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bbRusty and bbHags in 2009!

And for more Yelling About Rusty and Hags, please have this article from 2008 about Rusty’s brother, Matt, who played NCAA hockey for University of Michigan, where he was teammates with Carl Hagelin and was infamous for a YouTube of him dancing to Fergie’s Glamorous, a song that Rusty and Hags did a perfectly choreographed dance routine to at the Cup party after the Pirates game this year, nine years later IM FINE NO ONE LOOK AT ME.

Zach Werenski #1 - Skate Date

Anon asked: Hey! Could you write a zach werenski imagine where you guys go on a skate date and you play hockey too?

This is officially my first answered request.  Anon I hope I did your prompt justice! I kind of flip flopped the prompt so that the date came last, I hope that is okay. I also took the liberty of picking OSU because of its closeness to the Nationwide Arena and because Zach went to the University of Michigan. Cute couple rivals? Maybe… 

Being from the north, hockey had always been a huge part of your life. You were four years old the first time a stick touched your hands and you never looked back. For girls though, you understood the serious lack of ability to pursue the sport as a career but when The Ohio State University offered you a full ride to play for their team you readily accepted. You were unfamiliar with Ohio seeing as how you weren’t originally from there but it quickly became home.

A certain tradition existed with your team you soon found out, when after a particularly grueling practice the captain called everyone into a huddle. As a way to get to know the team better and still keep it hockey related, the university had a program set up with the local NHL team; the Columbus Blue Jackets. They sent both the male and female hockey teams tickets to a game and potentially provided the opportunity to meet a select few players. This was all part of their plan to get good press and persuade the local student population to attend their games.

You of course were beyond excited to attend. As a student your budget is pretty limited and while you loved hockey, you couldn’t find it in you to spend your small savings on a ticket. This small stroke of luck, as you fondly remembered it was how you were introduced to your boyfriend; Zach Werenski, a defenseman for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The game against the Wild had been too close for any of you to relax properly but in the end the Blue Jackets squeaked out a 1-0 win. While the other fans filed out you and your team sat firmly in your seats as instructed and waited for security to find you and escort you to a more private location. No information on who you’d be meeting was revealed and on the walk down you listened to your team discuss who they hoped it’d be. You tuned out of the conversation because if asked you didn’t know if you’d be able to stop yourself from revealing your horrible crush on a certain defenseman. Only your roommate knew of your infatuation and that was because you two practically lived in each other’s pockets with how small the dorms are.

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anonymous asked:

"Try not to look so sad; it’ll all seem better in the morning." with DexNursey please!

One sentence prompts #6: Try not to look so sad; it’ll all seem better in the morning.

As with the last one of these I did, I modified it.  These one sentence prompts are a good way to get me started, but rarely do they ever seem to work in my writing without seeming stilted or awkward.

So instead of the original sentence, instead I have: “Please try to not be so upset and don’t beat yourself up about it; it won’t seem quite so bad in the morning.”  I feel that worked much better.

Also, these one sentence prompts are turning into longer fics than I meant for them to be?  So like, they’re going to take more time to finish than I thought whoops.  I’ll get them all done at some point lol

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, onto the fic!

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After Jack graduated, nobody thought much of Samwell’s hockey team anymore.  Dex knows this because, against his better judgment, he read a number of articles before the start of his sophomore season.

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Here's a fun Olympic fact -- If the University of Michigan were a country, it would qualify as the 19th most successful in Olympics medal history. Looks like the tradition will continue. GO USA! And GO BLUE!

Among the ten athletes competing in Sochi from Michigan, five of the six ice dancers call U of M home. And Meryl and Charlie just killed their first event, taking first place personally, and bringing the U.S. team up from 7th to 3rd. :D