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can u talk a little bit about the boys and drugs? because there was that one article that was like i watched as drugs tore one d apart, and i dont thinn any of them are ln drugs but i also feel like it would be naive to assume theyve never done them? like why would there be multiple blind items about zayn being on HEROIN like theres been shows where hes looked fcked up but not like, THAT fcked up. idk how any of them could sustain an addiction with being in the spotlight?


So you mean this article that England’s Trashcan Dan Wooton, hooves to his keyboard, wrote in October:

I’m literally Liam in the photo they used for the article.

So this  article was part of Simon & 1DHQ’s accelerated campaign last fall to make the boys look like hot messes and ultimately over as a band. You should absolutely side eye every narrative in it, because it’s directly from Dan Wooton, which means that it came straight from Simon Cowell.

The primary objective of the article was to really paint the scene that Louis and Harry hated other. You could tell that Dan had really been putting those creative writing courses he took online at the University of Phoenix to good use in this article - some highlights:

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That Sun article was ultimately Simon Cowell’s Burn Book.  He used the opportunity to insult Larries, attribute the band’s breakup primarily to Harry and Louis’s alleged hatred (el oh el), threw in drug use by Zayn and Louis,  and much more:

The article is worth a read, because it alleges that band divisions began in early 2014, which is also the time that conveniently (and interestingly) the real smear campaign against One Direction began. The Zayn drug blinds that ultimately progressed to the much uglier and more aggressive heroin rumors, Louis’s partying, The Band vs. Solo!Harry, Indifferent Zayn, Unstable Alcoholic Liam - all of these narratives began in 2014, all of it is laid out in this article almost like a PR one-sheeter on every bad narrative that 1DHQ has ever ran. 

I don’t think the boys are innocent lambs - they are young, beautiful dudes with infinite amounts of money and access, and I’m sure they could tell me stories that would have my hoe self clutching my pearls, but I also think they’re smart, savvy, kind, and extremely decent, with very solid support systems.  Part of that intelligence makes me believe that they would never be dumb enough to get mixed up in hard drugs, and doubly so, with has often as we’ve seen them over the past five years, a raging drug addiction would be nearly impossible to hide. 

 Do i think the boys all smoke weed? 1000000%, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But do I think One Direction are drug addicts, and do I particularly think there’s any truth to the rumors that Zayn is a heroin addict? Absolutely not, and you should absolutely side eye the fact that narrative came directly from the source via Dan Trashbag Wooton.  

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