[21/100] days of productivity - 02.07.2016:

More chemistry notes! There are so many I can’t keep up, especially with all of my other work! 

anonymous asked:

Why are you majoring in physics?

Because I like physics. And because I don’t want to be a chemist. Simple as that.

Physics may be hard. Really, really hard. But I still want to major in it. Because the difficulty aside, I love it. It makes me grow so much as a person. Even if my transcript can’t reflect that. It has taught me so much about life. I’m not even joking. It really has. And it will continue to do so.

Am I the #1 student in physics? No. I’m not. And I’m honestly not even concerned with being the #1 student anymore. I’m concerned about surviving, then thriving because I’ve survived. I enjoy it. It’s a great challenge. A wonderful subject.

I enjoy the journey, despite the suffering. Because suffering is inevitable in anything you do. So you might as well enjoy what you can.

38/100 || 08/02/16 || I’m feeling super productive, probably because I know that this is the last week before my holidays. I revised half of the things for this last exam and now I’m reading my last book. I’m so happy right now.


Fabulous: Motivate Me! (Android)

I’ve been using this app since last week and I totally love it! It’s a perfect app to change your habits and form new ones. In this app, you can take four different journeys: “focus and concentrate more”, “sleep better”, “lose weight” and “feel more energized”. I’m currently taking the “focus and concentrate more” journey, but I can’t wait to try the “sleep better” one.

As I’m in the “focus and concentrate more” journey, I mostly use it to remind things like work out or take my vitamins because I have a bad memory. Plus you can create various routines (as morning routines) and set alarms, so the app remind you what you need to do. You can add habits to each routine so you can accomplish them.

What I love the most about this app is its intuitive design, so it’s so easy to start using it. Also it has different letters and tips which are going appearing as you reach your goals. I think this is the app that every studyblr wants.

Charity Miles (Android, iOS)

Choose a charity and as you walk, run or bike you’ll be helping to earn money the chosen charity. The app will be measuring your distance (in miles).

There are a great amount of charities like Save the Children, charity:water, World Wide Fund, Every Mother Counts or The Michael J. Fox Foundation