My Top 5 Tips for efficient studying in university: 

1) Take your basic notes before the lecture 

(you can take them with you and annotate them in class)
This is probably the most important thing I’ve learned from my two years at uni so far, for two reasons: 

a) Taking a full set of notes during a lecture is time consuming, and you will tend to focus on keeping up with note taking, rather than what your lecturer is saying. Its also really easy to get behind, and writing quickly for several hours hurts your hand! 

b) If you go to your lecture totally unprepared, you are likely to find a lot of what your lecturer is saying going totally over your head and it is so easy to switch off completely and end up gaining nothing from being there, where as if you have a vague understanding of the lecture before hand, just being there is effectively revision, and helps you memorise the content.

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Day 43/100 | September 26
Finished the draft of our paper. It’s just being looked over before we submit now. 👍😃
I also completed a scholarship application, got through some of my assignment and organised a meeting with a professor I’m hoping to work with for PhD. So a fairly productive day overall. 😝📖📝📚

4/100 days of productivity
Today I’ve visited only 4 out of 6 classes at uni because of my illness. I’m just happy that last classes weren’t important, so I don’t regret missing them. So now I have more time for my endless homework and sleep :)
I don’t understand… how people can work or study while they’re sick?
(At the pic: revising seminar material before uni)

Ah yes. The dark side of studying.

As I write this post it’s 2:44 in the morning. The reason I’m still up and studying is due to poor scheduling and not always having my priorities straight. It sucks, but I try and see it as a learning experiences. Everyone makes mistakes and thus I do too. All-nighters are not as glamorous as people make them up to be, but in the end if you focus hard enough and make sure you catch up with all the sleep deprivation, they can be real lifesavers.

Going back to studying now.

26.9.2016 1.49 p.m. - Trying to finish my German homework while waiting for my Legal English class to begin :) I love German so much, I can’t wait to learn more.
I’m studying at a study area at uni and I like this place a lot! There’s a nice little café and it’s not too quiet for me here.
Hope you’re having an awesome day!

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