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im just so tickled by the idea of Pumpkin being a fat, puffy pomeranian though

Baby boy

Seokjin x Male reader (M)

Words: 1.2 k
Summary: Smutty relax play with Seokjin. (daddy play just for sex)

Hii !! Thank you for your request, @sleepy-little-day-dreamer ! <3
I checked your blog and I got this vibe you’d like it? :3 I had fun writing it so I hope you enjoy ~ (if not feel free to request again <3)

College, college, university, life, part time job. You thought you were going crazy, especially now when you were studying for yet another finals, you were mentally so tired, but you couldn’t stop.

So here you are at your boyfriend’s place, waiting for him to come back from work. You have your laptop in front of you in the living room, doing your part of research for the team-work assignment the professor in the university gave you. Honestly you can’t wait to finally get your degree.

You are so focused you don’t even hear the front door opening and steps nearing to you until you feel Seokjin’s hands slowly wrapping around you from behind.

“Hey, Y/N-ah~” He sing songs, happy to see you waiting here for him.

“Hey hyung~” You answer and can feel his kisses on your nape. The loving overwhelming feel is coming to you, but you have to finish this now, or you never will. “Hyung wait please, I need to finish this. Just a moment.”

“Hmm, really? But I wanted to play with my baby boy now when I’m finally home.” Seokjin answers sneaks one hand under your chin, caressing your jawline.

The pet name makes you shiver.

“Hyung…  Jungkook will kill me if I don’t do this.” You lowkey whine at the loss of your boyfriend’s hands on your body.

“Okay, I’ll take a shower, you have ten minutes, no more.” Seokjin sighs and massaging his own neck he walks out of the room. You can hear the smirk in his words.

Sighing you try to ignore your erection while finishing the work.

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Roommates || Suga

Summary: College AU. Your roommate has a trend of letting her boyfriend stay over and you’d rather not deal with listening to anything they do. In your abysmal night, you bump into the Music Composition Major from down the hall.

Word Count: 1,333

Part 2 >>

There were many things your older acquaintances had warned you about with university life; the crazy dorm-block parties, spiked drinks, lecturers that really don’t care and the crazy preacher guy who would definitely harass you on the quad. Despite all these warnings, the one thing they failed to mention was the inevitable possibility of a ‘monster’ roommate.

You’d learn during your four years of dorm life just how vast the spectrum of bad roommates was. You heard your fair share stories from your friends about their experiences - from the Uptight Perfectionist, the Alien and even the Hoarder - but you being you had never taken them too seriously. After all, you had been lucky to have pretty decent roommates.

That was until your final year when you were assigned to dorm with Chae Hyemi.

When you look back on to the first few weeks, you realised how ideal the situation had been. You and Hyemi had hit it off nicely with each other, and you were content with the nice array of people who were dorming on your level. Your RA was friendly, much more relaxed than the others you had been assigned in the past.

Two months after you had all settled in, Hyemi introduced to you her boyfriend Sungjin who, like his girlfriend, had appeared to be pleasant in their short encounters. But pleasantries only lasted for so long, and you knew that. The niceties of their façade had been shattered no less than a few hours after you confirmed that it was perfectly okay for Sungjin to stay over for a night.

Unfortunately, you had misinterpreted the initial request. ‘Stay over’ meant ‘let my boyfriend and I fuck in the next room’ and ‘a night’ actually meant ‘once a week’. You could handle the first time however with each and every stay; the couple grew less and less tolerable. It reached the point where your entire floor disliked the couple - but no one would say anything to them. You had reached breaking point by the break and, to your dismay, Hyemi wasn’t going home to Daegu for it.

It was a surprisingly cold evening as you walked back from the campus library, and all you wanted to do was collapse on to your bed and sleep for a couple of days to recuperate.  The dorm block was practically dead, save for the Fine Art Major from Room 25C who had just left the communal shower and dashed past you to her room. You sent her a smile in her passing before continuing down the hall.

You rolled your shoulders and rummaged through your pockets for your room key, preparing to unlock the door and barrel towards your bed for a much needed nap when you froze. You let out a frustrated sigh as you stared at your room’s door, listening to the unnecessary sounds escaping from the thin walls. “Oh come on…” You groan as you run a hand down angrily through your hair.

A part of you wanted to walk in there and disrupt their ‘fun’ but a much more rational part of you knew that would be a bad idea- the couple would’ve ignored you and you would have needed to bleach your eyes the following day.

In your defeat, you turned on your heel and made your way to the communal lounge. You drop your bag by the worn in couch before you collapse on to it with a huff, resting your head on the arm rest. You wrapped your arms around you and attempted to fall asleep.

Time passed slowly as you stared at the ceiling, waiting for your eyes to shut on their own accord. You had gotten used to this routine; coming back to the dorm block late only to be greeted by the ungodly moans and skin slapping from your dorm and thus having to crash on the communal lounge’s uncomfortable couch.

Just as you felt yourself falling asleep, the sound of shuffling feet from the corridor woke you up, forcing you to sit somewhat upright in your place.

“Oh, my bad [Y/N],” a voice mumbled from the doorway, “didn’t know you were crashing here again. Was I too loud?”

You squinted and, in the dim lighting of the room you recognised the person. Min Yoongi. “No, you’re good… No one would be as loud as those two down the hall.” You responded back sheepishly.  Yoongi nodded and sent you a sympathetic smile before making his way towards the kitchen connected to the lounge.

Min Yoongi was one of the few faces of the floor that you didn’t see often; he was almost never around the campus, never showed up for the monthly floor movie night and disappeared whenever a party was raging on. You were surprised he even knew your name. He was quite enigmatic, and you knew very little about the mint haired male from what his roommate Namjoon had told people. They were both Music Composition Majors and were known around campus for their respective mixtapes which you had yet to find on the dorm block Facebook page. Besides that information, Yoongi remained to be a mysterious figure in the background.

“What’s the counter at now?”

You snapped out from your train of thought and looked to the direction of the kitchen, calling out a “Pardon?”

“The whole, y’know, crashing out here while your roommate gets laid counter… What’s the total at?” Yoongi asked again, appearing in your line of sight as he leant on the wall. The whir of the microwave sounded in the background.

“Truthfully…” You began. Yoongi cocked his head to the left as you continued, “I stopped counting when I hit double digits a few months ago.” He chuckled softly, shaking his head at your comment. “I’m glad my misfortune entertains you.” You said with a slight roll of your eyes.

“It doesn’t entertain me, honestly. I just,” Yoongi paused as he disappeared from your line of sight to retrieve whatever he was heating up, “I had the same issue last year; only my roommate enjoyed the idea of a one-night stand every night of the week.”He exited the kitchen and loitered against the armchair in the lounge, a take-away container from a nearby Chinese place in his hands. “It’s interesting to see how someone else deals with it.”

“I see,” you replied as you adjusted your seating position on the couch. “Since you don’t look like the type who would resort to the communal lounge, enlighten me. How did you cope for an entire year?”

A smirk flashed across his face briefly as he reminisced. “I played obnoxiously loud songs to kill the mood.”You laughed, brief scenes of an annoyed roommate storming into Yoongi’s room as something like Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ blared in the background.

“I might try that next time, don’t be alarmed if you here ‘Who’s Your Mama’ coming from my dorm at midnight.” You grinned, earning another set of laughs from Yoongi.

It fell quiet between the two of you; you weren’t sure what to say to the person whom you had almost never seen around the campus.

“Um,” Yoongi began, looking up from the floor to meet your gaze, “Namjoon’s crashing at his parent’s place in Ilsan for the break… You could stay in our dorm for the night if you didn’t want to stay out here.” He said, scratching the back of his neck unsurely. “I mean, it’s further away from the noise and you’d be sleeping on a decent bed.

You pondered for a moment, not before the sound of a simultaneous moan echoed from your dorm, ultimately proving Yoongi’s point on the noise. “That’d be great, thank you.”

He shook his head as if to say “Don’t worry about it” and walked past the couch, grabbing you bag and swinging it over his shoulder. You shot up from the couch and followed after him, eager to get a much deserved good night’s sleep.

Ta-da! My first scenario on this blog - I hope you liked it! I’m in loooove with College AUs (AUs in general tbh) and I just felt Suga was what this scenario needed. If you want a request for any boy group member then request it while you’ve got time and while I’m on break.

Have a good day y’all!

The last few weeks have been so crazy. I finished my first semester of nursing clinicals with a 3.7, my Mawmaw (grandmother) had a stroke-she’s doing much better now- I broke a finger and a toe (yes I’m a big whiney baby but it hurt 😂) and bruised my tailbone, and my nephew turned 2! Also I finished the first poems I have written in several weeks, to be posted in the next few days. If you are still following thanks for hanging around! Hopefully you will be pleased with the new material! Much love ❤️ and as always, I’m open to any questions either messages or asks!

Baby, New York City: Chapter Four (Biadore) - Boleyn

AN: Hi lovelies! Sorry for the super long wait. Life got crazy! My classes at university picked back up and I donated bone marrow (which was an amazing experience, got to for more information about it!). I’m not totally happy with this chapter, but to make up for the huge delay, it is a good bit longer than my others have been! Thank you so much for waiting and I hope you enjoy!! Oh! And the sketchbook library in this story is a real place in in Williamsburg! xx Boleyn

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Writing Everyday

As a writer, I was at my most productive, inspired, and all-round motivated self, when I was in throes of nanowrimo. I wrote nearly every day, tried desperately to forget about the quality of my first draft, and made the most of every second of free time I had. I have never had more fun and I regret not extending it past that month.

Recently, my writing life has been, to be brutally honest with you, complete and utter shit. My school schedule has been so demanding to the point of me breaking down emotionally whenever I get a chance to breathe. The way my classes are scheduled results in all my tests happening in the spans of 2-3 days. And I’m still working on getting a job, since I have to drive over an hour a day to get to the university, gym, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my crazy life. I like rushing around and meeting new people every day and finding fun places to study and the free coffee (now that’s incredible lol). But I’m not writing. It’s a struggle every day to get the basics done and I keep feeling so guilty because I’m not getting any words down. I love writing. I love it more than anything else (other than friends and family) in this world. And it’s killing me that I can’t do it. I want to feel inspired again. I want to feel proud about what I accomplish- not just school wise. I want to publish before I graduate from college. I want to write.

That’s why I’m going to start doing daily posts again. I’m going to somehow find time in the day- even if it’s just 30 minutes and I’m going to write.

(Sorry for ranting, it’s been a long weekend….)

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half life universe people you should fight

gordon freeman–are you crazy? have you seen this man? gordon freeman destroys helicopters, goddamn alien hunting machines, goddamn alien god-equivalents, you might as well fight ten bears with sharks strapped to their arms. don’t fight gordon freeman. don’t even look at gordon freeman in a suspicious way. d o n ‘ t.

alyx vance–you could probably fight alyx, but why? she’s funny, she’s kind, she’s badass, she’ll probably persuade you to fight with her. if you did fight her, you’d better be jacked up and prepared, though, because she takes a lot of hits and can punch your lights out with the best of them.

barney calhoun–look, man, barney just wants to look after his friends and help people. the guy was a security guard watching nerdy scientists day in and day out. he’s more likely to crack a joke and a beer with you than fight. that said, he can totally kick your ass.

adrian shephard–do it. fight adrian fucking shephard. you’ll probably lose (the guy’s been through almost as much hell as freeman, you don’t just bend over for people after that) but it’ll be worth it. not for any particular reason. he’d just be the most satisfying to punch.

eli vance–”he’s an old scientist dude with a metal bar for a leg, what could go wrong” you think? unknown to you, there’s a goddamn tiger hidden in that affable man, and he will fuck you up even if you do get him on the ground. you’ll feel bad about it, too.

isaac kleiner–no. just no. he’s just a gentle old scientist. if he were someone’s grandpa, he’d probably give them an allowance and all the fun science shit they’d ever want. and a pet headcrab. seriously, he took a headcrab and somehow made it a viable pet. he wouldn’t even fight back if you took a swing at him. he just wants to do science and pet his headcrab. don’t hurt him. i’m tearing up as i write this.

arne masgnusson–i 100% encourage you to fight arne. he’s a pompous stuffed shirt with no heart. he can still make really fucking cool inventions after you rough him up a bit, okay? give him a reason to feel so grumpy. no one will blame you.

judith mossman: ignore all of your “you can’t hit a lady” instincts and such, you should totally fight mossman. just don’t let down your guard; she’s a survivor and can be surprisingly feisty. watch out for her mean uppercut and sense of entitlement to other people’s fates.


g man–????????????

Slow Down Time. {Chris Evans x Reader}

~based off of the song: Slow Down Time By Us The Duo~

Chris Evans x Reader
Request by Anon: “Could you please write an imagine based of the song Slow Down Time by Us the dou where the reader is Robert Downey Jrs daughter but her mom left after the reader was born and she’s apart of the avengers cast and doing an interview on jimmy kimmle and talks about life. Sorry I’m so demanding but if you like this idea please do it!! Thank you! Your writing is amazing btw!“

A/n: Sorry that it sucks. Please request!!! Thank you and enjoy.- Maybie xx

Genre: Friendship
Rated: Everyone
Warning: nothing really but there’s talk of absent Mother(?)

Author: Mavelthegotodrug

You were on the Jimmy Fallen show with your best friends Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie, your fiance Chris Evans and your new friend Paul Rudd. Jimmy asked the entire team trivia question about each other, then about the movie in general, and finally into how everyone’s life is changed because they said yes to their roll in the Marvel universe. 

“So y/n, life must have been crazy for you basically since you were born! If i may ask hows life like with Robert Downey Jr. as your dad?” jimmy laughed

“Yeah, it really was actually. My dad just started his career when my birth mom told him about me. He has always said im his greatest accomplishment simply because i stood by him and didn’t grow up angry and upset with all the stupid shi- i mean crap he did when he was the stupid young single father who’s an actor” you laughed “My dad was a very good father and still is. Granted he is very protective now maybe even more now then when i was 15 but he had his good and bad days”

“You’re gonna make me cry” Mack-attack said holding his heart, everyone laughed and you rolled you eyes shooing him with your hand.

"our life wasn’t always quite like this.” you said to Jimmy. he nodded and motioned you to keep talking as he laid his head on his fist leaving you laughing and trying to think of some good words

"Well to be honest we would kick back and relax basically just hang out and we all thought if was pure bliss, and then all of the sudden things changed and we all got a call from marvel the same day. None of us really knew who elts was asked to join the crew but the way things change is insane, you know?”

“oh totally!” he agreed along with all the boy.

"every moment goes by like lightning. one day Chris and I just could wake up, make food, hold hands, and sleep” you laughed a little along with everyone elts. “The next day we had interviews after interviews and award shows, movie casting, and so much more. which we all know of weird and anxious we all get when we are thrown into an insane amount of crazy” you laughed.

“Trust me i know” Chris said and everyone agreed

“It must a lot for you all mostly you, Y/N, you were a singer/dancer before all this right?” Jimmy asked holding up a picture of you rapping with your group in a skin tight black mesh and leather body suit and short shorts. The crowed whistled and you laughed so hard along with Jimmy, Anthony, Sebastian, and Paul. Chris was blushing but you knew he didnt like it when people payed attention to your body and not your talent so you held his hand.

"That picture was taken on such a hiep day. But honestly all the concerts, dance rehearsals, modeling gigs, and videos is crazy! Along with all the crazy movie stuff, ugh im always so tiered but i cant complain that much since it keeps me looking cute, and my ass great!” Everyone whistled and laughed, one fan yelled “amen” and Chris laughed so hard he did the infamous left boob grab to you which everyone laughed even harder at your face. 

"We all know this guy love her ass though. Aint that right?” Seb hit Chris’ chest from behind him and laughed. Again everyone was dying laughing, you were in tears along with jimmy.

"Its true” Chris said still holding your boob and laughing.

"This is fantastic!” Jimmy yelled whipping his eyes “After the break Team Cap and I are going head to head in one hell of an epic dance lipsinc battle.”

“Ahh you know it!” you yelled jumping up and right before the camera cut off for commercial you pointed at jimmy and said “you’re going down!”

Who Companions on Tumblr

Ian: The Science Side of Tumblr. Every so often makes unsubtle jokes about alien life existing and tags Barbara, Susan and Vicki in it.

Nyssa: The Science Side of Tumblr 2.0. Occasionally corrects Ian’s science, leading to long discussions into the night on the subject, and has become good online friends with him. Text posts complaining about her irrational siblings.

Susan: Loves pretty aesthetics (like flower crowns and space), tagging mutuals in stuff, reblogging stuff from Ian and Barbara, and meme culture.

Evelyn: Reblogs recipes, practical travel suggestions, crazy university life stories (and adds her own), and awesome history facts. Loves @historyisntboring

Sarah Jane: Posts lots of photos of her happy friends and family, and public warnings to stay away from certain famous places or household items for the time being.
Every so often, odd posts in an unknown font are posted, often about computer-related humour. All such posts are tagged “Mr Smith speaks”, despite Sarah Jane having confirmed that she has never been married. Conspiracy theories about Mr Smith’s identity has become a meme. (*photo of Obama on a computer* “Obama is Mr Smith!!”)

Turlough: Almost exclusively creates popular short text posts about how much he hates Earth. People assume they’re shitposts. They’re not. He really hates Earth that much.

Sam: Used to be a textbook-stereotypical SJW. After three years offline, she realised that lecturing at and insulting random strangers on the internet isn’t really as effective as she used to think. She posts a lot less now, but still reblogs posts about stories she thinks more people need to hear. Likes and reblogs everything that Izzy creates.

Izzy: Didn’t discover side blogs until it was too late. Her blog is an absolute mess of sci-fi, superheroes and pop-culture. Wouldn’t be too bad if she could tag to save her life, but she can’t. Makes lots of popular edits. Reblogs all the signal boost stories that Sam posts.

Kroton: Somehow maintains a blog from within the multiversal spectrum. No one knows how. He and Izzy are always tagging each other in things, and he often posts reactions to various tv shows Izzy has told him to watch.

K9: Liveblogs chess matches with the Doctor. Everyone loves when he wins, because he always posts a photo of the Doctor’s face the exact moment (calculated to the nearest microsecond) that he realises he’s lost. These photos have become popular reaction pics.

Compassion: Is notorious for spamming the dashes of her followers, because she trawls through Tumblr on her earpiece and reblogs like 500 popular posts a day. People usually think she’s a bot until they find the one-in-a-thousand personal text post, which almost always starts “You will not believe what f**king Fitz has done now”.

Frobisher: Lots of photos of the Doctor looking ridiculous, and gifs of penguins tagged “me”.

The TARDIS: Follows all of her crew’s blogs. Claims that it’s only to monitor for S.O.S. messages, but really she enjoys interacting with them on something other than the usual boring three or four n-space dimensions. Posts jokes about multi-dimensional engineering that only other TARDISes on Tumblr understand.