university of western ontario

University Life

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, at the beginning of this school year I settled in at the University of Western Ontario.  I’m here studying Media, Information, and Technoculture…a fantastic course at an amazing school that I reccommend to any prospective student.  I’ve met some great people here.
These two live across the hall from me, they are the 6 South clowns.

This is our resident disease carrier.  His room was in quarantine due to his violent illness but here you see caution tape from Halloween decorations.

Hard at work…

Meet Gertrude, the 6 South Pumpkin.  She unfortunately passed away on Halloween weekend.  Cause of death: baseball bat.

Here we see one wall of my room, the wall beside my bed, the wall I keep hitting my face on in my sleep.  A great place for decoration, not so great a place for my face.

My room has an amazing view of the sunsets.  I wish I could get pictures like this every night… unfortunately it has been raining a lot here.  I suppose it is a precursor to the winter I’m about to experience…London, Ontario sits snugly in a snowbelt.  Upon hearing this, I went shopping for a new winter coat.

The newest addition to my closet: my $200 dollar Jessica coat from Sears.  I never, ever shop at Sears by choice, but I did this time and got myself a gem.  Its super warm and a classy alternative to my purple Burton snowboard jacket.

Guys, choose Western.  I guarantee you that you will not regret it. :)

Its all for love