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Steven Universe Marching Band AU

Pearl: Plays flute. Probably drum major.
Amethyst: Fucking trombone. Came for the slides, stayed for the cute girls. Low key super talented.
Garnet: Works synthesizer in the pit. Got them good beats.
Ruby: Probably plays clarinet. Always breaks the reeds. Random instrument incidents.
Sapphire: Also plays flute. All the solos. Helps fix the girlfriends instrument… a lot…
Rose: French horn. Hella talented but also low key shady. Drum major.
Greg: Percussion. Not very good…
Bismuth: Tuba. Everyone’s favorite friend. Brings snacks to share.
Lapis: Color guard. Low key wants to quit but eh… she’s come this far…
Peridot: Trumpet. So. Fucking. Loud. Thinks she’s the best. She isn’t.
Jasper: Trombone. Asshole. Pretty gay but bullies all the girls she likes.
Yellow Diamond: Brass band director
Blue Diamond: woodwind director
White Diamond: Head director
Pink Diamond: Used to be percussion director… retired.
Yellow Pearl: Flute. Section leader. Total bitch.
Blue Pearl: Color Guard. Amazing af but shy.
Ruby squad: All also clarinets. Doc is section leader.
Aquamarine: Piccolo. Ugh…
Topaz: Tuba. Secretly nice but Aqua controls her…

Steven: Clarinet, middle school
Connie: Clarinet, middle school

4 years ago today was my first parade as the drum major of my high school’s marching band. 2 weeks ago I graduated with an associates degree in music. This fall I’ll be attending Syracuse University for music education.
I’m so glad that music is part of my life and am very thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given throughout my experiences with music. I can’t wait to see what’s to come this fall at SU ☺️🎶🎷

warriorend  asked:

Would Elsewhere University have a marching band? If it does, what would the fae think about it? (Given that it's a mix of physical activity and an art form. Plus, if you're a brass player, your hands will smell like metal for a while after practice, as well as valve oil. Speaking from experience)

Not all metal will keep them away - iron drives them off and silver gives you the Sight, for better or for worse, but the rest is no protection at all. But marching band is its own kind of Weird. They’re not sure what think of it, but they give sousaphones in particular a wide and leery berth.


‘High-stepping in front of the University of Southern California marching band was no ordinary majorette but Fleeetwood Mac’s main trush, Stevie Nicks. She took to the field at halftime of the homecoming game during USC’s centennial year. Mick Fleetwood beat the drum for the Trojans and Lindsey Buckingham conducted. (…) The group showed up to thank the USC band for playing with them on their Tusk LP and in a concert. ‘ [x]

Los Angeles Coliseum, October 4, 1980.

anonymous asked:

yo yo yo do you have any marching band AU's anywhere

  • “I’ve been playing the trumpet for years now, and although brass usually gets a bad wrap in the ‘band industry,’ I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to always quite literally wrap our cases in plastic wrap…looking at you, woodwinds.” AU
  • “While we were marching in formation I accidentally stepped on the back of your heel and knocked everyone down…many apologies…” AU
  • “Who says that marching band isn’t a sport? We don’t care about the technicalities - we will call our conductor ‘coach’ for as long as we need to in order to be allowed to have a huge cooler of Gatorade on site.” AU
  • “This…is not…the art room. Wait what are you – NO PLEASE STOP I DO NOT NEED THE EYE OF THE TIGER GREETING” AU
  • “Someone set fire to the adjoining room by accident and we’re locked into the practice room without a way to escape - no, dude, we are not like the quartet on the Titanic, now help me open this stupid window…blockhead…” AU
  • “There’s a new rule about no cell phones in the band room, which was implemented after this one time where the conductor couldn’t find the fifteen people who were perfectly playing pitched  and toned fart noises on their phones in time with the music” AU
  • “In the most recent parade, we were rounding the corner when we saw the ice cream truck in the distance. Not even kidding, it was like a hive mind, and we all made a beeline for that truck in perfect formation while someone covered by playing ‘Ice Cream Man’ by Van Halen on their flute” AU
  • “The marching band decided to have a retreat to a lake this year…well, this is definitely going to go well.” AU
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