university of cincinnati bearcats

Learn how to answer the call.

You have what it takes to take the leap into the adventure that is your unique experience. I want you to look back at the journey that brought you here.

What moments challenged you most? When were you asked to step out of your familiar territory in order to rise to the occasion of your potential? How have you pushed past your fear? I want you remember those moments because they will embolden you, affirm you and remind you that you did this.

You answered the call.

When the call for adventure comes again, don’t give into fear. Continue to define your unique path.


Kerry Washington

Brogan went missing on Sunday and my entire city has been looking for him. Signal boost the crap out of this post so we can find Brogan Dulle and he can return home safely. Call the Cincinnati police if you see any sightings of Brogan: 513-765-1212