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The University of New Hampshire has announced that librarian Robert Morin, a longtime employee who died in March of 2015, left his entire estate to the school – a cool $4 million dollars.

As the Boston Globe reports, Morin wasn’t your ordinary frugal librarian:

“He would have some Fritos and a Coke for breakfast, a quick cheese sandwich at the library, and at home would have a frozen dinner because the only thing he had to work with was a microwave,” [longtime financial adviser Edward] Mullen said. “He was a very unusual gentleman.”

But wait, there’s more … according to a UNH news release, 

Morin also had a passion for watching movies, and from 1979 to 1997 he watched more than 22,000 videos. Following this feat, he switched his attention to books. He read, in chronological order, every book published in the U.S. from 1930 to 1940 — excluding children’s books, textbooks and books about cooking and technology. At the time of his death he had reached 1,938, the year of his birth.


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$1 Million Of Frugal Librarian's Bequest To N.H. School Goes To Football Scoreboard
A New Hampshire native, Robert Morin was known for his affection for movies and books. He left $4 million to the University of New Hampshire.

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News that late librarian Robert Morin left the University of New Hampshire $4 million has been hailed as a symbol of Morin’s dedication and generosity. But the school’s decision to spend $1 million of that money on a new video scoreboard for the football stadium is being criticized.
Warner Bros. calls for University of New Hampshire 'Potter' classes to cease and desist

Just recently, Warner Bros. ordered a cease and desist on University of New Hampshire (UNH) for their Potter-themed summer classes. The classes were offered for children between fourth and eighth grade and used the Harry Potter books to “teach the kids grammar and literature tools” in a more dynamic and fun way.

Warner Bros.’ letter requested that the class be altered so that “those interested in it did not think Warner Brothers sponsored the course.”

While Warner Bros. does own most of the copyright to the Potter franchise, Michelle Gluck – special counsel for UNH – says that “teachers are allowed to teach about copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright owners.”

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Alumnus and longtime library employee Robert Morin left largely unrestricted bequest of $4 million to the University of New Hampshire. It is spending $100,000 on the library and $1 million on a video scoreboard for the football stadium. 

This is so wrong in so many ways.

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