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The Great Escapist’s 2015 : THE RECAP

1. Welcomed 2015 with my family and of course, fireworks!

2. Visited my cousin’s husband’s house by the beach

3. Finally, bought a Fujifilm instax camera with my own money (yay)

4. Went crazy over Korean food with two of my best friends Althea and Pau at A-Won

5. Went to Diliman and ‘The Best in Philippine Contemporary Art’ at The Link with my @upphotos2003 family

6. celebrated Valentine’s Day with my best friends (Samboy wasn’t able to come though :( )

7. Started MNDYWKNDS (Monday Weekends) with Lois and Kuya Poj

8. Went to the Educ Workshop at 4am to support my inaanak, Debby Sy during the application process of @upphotos2003

9. 1950′s-themed orgshoot! (that’s me on the bed feeling like a primadonna girl)

10. Partied at Unleash 4

11. Went to the beach again because i needed a break

12. Fell in love

13. Partied at Nautilus w/ my UP PhotoS Family

14. First date

15. Went to Nuvali w/ my friends Nichole and Kariza who were also big fans of Up Dharma Down

16. Went to my Tita’s rest house

17. Dinner dates

18. Dyed my hair black (again)!

19. Went to Summit Media for an interview for my internship.

20. Started internship at DZIQ

21. Celebrated on of my best friend’s graduation at a Hot Spring Resort. Congratulations, Kriztle!

22. Date w/ Gio during my internship at Tanghalang Pilipino

23. Celebrated July 4th w/ a photoshoot

24. Did a what’s in my bag Blog!

25. Watched the sunset with my bestfriend

26. Marketing Department of Tanghalang Pilipino #InternshipDiaries

27. Date w/ my very funny dad at Luneta 

28. My toned-down studio portrait from the @upphotos2003 orgshoot! A.K.A the moment I felt I’m really the current Internal Affairs Committee Head of our organization. 

29. Visited Sining Makiling because of a free pass art exhibit

30. Attempted to do a street photowalk but it ended w/ a portrait shoot w/ my best friend

31. The first time he cooked for me

32. Shout out to Smirnoff Mule vodka because it topped my 2015 Favorites

33. Went to GOT7′s Fanmeet in the Philippines w/ Pauline!!!!!!!

34. Uploaded a shot of our Polaroid photos from our first date during my birthday because we have the same birthday

35. Photowalk at San Pablo w/ @upphotos2003 family!

36. UP Photographers’ Society x Shoot UP Manila x UP Photography Society

37. Adventures w/ my roommate, Q at Makati!

38. Judged a photo contest in Lucena

39. Obligatory picture for when my semester’s over (yay me)

40. Reunited and goofed off w/ my brother because I missed him so much

41. Farewell hug for my inaanak because she’s flying to South Korea to meet her husband, Chanyeol. Haha. Just kidding! She’s gonna be an exchange student! See you in June ‘nak!

42. Spent Christmas w/ the family!

43. Survived a production entitled ‘Ang Barbero ng Laguna’

44. Found a new family, Young Entrepreneurs Society


Here’s to more adventures this 2016!

Thank you for all the love and support!

Love you all,

the great escapist