Since I’m going back to Uni in 6 days I thought I’d show you guys what’s in my backpack :)

I don’t really know the specific name of the backpack I’m using because my uncle gave it to me. I just have the basic necessities like: umbrella, notebooks, planner, pencil case, calculator, makeup bag, wallet, and coin purse.

Nothing extraordinary from my bag :)

Anw, wish me luck. Registration’s on Sunday and I’m really hoping I get all the subjects I need.

Hi Studyblrs! 

theengineergirl here! I have compiled a list of STEM studyblrs, the bolded ones are my personal favourites and recommends. FOLLOW, ADD AND ENJOY! 

General STEM





To put yourself first, you have to know what to accept and what to let go. Let go of the friends who bring you down, or discourage you from doing things that you love. By doing the things that you love, you will come across those who are on the same path as you, and you can encourage each other to go further and further together. That is a real friendship. I promise you, the day will come if you keep frying. Just don’t give up. ❤
What You Could Buy If You Didn't Have Student Loans

The class of 2015 just graduated with an average student loan debt of $35,000, according to estimates from That’s the highest collective debt of a graduating class in history and it’s adding to the (already staggering) national student debt of $1.2 trillion dollars. With over 70 percent of recent grads […]

Today I went to Staples and Barnes & Noble to pick up some supplies! I’m starting my bullet journal tonight and I’m so excited! (sorry for the awful lighting, my main light went out today so I was relying on a desk lamp)

What I got:

  • Moleskin Squared Journals (set of 3)
  • Staedtler triplus fineliner porous point pens (set of 10)
  • Bic brite liner highlighters (set of 5)

How I plan to use the journals:

  • One for a bullet journal
  • Two for each of my disciplines (Art History and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies)

I’m so excited!!!!!!


College Life: Myth vs Reality

Hollywood has produced numerous movies about the college experience, but how much of that is true? We take some of the most memorable collegiate movie moments and break them down into myths and realities.

Remember that post about the nude calendar that I made with my students and former Judo partners to help other students that don’t have money to keep studying? 

Well, the IJF just gave´s 5000 dollars, to the special fund that was created to help those students.

Last night, in the Sports Gala of the University of Minho, the President of the Portuguese Judo Federation, in representation of the IJF, was present to say some words about this project and to present us with the check.

It was such a great moment!

Thank you IJF for support!

Judo is much more then a martial art or a sport… is way of life!

Late Night Thoughts

It just seemed to hit me again. I’m going away to college in a little over two weeks. Sure, I’ve been buying things for my dorm, looking up what books I’ll need for class, and seeing what all there is to do in my new college town, but I haven’t exactly thought of the reality of it all.
Just a few years ago, I watched as my older brother graduated high school and moved on to college. It seemed so far away for me, so far that I thought the day would never come. Well, I’ve graduated high school now. At the time I couldn’t actually believe it was happening and it still seems surreal. I won’t be going back to my high school I loved so dearly.
Now, I’m not saying I want to go back to high school. No, I want to go to college, but this whole growing up thing just seemed to sneak up on me. In four more short years, the same amount of time I thought could never pass during high school, I will be graduating from college about to go out into the real world. Yikes. Me in the real world.
Once, I was telling a friend that I couldn’t believe that I was going to college in the fall, and he shocked me by his response, just by the stone hard truth in it. He said something like, “why do people act surprised at the passing of time when it is literally one of the most predictable things in life.” If I think about it: I’m 18 years old. Most 18 year olds graduate high school. Most 18 year olds move on to college that same year. It should be quite obvious that it’s all going to happen to me as well, except that it’s not obvious. You get so caught up in the now and any future things seem so far away. After just a little bit, you slightly forget about those future things. You keep going on with your days, weeks, months, and then the things that were in the future are suddenly in the now. It kind of freaks you out, because the last time you seriously thought about them they were far in the future.
I should be fast asleep by now. Most people probably think I am, but I’m not. I was trying to sleep, but suddenly the floodgates of my mind were opened. Everything came rushing in, and I needed some way to help get it out. That’s where you come in. Thanks for listening.
Stay classy my friends.