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{4.16.17 - AP Exams !!!

  • I made a color-coded guide to bio things I’m rusty on + need to commit to memory (again)
  • Honey joined me to take photos
  • listening to: Hart House IV (BP Debate), bc it looks like I’m going to UofT - if I want to continue debating, my only options are British and Canadian Parli. So far, I’m thrilled to try them.

Anime North 2017
And so begin my cosplay escapades in full drag regalia 💃🏽✨
I was so happy I found the time to finish this cosplay!! It’s honestly my fave yet, now I just need some Judie’s to rock the other crystal Gems. Fan Expo best get ready 💜💎✨

The central reason society has to protect free discourse is because it is the fundamental problem-solving mechanism. A by-product [of free discourse] is the necessity to allow people to say offensive things, stupid things, foolish things. Partly because they’re malevolent at times, but also because it’s very frequently the case that when you initially attempt to formulate an argument, you do a very bad job of it. [This is because] you haven’t formulated the argument yet. You have to be allowed to stumble around like a moron, because it’s the only way you’re going to trip over the truth.
—  Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, in an interview with Gad Saad

I honestly weep for the universities. Somehow, one man lecturing on very basic and reasonable ideas about free speech warrants this migraine of a protest.

I am all for empathetic approaches and seeking to understand the other side. However, I’ve listened and read and found the other side desperately wanting. I have little sympathy for the mentalities demonstrated in this video. These are grown adults - not children (despite the infant-like behaviour demonstrated here) - who are individually responsible for their own learning and world-views. These are the “future leaders of the free world”. And it is this hostile, smothering approach towards dissenting ideas that is corrupting the intellectual integrity of academia. It’s shameful.

Truly, it takes a unique sort of dumb to believe that drowning out and silencing free debate and discussion is the right thing to do at a UNIVERSITY of all places. Debate the idea yourself. This is the purpose of education. If you’re not willing to have your ideas challenged, please, for goodness sake, drop out.


Toronto U professor:
-The word ‘radical’ is problematic
-Caliphate and Sharia law is normal and not extremist

“Even the word ‘radicalization’ is a problem […] Because anyone who supports sharia is considered an extremist.”

“But from an Islamic point of view there is absolutely nothing radical about wanting a caliphate, wanting sharia. It’s a completely normal, traditional point of view.

This professor is on so many layers of tolerance she needs to watch out she doesn’t inadvertently redpill all her students.