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14/100 days of productivity
Today I went grocery shopping + to the farmers market, and cooked my meals for the week. I try to cook my lunches in advance to eat healthy meals even during my internship.
I also made my absolute favourite recipe : oatmeal muffins. It’s giving me the courage to study my tax law notes for a bit.

I’m hoping to get into a new routine this week. The lounges on my floor are finally open, so I can start making my protein shakes again for breakfast. I haven’t bought any groceries or anything since I didn’t know when the lounge would open, so my shake this morning was just shakeology, water, and ice. I’m really excited to get into a routine. My stress levels are maxing out and getting a solid routine, and some friends, will definitely help.

I’m getting really overwhelmed with the fact that I have an exam on Friday and the day after too (who is evil enough to put exams on Saturdays tbh). But I went to the gym anyway bc I knew I needed to leave the house, I ended up just walking on the treadmill for 45 mins while doing study flashcards on my phone to multitask my time. Although it’s not as intense as my usual gym sessions every little bit counts and it’s definitely better than not going at all ☺


“Don’t give up!” - my second youtube video is finally out!

It’s kinda motivational… so you can watch it again when you need a little push to keep going 😉

August: please be good

I am so ready for August to be a good month! 

I have been feeling really bad for a couple weeks now, but the promise of a new month always makes me feel better, like i can do something. 

I know you don’t need it to be monday, or you don’t need it to be a new year or a new month for starting something, but I still like the idea. 

I am tracking a couple things this month (like 12 things, actually). They are a little bit all over the place, but I want to try and track them all and see if I can do it for 31 days straight. (for that, I’m using my bullet journal) 

  1. No candy 
  2. No soda 
  3. No chips (or crisps in any way)
  4. Write in my journal
  5. Walk to work 
  6. Work out
  7. Felt sad
  8. Felt happy
  9. Felt stressed
  10. Felt relaxed
  11. Did house chores 
  12. Walked home 

I already ate a bite of chocolate today, but.. I don’t think it should be a fail for the day… The point is to reduce my candy intake, not restrict myself so much I feel I can’t eat anything. I was thinking about tracking fruit and vegetable intake, but I usually pack fruit for snacking, or eat it at lunch, and usually eat salad at lunch, so I won’t track it, but I might add one that tracks wether I had a “normal” lunch or a more “expensive” lunch. 

I want to save money, so walking to work and walking home saves me a little, and not eating junk food (candy, soda, chips) saves another little, and eating a normal lunch saves another little… and hopefully it’ll make a lot by the end of the month. 

I also started my master’s degree’s classes, so I’m a little bit busier than before… I’m really hopeful about studying again. That has helped me feel better despite the things that have happened this week. 

I made my journal prettier starting this month, I’m trying to use different colors, but I don’t know how to really use colors… I have always been a black pen and white paper kind of girl. So I’ll give it a go, and see if I can color code my classes or something. I want to do well on my classes and my project. 

I know I haven’t been working as hard as I should for achieveing my goals, so this month I really want to do it. I really want to try. 

I might give Yoga a go, I have never tried it, but I have wanted to for a while… If anyone knows of a video I can find online for starting with yoga, it would be much appretiated. I can’t afford a gym right now, so anything I can do in my living room, would be awesome! 

So… Until next time, have a wonderful day and thank you for reading me! 


Small Achievement

This is something small, but I’ve never been able to say no to food before. 

Today i went to a Careers Expo on my universities campus, its the first of many over the next week and a half, and said no to all the free chocolates, candy, slushies and pizza. 

Normally i try get as much as possible but today i didn’t. I learnt to say no, stick to my clean eating during the week and have self control. 


After being confined in my dorm almost all day, I decided to take a walk around campus, also I was trying to find the gym that I pay for in my student fees. The campus was designed as a circle so they have a side walk all the way around. While I didn’t find the gym, I did find a beautiful garden that turned a 20 min walk into a 1 hour walk 😅 I may or may not have gotten lost, but I made it out safely.
So here’s some pictures of the beauty of the garden 😍😍 And here’s to getting back into the groove of working out 💪


May 27, 2016-Febrary 21, 2017 (Approx. 200 lbs-187 lbs)

Goals are being met, delicious food is being prepared, and lots of memories are being created. I’m so excited to be on this new journey I designed for myself, and I’m so grateful for all the fitblrs I have followed that help motivate me to love my body and to work out and manage emotional eating. You guys help me grow. I love seeing everyone’s workouts and progress and meals, it just makes me so happy! Thank you for being you, everyone!


-Abigail <3

September wishes

Looking back to August, it was a very difficult month. 

The difficulties continue, sadly, a new month does not mean everything ends. But it is motivating for trying new things, setting goals, etc. 

August was a busy month, and saving money was hard too (I had extra expenses I wasn’t counting on, and some I totally shouldn’t have spent, like buying 5 blouses in a day, instead of just one). The tracker helped me see how I am living with stress at an all time high, and I need to work on that. I didn’t work out as much as I wanted, but the only way to go is up now! I was sick for 10 days (still am), and my mood was just not that good, but I know which is the reason for that, and I am working on it… in fact, I made sure to include it in my tracker for the month. 

So, without further ado (was that the proper wording? I have never used the sentence), here are the things I’ll be tracking: 

  • Food habits: 
    • No Candy 
    • No Soda
    • No Chips 
    • Pack a snack (preferably fruit)
    • “Regular” lunch (that means no burgers, or pizza, or fast food in general)
  • Health habits: 
    • Walk to work
    • Walk home
    • Work out
    • Do chores 
    • Study
  • Mental health:
    • Not check “someone’s” social media
    • Up by 6 am
    • Bed by 10 pm
    • Write in my journal
  • Moood tracker:
    • Happy
    • Normal (neither happy, nor sad, just normal) 
    • Sad
    • Relaxed
    • Normal (neither relaxed, nor stressed, probably a regular work day)
    • Stressed 

I know it is a lot… A LOT…. of stuff, but, I am still learning about trackers since I have not used them much in the past, and some of those things I intend to track in order to create a habit, and once I have said habit, I might stop tracking… Like writing, studying at least 30 minutes a day, getting up at 6 am every day, etc. 

I devied them into 4 categories that made sense in my mind, and I have found myself that tracking all these things during the day helps me be more mindful about what I do and don’t do. 

I don’t have set goals for this month, other than saving money. I don’t really need to buy anything, or want to buy anything… I don’t *have* to save money this month, or much of the time, but I have always tried to be mindful about my expenses, and I like having savings for when I do want something, and for when (god forbids) something happens and I lose my job or have an accident… 

I llike having some for a rainy day. 

All in all, I hope september is a good month. August wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t good… I’m trying my best to make it a good month.

Hope everyone is having a great day! 


P.S: Today is the day Albus Severus goes to Hogwarts, and I am still pissed his name is Albus Severus. 

I’m a Ravenclaw, btw :) 

Forgive me for the lack of aesthetic in the photo, but this is my real world situation right now. Paper bowls and serving trays because that’s how a cafeteria operates. I couldn’t resist the chicken strips, but I got a salad instead of fries 🙌 I’m trying my hardest in a place that’s so easy to be unhealthy.
Also, side note, I think the guy I was standing in line with was flirting with me, but like idk cause that never really happens to me in the real world. And like, there are so many gorgeous girls here, why me? 🙈


So, yesterday I cleaned the apartment, and I found that if I constantly clean the dishes/kitchen after I eat, the cleaning goes by much quicker. There are things that should be done every single day, things that can be done every couple of days, some once a week, some once every two weeks and so on. 

I do the dishes every day, take out the trash every couple of days, as soon as it’s filled (I used somewhat small trash bags, which is better because I don’t like accumulating trash). 

Once a week, I wash my clothes, vacuum and clean the bathrooms. 

Usually, I change the bed sheets and the bedding once every two or three weeks, and wash the towels I use once every two weeks too. 

Anyways… yesterday I did everything in like an hour and a half. And after that I finished a homework and was able to turn it in EARLY! Can you people believe that? I turned in a homework assignment a day earlier! 

I have been trying my best at not snacking junk food, and at walking everywhere I need to go that is within a reasonable distance; I have been feeling with a bit more energy, but with the flu, I lose my breath really quickly. I developed a terrible back pain, tho, I don’t know what caused it, but it’s really hard to rub one of those heat creams all on my own. I’ll take it easy with heavy things on my back for the days to come, hopefully it’ll get better soon. 

As far as feelings go, I have been trying my best to not think about it at all. I am constantly trying to find things to do so I can distract myself, because to be honest, I miss him too much. Way too much. It hurts me to not be able to talk to him the way we used to. So I distract myself, because I just don’t want to say “hi” anymore, either. It hurts too much. I either get ignored, or get responses that make sure to show he is not interested in what is going on with my life. 

I also feel alone, I have nowhere to go here, and no friends to hang out with. I’m meeting people from my masters, and I’m trying to make friends with them, but it’s really difficult. All I know is that I’m doing my best, but I just want to make sure you guys know this: I really really dislike some of the people there. We are a very small group of people, and I dislike at least half. I just don’t like people who are entitled, believe they know it all, and are not even willing to learn something from other disciplines.

The past two weeks have been ridiculously hard. Losing a friend, someone I love, has been the hardest thing ever. I feel numb. I know… I know he treated me badly, that’s why I hesitate so much about reaching out to him. But it doesn’t stop the pain.

I just hope I can get better, feel better, and get over him. 

The good news is that after weeks of only straight-legged deadlifts due to irritation, I sumo deadlift’d 115lbsx4x3 and my back wasn’t hurting me yesterday or today SO I think that my back is slowly sorting itself out, especially with all the ab work I’ve been doing.

I’ll do a post detailing my ab routine at the moment because 1) I can really feel my abs getting stronger and 2) everyone needs to pay attention to their core as I painfully learned.

However, I’m going to stay at 115 for a few weeks and really focus on form, engaging my abs and my lats. This rehab is going to take a while and I doubt that I’ll get anywhere close to 200lbs for a long time, but if it means that my back is better, than I’m all for it.

And girl talk.

In the meantime I have to workout wearing a pad today and tomorrow because I got my IUD in (it was honestly not a too painful procedure and my cramps yesterday weren’t all that bad for anyone wondering). However, I can’t insert anything in my vagina for the next two days to give it time to recover from the procedure so if I’m still bleeding, it’s pad time.

Which sucks and is so uncomfortable because the only time I ever wore pads in the past was at night and now I normally use menstrual cups.

Sometimes, it sucks being a girl.