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richayoade replied to your post “as of last night i’m the proud owner of a selfie with laverne cox i’m…”

HOLY SHIT!!!! What!!!!!!!

my university hosted laverne cox to give a talk last night and there was a contest where you could email the activities board with a reason why she matters to you and i ended up being one of the winners!!! and the prize was that i got to sit in a reserved seat in the front row for the talk and then attend a talk back with her after the talk in a small group setting where we could take selfies and ask questions. it was truly an experience she’s radiant in person.


Today on #MelaninMonday I congratulate my love for graduating from UCLA this weekend, earning her BA in Sociology.
She will be attending The University of Laverne in the fall to pursue her Masters degree in Health Administration.
The love I have for this woman is out of this world, she is the definition of a Strong Black Queen 👑💕
Read her story here 👇🏾
I love you Shay!😘

Ariel sat in the back seat of my car staring down at her cell phone, her black bangs covering her eyes. Todd sat next to me as I drove, equally transfixed by his phone. I was expecting a more celebratory mood as we made our way out of Minneapolis. I didn’t know much about Ariel and Todd, only that they both identified as LGBTQ and had experienced homelessness; we had recently met through a host home program that I work with. Now, we were on our way to Minnesota State University to hear Laverne Cox speak.

As way to break the awkward silence in the car I asked Ariel and Todd if they were fans of Orange Is the New Black. They both shook their heads. Cox, a breakout star from the hugely popular Netflix series, is a self-described ‘proud, African-American transgender woman.’ Neither of them had seen it. Did they watch Laverne when she was on VH1’s I Want to Work for Diddy? No, they both said. Why then, I asked, had they agreed to this trip to see her tonight?

'Because she’s a celebrity,’ Ariel responded, briefly glancing up. 'I’ve never met a celebrity. And she’s trans like me.’

—  Finding a Way Home | Ryan Berg for Slate