university of iowa learning commons


The University of Iowa Learning Commons is opening in 11 days!!!!! Come check us out!

You will find 18 brand new private group study rooms. 16 of these rooms can hold up to six people and the 2 group study rooms located in the south lobby that can each hold up to 12 people. Even better, these two rooms can be combined to hold a class of 24!

You can reserve one of these rooms immediately by using the display located right outside each room.  University of Iowa students can reserve a group study room for up to two hours twice a week!!

Students can display and share content with your study group by connecting your laptop to the LCD monitor using one of the HDMI or VGA hookups. Students can also write on the floor to ceiling class walls with markers! 


Special Collections featured rare editions of Shakespeare’s works at the unveiling of the “William Sherkspeare” statue, May 5, 2014, in the University of Iowa Libraries’ Learning Commons. The artist Alan Thompson Wallace is on the left in the unveiling and Ron Clark from the Riverside Theater gave a sonnet recitation. The 83 statues around Iowa City will be on display through the summer and then will be auctioned off to support the United Way.