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Sorry guys I know I haven’t been active lately, work has picked up and I’m taking a class at my local college with a huge workload, so I haven’t had much time to be online.

But these are the two newest members of the brood, Archie and Ali.

Archie is a Dragonscale Butterfly Betta that I rescued. He was living with a homeless family that was really trying to take good care of him, but they lived out of their truck with him and 4 gerbils, and they didn’t have any way to plug his tank in to run his filter. Anyways, at the moment he’s still in his 2g that the family was keeping him in, I just changed the substrate and added some silk plants in there for him. I plan on shortly building him a 4g tank as practice for the 9g I want to build down the road. Also to get him out of a 2g.

Ali (or Bertie, it’s still undecided) is a Halfmoon Doubletail, and is actually my mom’s first betta. She fell in love with Archie and wanted a betta for her desk while she’s working on her school work. But she very specifically wanted an orange and blue betta and she wanted a smaller version of the aquaponics tank she wants to set up later with her 29g. So we ran all over kingdom come looking for a 5g aquaponics tank, a gator ornament, and an orange and blue fish. If you haven’t guessed, my mom is a proud student of the University of Florida. And Ali is for Ali(Gator), and Bertie is short for Albert, the UF mascot. 😂😂

(I’m an FSU fan and my sister is an FSU Alumni)

A Guide To Florida

I have a lot of friends who live in other states and countries and they ask me what it’s like living in Florida. So I have created THE ULTIMATE GUIDE OF LIVING IN FLORIDA!!!

  • Hurricanes are a joke
  • So are mosquitos
  • Mosquito repellant doesn’t work but Cortizone 10 does.
  • Not everyone lives next to Disney, SeaWorld or Busch Gardens.
  • No one outside of Miami or Orlando are Heat or Magic fans.
  • Yes we have baseball teams, and they suck
  • We also have  American football teams, they suck too
  • We also have Soccer teams, they are actually pretty good but its like being in an exclusive club if you’re a fan.
  • Despite being the most southern state, hockey seems to be the only professional sport we are good at.
  • The Tampa Bay Lightning are better.
  • If you have to drive to Tampa and its foggy out, give yourself another hour. The Skyway is probably closed.
  • Never prepare for Hurricane season, unless a hurricane is DEFINITELY going to hit us.
  • Hurricane parties are a tradition. You MUST go if you are invited.
  • No matter what the weather man says, it WILL rain today.
  • 60 degrees F is cold
  • 50 degrees F is freezing
  • Anything lower than that is absurd.
  • Sunscreen is your best friend
  • Alligators are the unofficial state animal.
  • It’s normal to see one in your pool or backyard.
  • Black racers (a type of snake) are cool, DONT KILL THEM, they are non-venomous and protect your yard from rats.
  • If you have an outdoor pool, EXPECT TO SEE FROGS.
  • Even though no one in their family has ever gone to the school, almost everyone is a FSU, UF, or USF fan.
  • Florida isn’t a ‘southern’ state like Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. No one born here has a southern drawl.
  • Shorts and t-shirts is an all year outfit.
  • Miami isn’t anything like they show in the movies 335 days out of the year, the other 30 is spring break.
  • Go the day after, the parks are EMPTY!
  • Learn the stingray shuffle, IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!
  • ^^^This isn’t a dance move, its a way to prevent being stung by a stingray while hanging out at the beach.
  • 9 times out of 10, it’s a porpoise not a dolphin.
  • If you own a surfboard, GET RID OF IT OR MOVE TO CALIFORNIA. Waves don’t exist in the Gulf of Mexico, and the waves on the east coast are nothing compared to the west coast.
  • No matter where you are, its less than two hour drive to a beach.
  • If it starts raining, don’t panic or cancel your outdoor plans, its normal.
  • The only thing you have to worry about is when its starts STORMING.
  • Tampa isn’t called the lightning capital of the world for nothing.
  • Lastly, yes, we are actually planning on separating from the U.S to form our own country. Because honestly, we do nothing.

I hoped everyone found this helpful.

Feel free to add more!!

Not Exclusive

Author: Nellie12

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 129,051

Summary: Finn happens to be doing well for himself in the University of Florida. He is starting QB for the Gators, and he’s a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and his grades aren’t terrible. He also has his favorite step-brother coming to visit from New York, and Kurt has no idea he’s about to have the Spring Break of a lifetime until he meets Finn’s best friend and frat mate- Blaine Anderson.

Tropes/Genre: college!Klaine, angst, fluff, humor, romance, 

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