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Questions for angry white people re: Mizzou.
  1. Who hurt you?
  2. How have you been hurt?
  3. Have you ever felt unsafe due to your whiteness?
  4. How has any of this affected you negatively?
  5. What about your life has changed so dramatically for the worse?

I’m getting shades of deja vu because whenever a situation arises where Black people stand up for themselves, a chorus of white crybabies are soon to follow, complaining about “political correctness,” hurling insults, and making threats.

Why?  Black students feel unsafe on campus due to threats both on social media and directly because white people were just so devoted to a school president and a school chancellor, neither of whom had held their positions for more than five years?  Really?  What makes white people so upset to see Black folks standing up for themselves?

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Missouri football players boycott in protest of president

The Associated Press: University of Missouri football players announced Saturday night on Twitter that they will not participate in team activities until the university president is removed from office.
The move aligns the team with campus groups who have been protesting the way university president Tim Wolfe has dealt with issues of racial harassment during the school year.

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