university of advancing technology

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: do you realize that the only reason that the korra universe is so technologically advanced is because aang was trapped in the iceberg of 100 years and the avatars always helped stop major conflicts but because he was gone the war was allowed to continue to the point that they could make new technological advancements like ships and air balloons and tanks and maybe even radios because war always leads to technological progression and it makes sense why every generation before aang was so technologically void because the avatars were there to stop them but not this time and the amount of work to think of this is just, mind boggling?! I love avatar so much

Voltron (Gosick AU)

Ahem, here I am mixing two different shows. Again. I just remembered the anime Gosick and then I thought “wait, black hair? Fairy? Trapped somewhere? Let me make a Klangst out of it”. So here we are again in another AU.

(Note that I just remembered Gosick but I didn’t rewatch it. I am basically relying in memory here.)

> the Altean royal family was known for their powers to be able to communicate to sentient beings like the Balmera. The current family had a daughter first and after five years they gained a son.

> during this five years the Alteans created a weapon called “Voltron” which consisted of five lions. The daughter, Princess Allura, had a semblance of connection to the lions and the royal family thought that she was the key to have Voltron reached its highest potential. They were wrong, the one with the strongest connection to the lions was the son.

> rumors started to spread. The young Prince has a power greater than the others have seen. Some wanted to protect the Prince because of it while others want to turn him into a weapon.

> Tragedy struck and someone kidnapped the Prince during an attack to the Altean empire.

> it was the Galra that kidnapped the Prince but no one knows it because of the tampering of evidences created by Haggar.

> years passed and the young Prince Lance grew in isolation. Maids would bring him foods and clothes as well as helped him during bath times. The other stuff such as toys, accessories, books and beauty products was given to him by his ‘older brother’ Prince Lotor. Aside from that, he was always alone.

> his golden cage was moved from Zarkon’s castle to the tower of library found in Olkarion University. Lance though he could finally associate to people his age but it turned out he was still a prisoner. His only solace was the millions of books found in his new cage.

> Olkarion University, despite being known for their advance technology, still believes in legends and stories passed down from generations to generations. So the rumor of having a white haired fairy living in the tower far away from the main buildings of the school started to spread also.

> Enter Pidge, Hunk, and Keith. The three of them started attending Olkarion University. Pidge and Hunk were a bit obvious on why they choose to attend the said university, the two of them were partners in crime when it comes to anything related to technology. Keith was more the tag along in the group (Shiro forced him)

> if Keith was the awkward type around strangers it hit a whole new level when he became the subject of attention of the students inside the university. You see, there was a rumor (more like a horror story) of a grim reaper entering the school, disguised as a student, decades ago and that he had black hair and violet eyes. Perfect description for Keith, the hair and eye part not the grim reaper part. So half of the students try to avoid him while the other half was intrigued about him.

> one day, Pidge heard the rumors about the old library being haunted by a mourning fairy. They don’t believe the fairy part but they want to see the library part. So they grabbed Hunk and Keith and basically planned to trespass the old library tower. Hunk didn’t agree at first but after the constant asking of Pidge he finally consented.

> of course every supposed secret motives must be done in the dark. Locked doors that consist a lot of codes to be opened and can only be accessed outside? Suspicious especially if the place was supposed to be haunted. But there were no locked doors for Pidge (and Hunk but he didn’t want to be too involved).

> first door during the infiltrating was a success and Pidge was in awe of the amount of books just stored in the first floor alone. Keith was surprised also from it and wondered why the Olkarions chose to abandon the place.

> while Pidge and Hunk was swooning at the amount of information they were absorbing, Keith noticed that there was a light coming from the top of the tower. Being the most impulsive one in the group, Keith scaled the shelves and started climbing on it (why didn’t you try to find the stairs?! It was just right there!)

> finally reaching the top, Keith wondered if the rumors of the mourning fairy was true because he thought that he was meeting that white haired fairy right now.

> I’m going to continue this if anyone is interested. Also, I am writing this because I can’t sleep when I am supposed to be sleeping so forgive if there are wrong spellings or grammars, I will edit this once I get the chance to have a good six hours sleep. Okay. Good night/morning/afternoon to all of you!

The Zodiac Signs as Ancient Civilizations/ Empires
  • Aries: Vikings // War, courage, honor, adventure
  • Taurus: Mongols // Possessions, determination, economy
  • Gemini: Chinese // Rich culture, importance of writing
  • Cancer: Babylonian // Strong sense of community, protection of the weak and poor
  • Leo: Inca // Sun-God, magnificent buildings and art
  • Virgo: Romans // Engineering, efficiency, technology
  • Libra: Greek // Democracy, beauty, great works of art
  • Scorpio: Egyptians // Mystery, intelligence, CATS
  • Sagittarius: Aztecs // Nobility, extravagance, strength
  • Capricorn: Maya // Knowledge, studying, hard work, time
  • Aquarius: Atlantis // Universal consciousness, advanced technology, isolation
  • Pisces: Persian // Human rights, religious tolerance, equality

gravity-gravy  asked:

What sterotypes do the aliens have about humans? What does each species overall think about humans? And are their any qualities that humans have that the aliens wish they had?

Look…. I’ll be honest, I have no interest in making my universe into one of posts about how aliens are agog at humans eating their pasta salad cold and tolerating monsoons. All of the aliens in Staraways have unique physiological and cultural traits, but these are not necessarily causes for envy and wonder… there’s a whole range of interaction here, depending on context. Differences can also inspire fear, hatred, indifference, amusement, and resigned annoyance that ferret ships are always going to be cold and stuffy, aren’t they. Humans being different from them on levels like temperature tolerance and personality started being mundane after the first couple years, and now everyone is right back to arguing about specific politicians and their fiscal plans for planet/spaceport 30X-E.

Avians in general think that humans are sex obsessed, a little too handsy and talkative, but not nearly as bad as ferrets. Ferrets think we are much more personable than avians, but still rather like talking to a recording of a child played at 50% speed. Centaurs tend to regard all aliens with the same resentment, but humans are the most similar to them physically and emotionally, so if they hang out with anyone it’s probably them. Everyone’s a little horrified with the level at which humans are willing to modify themselves and their own children, including a fair amount of humans who have been trying to put more regulations on the GMH industry for years.

All of the aliens have unique sets of skills associated with them in terms of the sciences… humans are notorious for their biochemistry and terraforming talents, and they’re one of the leading species in creating planet bubbles, garden ships, and entire livable planets. They also brought the food printer and lots of medical advancements to the intergalactic table. They’re also easily emotionally attached to non-human living things, and have a lot of conservation efforts going on for their homeplanet and others.

Ferrets are notable for their computer programming, exploratory ships, and being in space the longest…. many star portals were set up hundreds of years ago by ferret slower-than-light crafts, making things much easier for everyone else. While humans spread out like little dandelion weeds to nearby systems, ferrets will happily fling themselves into the void for a 300 year voyage on a hamster tube maze the size of Rhode Island. Also, a lot of the major programming languages and ship AIs are ferret in origin, their talent for intricate language serves them well there. They were the first to develop quantum computers and consequently AI.

Avians are known for their work in physics, especially flight physics (lmao), and have a very good innate understanding of how gravity, drag and lift work on objects. They also tend to be talented pilots, though most ships are controlled by sapient AI now. Avians also have a large community of astrophysicists and rocket scientists, and make a lot of advancements in ship technology and understanding the universe (although they are just as prone to getting in century long spats about string theory and whatever as humans)

Centaurs are still catching up with everyone else, but tend to be talented athletes and engineers. They don’t have the same endurance as humans or flight abilities as avians, but are certainly the fastest runners and furthest jumpers. They are also champs at starving– being large predators they usually don’t eat more than one big meal a day at their most pampered. They are very tactile, like to tinker, and have a good sense of practical design and material physics. Their eventual niche in the galactic sciences with probably be commodity design, construction, and material engineering. Building stuff, basically.

Life is a Pickle Challenge

Hey guys!  So this is the challenge I’ve been working on putting together :D  It encompasses all the things I wanted to do in the Sims 3 but never really get around to.  I’m sharing in case you guys want to play :)  I’d love some feedback and to see you all’s stories! <3 Enjoy!

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Steven is a freaking WMD

As of late, Steven has been coming in to a whole host of powers: healing spit, dream-walking, body snatching, super strength, plant control, feather falling, and so on. Almost all of these make Steven a very real threat to gems and humans alike, but Steven has one power in particular that hasn’t been discussed much in the show. One power that could make him a threat to all of homeworld, and goes a long way in explaining why Rose was able to raise a whole army against the Diamonds 

You see, Steven isn’t just able to heal the gem monsters, he has the ability to create them!

Before I get to explain this, let’s address something important. In the recent episode Monster Reunion, we learned the story of how Centipeetle came to earth, and the terrible burst of light and song that caused every gem on earth to become corrupted at once.

Obviously this wasn’t some inherently magical song. Magic in Steven Universe is much closer to sufficiently advanced technology, even if we can’t scientifically describe every power in play. No this was explicitly a power used by the three Diamonds, not some magic song and not some magic bomb. It’s why Centipeetle drew the three Diamonds (more on why she drew them black in another post), and why the burst shown yellow, blue and white in Same Old World. This is the kind of power the Diamonds wield, and anyone with the same power would qualify as a Destroyer of Worlds

Major clairification: I am NOT saying Steven is a Diamond! He’s a Quartz, this has never been up for debate!

Let’s rewind a bit and talk about Steven and Rose’s shield. Back in Ocean Gem, we learned that when struck, Steve’s shield emits a warbling metallic whine of a sound which managed to cause Lapis Lazuli’s water clones to shudder and collapse into into puddles.

This wasn’t an isolated incident. In Sworn To The Sword the same thing happens to one of Pearl’s training holograms, which glitched out and then shattered when he blocked it’s parry

This glitching effect should be fresh in your mind right now, since just yesterday in Monster Reunion, we saw Centipeetle’s body glitch the exact same way as she began to revert into her monster form.

Gem bodies are still just holograms. The only difference between Holo-Pearl’s physical form and that any real gem is that her body is designed to be fragile, and break rather than try to maintain her shape.

Worse yet, Steven’s powers seem to be entirely semantic in nature. In addition to being able to heal gems with his spit, he can heal humans, gem technology, and even a damaged stuffed animal

Obviously Steven’s disruption power is much weaker than that of the diamonds is, but it works on the same mechanic, and has the same extent of semantics as his healing. Lapis’s water clones weren’t made of holo-water like her wings. We saw her make them out of ocean water.

If that isn’t enough for you, listen to the reason why Garnet, Amethsyt, Pearl and Rose survived the the attack

Greg: No such thing as a good war, kiddo. Gems were destroyed, people too… In the end, your mother could only save a handful of her closest friends. If it weren’t for her shield, man, I don’t know.

Rose’s shield neutralized the effect: the same power is in play here, and it can potentially be reversed as well, and here’s the most amazing thing: Steven doesn’t need his shield to use it

In the infamous episode Maximum Capacity after seeing Amethyst shapeshift into his dead mother to torment his dad, Steven yells “STOP” at the top of his lungs, immediately afterwards the tv broke out into static. This wasn’t the end of the tape or anything, we saw the show still playing in the instant before the tape was scrambled by Steven’s powers. More evidence that this disruption ability can affect anything you could physically disrupt. The only variable here is power.

To wipe out all gems on earth, all three Diamonds were needed, presumably fused together, to commit such an act of unbridled destruction. For Steven to utilize his power on the same scale, either to corrupt or to heal, the odds are against him, but he’s not going to do it alone. After all, there’s no shortage of powerful gems on earth, and he only needs to fuse with them to wield their strength.




Unliving weapons

And a beast whose voice can tear holes in space itself!

A Rogue One Inception!AU

- link to my other Rogue One blabberings -

is there a rogue one inception!au floating around anywhere in space? a picture set? aesthetic? whatever they’re called.

because guys.


i’ve never been in the inception fandom (except to stare at ariadne’s gorgeous face ok), but imagine (i’m gonna get all the terminology wrong and everything might not happen in the same universe but bear with me):

  • the rebellion has failed in successfully extracting information from galen erso’s mind regarding the empire’s top secret research
    • a woman had appeared during melshi’s interrogation. a brunette with a beautiful but tired face.
    • “i’m usually not one to impose myself in my husband’s business dealings, but,” a sad, exhausted smile, “things have changed.”
    • she’s a shit shot, but it ends the dream nonetheless.
  • the rebellion has lost their mole, and the empire knows who they want. they lose access, and erso disappears.
  • much later, the rebellion is given one more shot at erso’s mind. a defected pilot confesses that he knows where erso has been hidden away.
  • the rebellion commands captain cassian andor - the original team’s forger who had been the only one undetected due to his skills as the alliance’s best forger - to do the following:
    • one: to put together a new team for the extraction, including
    • two: finding and recruiting galen erso’s daughter.


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anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what fic of yours was plagiarized ?

More than one. Several. Many.

Here’s the thing, anon. Plagiarism isn’t just solely a word for word copy and paste scenario. It’s dishonest appropriation. It’s taking another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas and expressions” (thanks Wikipedia), down to the syntax, and posing it as your own work without credit or acknowledgment. If it were as simple as ‘copy and paste’, I would have gone ahead and resolved it already. But it’s more complex and upsetting than what you might think. 

I don’t believe you can get away with such trite examples of plagiarism these days. Firstly, because technology is too advanced: at my university, you had to hand in not just a physical copy of your papers, but an electronic one, and it had to be submitted through an online program, where it would run ENTIRE academic web bases against your submission– checking not only for stolen words, but stolen structure, syntax, language, and ideas. It could do that, which made the prospect of stealing and not acknowledging your sources much scarier. Secondly, our core fandom is not as large as others on Tumblr, so to simply copy and paste other people’s words without embellishment is a fool’s task, because it will eventually be unveiled by some of our more ardent readers. 

So the kind of plagiarism that made my ass sad and salty is something not everyone is going to pick up on. And if people have trouble picking up on it, who’s to say they will even agree that it is plagiarism? I know it’s plagiarism. I’ve had it confirmed. But to say that my writing style, my language, my tone, my structure, my syntax, my imagery, my scenes have been dishonestly appropriated and imitated without credit is not the same as pointing a finger at plagiarism that is more tangible and obvious. This is part of the reason why I am having a hard time dealing with this, and why I am still figuring it out. Not to mention the fact that I know this person, and it hasn’t only been one time, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. 

I will be honest with you, anon: at this stage, I don’t know what to do. Even if it gets out, it might be ugly. And if it is, who wants to come online to that crap? Who cares enough to want to embroil themselves and their blogs with that shade of ugly? If it gets resolved privately, I can not imagine a scenario where I will be back and writing and chilling on Tumblr; where I have to pretend it’s all hunky-dory while the person in question gets to go on their way enjoying the benefits of having imitated my work. Could you? Would that not be painful if it happened to you?

So I don’t know, friend. I simply don’t know. I’ve logged in today because the only thing I can say now is how grateful I am, from the bottom of my heart, for the kind messages you guys have sent my way. I would like to reply individually, but I hope you can understand if I do not do so straight away.

(Having said that, there’s this one anon who has dropped by my inbox to leave those ‘if you receive this it means you make someone happy! Pass it on! Etc etc’ messages, which has been lovely, but they’ve left so many I now feel obligated to pass the message on one thousand times. LOL. Whoever you are, thank you. You gave me a good laugh.)

I’m sorry if this content on my blog has disappointed you. Trust me when I say there is no one more disappointed than me. Thank you so much for those who bothered to express solidarity and support. They may have just been words to you, but I promise that they meant the world to me and my sad, salty and wishy-washy ass. Thank you. I know now who I can count on. 

Stay frosty out there, friends. And for real, mate: make all our online lives easier and don’t fucking plagiarise.

anonymous asked:

Thulaz with the word prompt 'moon' perhaps?

This was really challenging! Thank you for this one, I hope it’s what you wanted! I turned it into a pretty lengthy fic, oops. I might be a little slow to reply but please keep sending me prompts!


The Blade of Marmora was an enigma even to its own members sometimes. They had the most advanced cloaking technology in the universe, and yet the officials still insisted that the only way to infiltrate Zarkon’s ships undetected was in the smallest craft possible. So that was how on his first mission, Thace had ended up in a repurposed escape pod, with barely one seat to himself, next to the masked pilot who had not shut up about artificial limbs for the past four vargas. 

“All I’m saying is–and this is just my cover, I don’t really care about any of this, you know that, right?–but there’s so much untapped potential there, for surveillance purposes, for quintessence manipulation–”

The stream of scientific jargon was interrupted by the ship jostling and veering to the side. “What was that?” Thace asked.

The pilot checked the readings on the control panel. “We’ve been hit!” he yelled in alarm. “There!” He pointed out the windshield to a Galra drone that was just leaving their field of vision.

“Do you think they know who we are?” Thace asked, voice low with concern.

“No. We’re in Galra controlled space, so they’re probably just programmed to shoot down any unidentified craft,” the pilot said confidently. 

“Very reassuring,” Thace mocked. “How is that going to help us now that we actually got shot down?”

“We will be fine. I can pilot us to that moon,” the other agent insisted.

“No you can’t. We lost the engine! The best you can do is crash land us on that moon,” Thace argued. 

Thace hated to say I told you so.

The engine, which had been sputtering since the blast, exploded just as they neared the moon’s surface, sending the pod into a double flip and bouncing it off the ground upside down. It would have looked like a cool trick to anyone but the two Galra inside it, who were holding on for dear life. Finally the ship skidded to a stop on its side. Thace had braced himself against the ceiling and managed to avoid any serious injuries, but the pilot didn’t seem to have been as lucky, hanging limp in his restraints. 

Thace unclipped his own restraints and crawled across the seat. He knew he wasn’t supposed to do this, but the other agent looked badly hurt and he didn’t know any other way to help him. He pressed the button to remove his mask. 

The mask dissolved, and Thace paused to catch his breath. Not because of the clearly unconscious expression or the bleeding wound on his forehead, but because he was so strikingly attractive, with the razor sharp cheekbones of a conventionally handsome Galra and pale lavender skin the likes of which he’d never seen before. His pointed ears perked out a moment after the mask came off, and Thace resisted the urge to touch them. That was not what he should be thinking about in this situation at all, he scolded himself. Thace removed his own mask to wipe the sweat from his forehead, which had appeared there due to stress and perhaps other reasons. 

He quickly shook himself out of his distraction and reached for a compartment in the ceiling that held a breathing mask. He affixed it to the pilot’s nose and mouth, and then searched the cabin for some gauze to press against the wound on his head. After that, he panicked, unable to think of any other way to help him. If he had been the one who got knocked out, he trusted that the other agent would know what to do. He seemed to know a lot about medicine, after all. Thace’s area of study had always been more focused on military strategy, and while that was useful for many things, first aid was not one of them. All he could do now was wait, and try to keep himself from staring at the pilot’s pretty face in case he woke up and caught him.

He was just wondering which of his ears Kolivan would rip off for letting a fellow agent die on his first mission when said agent opened his yellow eyes. The first thing he saw was Thace smiling at him and saying with a flood of relief, “You’re okay!”

“I think I have a concussion, but yes,” the pilot rasped through the breathing mask. It was hard to see, but it looked like he was smiling too as he said softly, “You saved me.”  

Thace’s heart jumped into his throat. “I, uh… you’re welcome. I’m going to call for help now, yeah, should have done that a long time ago,” he stammered.

Thace called central command while the injured agent rested. When Thace signed off the communicator, the other had taken off the breathing mask, revealing all of his stunning face once again. “They said they’ll come and get us in a quintant,” Thace relayed to him.

“I suppose we’ll have some time to get to know each other, then,” he said. “Since we’ve already seen each other’s faces, I might as well tell you my name. I’m Ulaz.” 

Ulaz had just crash landed on a moon, been concussed, and found out he would be stranded there for a long while, and his first thought was about getting to know Thace?  Thace’s mouth forgot how to form words. “I’m Thace,” he managed to get out.

“Hello, Thace. It will be good to know my ally once we start our undercover mission in the Galra Empire,” Ulaz said. “Since we’re going to be stuck here for a quintant, may I finish telling you about my theory?”

Disclaimer: Gravity’s speed cannot be measured by current technology because gravitational interaction is too weak. 

However, based on general relativity gravity propagates at the speed of light. In the picture, the motion of the earth and moon create a distortion in spacetime (combination of space and time into a single interwoven continuum). The outward motion is moving at the speed of light. 


Finally finished this sketch of my main OC squad :> as previously promised I’ll do extensive bios when I do their individual reference sheets, but I’ve included some basic info under the cut so you can get acquainted. If you’re familiar with these guys already I’d recommend reading it too, as I’m doing a massive overhaul and a lot of old canon has been removed or replaced. I love talking about my OCs so if you have any questions about them shoot me an ask! <33

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The Truth is Out There

The Truth is Out There.

A normal day in the lab at plumber HQ took an unusual turn when Bluckic and Driba- while arguing-accidentally knocked over a beaker filled with a strange pink liquid, right over Ben who’d been trying to get the two to focus on the question he’d asked them.

Upon hitting Ben the liquid turned into gas and it took Ben transforming into Cyclo Spin to clear the room from all the smoke.

“What the heck was that?” Ben demanded once he transformed back.

“A truth serum.” Driba answered.

“An untested, truth serum.” Bluckic added.

“But don’t worry, it’ll wear off in 24 hours.” Driba continue on.

“We think.” They finished together, not at all ressuring Ben that he shouldn’t worry, like they said.

Both galvans had wicked grins on their grey faces. After all this could be very amusing. Playing truth or dare with someone who couldn’t lie had to be hilarious.

And the two of them fully expected this to lead to funny situations, interesting secrets to be revealed and over all useful blackmail material.

As it turned out, it did not.

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The Newsroom Meme: [1/8 Episodes] Season 1 Episode 1 “We Just Decided To” 

We stood up for what was right. We fought for moral reasons. We passed laws, struck down laws for moral reasons. We waged wars on poverty, not poor people. We sacrificed. We cared about our neighbors. We put our money where our mouths were and we never beat our chest. We built great big things, made ungodly technological advances, explored the universe, cured diseases, and we cultivated the world’s greatest artists and the world’s greatest economy. We reached for the stars, acted like men. We aspired to intelligence. We didn’t belittle it. It didn’t make us feel inferior. We didn’t identify ourselves by who we voted for in the last election and we didn’t– we didn’t scare so easy. Huh. Ahem, we were able to be all these things and do all these things because we were informed. By great men, men who were revered. The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.
Antiquity - Chapter 1 - inK_AddicTion - Steven Universe (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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Living on the highly technologically advanced planet Cygni IV, three human sisters struggle to navigate their relationships and increasing obsoleteness.

For @psykopsy

Fleshing Out the Matoran Universe, Part 2: Rare Matoran Breeds

* Before the Fall, the Av-Matoran resided in a secret labyrinth beneath the Southern Continent. Their primary industry was the mining of lightstones, which they exported (while disguised as other breeds of Matoran) to the various regions of the universe. Lightstones sometimes lost connection with Karda Nui’s energies or became corrupted, thus affecting their output. Even the domes’ vast lightstones, which were responsible for illuminating an entire dome at a time, were not immune to this problem. It then became the duty of particularly skilled Av-Matoran to disguise themselves and travel to the skies of these domes, where they repaired or outright replaced the lightstones, without the dome’s inhabitants being any the wiser.

* Due to their innate understanding of magnetic forces, the Fa-Matoran were natural chute workers, and resided in chute stations across the universe maintaining, guiding, and directing the chutes. Other Fa-Matoran worked as navigators on sailing vessels, and a very few served as guides on landmasses.

* Near the center of the universe grew vast jungles and forests maintained by the Bo-Matoran. These mega-ecosystems served as Mata Nui’s “lungs”, and used chemical reactions to produce breathable air for the entirety of the universe inside him. Over the course of history, various factions such as the Barraki and the neighboring tribes attempted to cut down these forests and expand their empires, but were swiftly encouraged not to try it again.

* The Su-Matoran worked almost exclusively in the small islands located in Mata Nui’s hands and fingers, where they oversaw the operations of vast factories that ionized gas and changed it into plasma. They never knew the use of these operations, but they provided the fuel for both Mata Nui’s high-grade energy weaponry and his backup propulsion system.

* Most Matoran technology was not electrically powered, but this is because most of the Matoran universe was not inhabited by Vo-Matoran. These are another rare type of Matoran who frequented the mysterious ends of the universe, such as the homelands of the Su-Matoran and Bo-Matoran, assisting them in their efforts. With the combined efforts of Vo-Matoran, Su-Matoran, and Fa-Matoran, those areas became the most technologically advanced in the universe, with the exception of Artakha.

* Ba-Matoran were known to be rare in most of the Matoran universe. This is because the majority of their tribe resided beneath the known universe, in Mata Nui’s center of gravity. Their work in this vast complex, unbeknownst to the Matoran, allowed for the continuation of Mata Nui’s internal artificial gravity system.

* The exact purpose of the Ce-Matoran remains unknown, though some theorize they existed as a counter to beings with dangerous mental abilities, such as Dweller’s species. Many Ce-Matoran preferred to live in relative secrecy, in quiet places where they could meditate and be one with their thoughts. Others resided in bustling settlements, where they made livings as either scholars or psychics. Some were brave enough to found and maintain madhouses to contain beings whose sanity was in dire need of repair by the Arbiters. (More on them tomorrow.)

* The purpose of the De-Matoran is entirely unknown. Perhaps they were to act as scouts, or to receive messages from far-off places; the world may never know. What is known is that they preferred quiet and secluded regions, far from excitement, and so were often able to coexist with Ce-Matoran quite swimmingly.