communicating with some of the locals that know enough English to have a conversation but aren’t quite fluent. Subway Korea (or any Korean subway map app really) is going to be super useful getting the city. It shows the subway system and all the stops. It also has the times that the subway should be arriving and leaving and how many stops the subway is away from the stop that you’re at. I think some apps will tell you which subway cart is the most and least crowded. Most definitely a useful app.

Always carry around tissue paper.

It’s always nice to have some tissues on you just in case there aren’t any napkins or paper towels anywhere you go. But I stress this because sometimes in Korea, when you go use the restroom, it may not be what you’re use to. It could be a hole in the floor with no toilet paper. This didn’t happen to me often. Actually, it only happened once but I had tissue paper in my bag so I was prepared. So always have tissue paper on you just in case.

Your experience is your experience

There are going to be times when you’re chilling in the dorm studying or have to meet up for a group project while others go out and explore the city. Or maybe you’re trying to save up to go travel after school lets out while others travel frequently during school holidays. That’s okay. This is your study abroad experience. You shouldn’t compare it to others. Don’t think “ah, I should’ve went here instead of there” or “maybe I should’ve done this.” Just thinking these things will make you lose out on whatever country you’re going to has to offer. Studying abroad and the memories that you make there are somethings that you should never regret. Just have fun and live life.

“Unconditional love” is redundant, like “wet water.” Love includes. Conditions exclude. In joy and pain, success and failure, health and illness, youth and old age—Love is. Love cannot be disappointed because it has no expectations. Love, Universe, Consciousness, and Light are the same. The Universe is everything—stars and the vastness of space, cells in bodies and sidewalks by streets, seeds, soil, all of us and more. Everything is a form of Life, of Consciousness, of Light, of Love.

Therefore, it is impossible to be unloved. It is also impossible not to belong—not to be part of the Universe of Light, of Love, of Consciousness—and yet the deepest pain of every human is needing to be loved and feeling unlovable, longing to love and feeling incapable of loving, wanting to belong and feeling unworthy.

—  Gary Zukav

well i will be taking both next semesters still as a community college student, and then my last two semesters of my undergrad as a four year university student! for the partnership i need 30 of my credits from the four year university, so i can take 15 credits in the fall of 2018 and then 15 credits the spring of 2019.

i’m all for getting to save more money!!!!