university of western michigan

The “Supernatural” Encounter

I was walking around on Western Michigan University’s campus today and saw a girl with a dark brown german shepherd mix (think the color of Misha’s hair) when she yelled out to it, “Castiel!” and I was like - 

But then I - 

And I turned around and was like, “What did you say that dog’s name was?” 

And she was like, “Castiel.”

And I was like, “That’s an awesome name.” And then we chatted (and I pet the puppy), but we never talked about Supernatural because I was like, “what if she just liked the name?” And she was probably thinking like, “what if she’s just thinking the name is really clever?” Then I had to go back to work and it was sad, but -

I think I encountered a Supernatural fan in real life the wild! And it was a breathtaking experience. 

Now you should all help me find her so we can be friends. I mean, she named her dog Castiel, so I think the odds of her being on tumblr are pretty high. Just a little reblog, just sayin.’

This is now forever in my College basement. I am not sorry. (Its a basement so the lighting is dull, ah well)

The first time Harry Styles steps on stage to sing, he’s 19 years old, a little bit tipsy, and he thinks he might actually heave from all the nerves.

He’s always enjoyed singing, always enjoying putting on a show, but it’s usually in front of friends or family. He’s never really had the desire to get up on a platform under an array of hot lights, push the mass of sweaty curls off his forehead, and grip the microphone stand like a lifeline, just like he’s doing now. He knows that the crowd - no more than 100 people, give or take - is hardly paying attention to him, giving him less of a reason to be so nervous, and to be blunt, why would they be focusing on him? He’s an inexperienced college sophomore in southwestern Michigan, he most definitely has zero stage presence, and the amount of times he’s already said, “Um, so, yeah,” into the microphone is humiliating. Honestly, he wouldn’t pay attention if he was any of them, either.

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