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ANTI-MRA SIT IN, TORONTO. THIS EVENING.                               24 SEPTEMBER 2015.

Mens rights activists are meeting today at the Intercontinental Hotel in Yorkville. They previously planned to meet on UofT campus, but decided that they were not safe there. Chasing these misogynists off of campus is a victory, but they still plan to host a meeting, venerating a famous rape apologist, Cathy Young (a link to their event page). Not only this, but they have been planning to charge $15 to people at the door. 

Feminists in the community have not been able to organize in the short amount of time since learning of this new information, and so it falls to dedicated grassroots people who are able to act on this short notice. 

Please meet at 6:30 at Bloor and Bedford, and congregate to march together to sit in on their event. 

There is not much time, this is urgent, please reblog and attend if you can! 


The trans inclusivity project is a group organized by University of Toronto students, made to address not only the systematic inequality experienced by transgender students trying to access education, but also the violence experienced by transgender people in Toronto at large. 

In the past, trans people, specifically disenfranchised trans women of colour, have been thrown under the bus by existing organizations all over Toronto. Even groups that are supposed to provide resources to them have fallen short, due to a mixture of inaccessibility and corruption in the not-for-profit industrial complex. The Trans Inclusivity Project intends to take a radical and grassroots stand, in attempt to prevent this violent pattern from being duplicated.

Because this group is being founded using resources from University of Toronto, in order to get ourselves off the ground, what we need is to be able to show the Student Union that we have support. The University of Toronto Student’s Union requires the Student Numbers of fulltime students in order to grant funding to clubs. 

This signal boost is asking in good faith, for the support of fulltime UofT students! If you wish to support the Trans Inclusivity Project, please send your full name and student # to! 
Cis UofT students can also help by sending in their name and number. If you are not a UofT Student, please reblog to signal boost anyway! 


Visited my old university today. I just had to take/share these photos of Knox College, my favourite building on the University of Toronto campus, and the place where I spent most of my time (mainly because it reminds me of Hogwarts lol).

[Fans of The Mortal Instruments might notice this as the same building used for The Institute in the City of Bones movie. It was also used as the palace of Coventry in both Twitches films, the Disney Channel movies starring Tia and Tamera Mowry].