Canadian law students to unite to study issues raised by Trump refugee ban

MONTREAL — Law students from across Canada will join forces on Saturday to study ways to help asylum seekers in light of U.S. President Donald Trump's order temporarily suspending that country’s refugee program.

Between 300 and 500 students from all 22 of Canada's law schools have signed up for four-hour shifts where they’ll conduct legal research relating to the recent travel bans in the United States and their impact in Canada, organizers say. 

The largest group is likely to be in Montreal, where between 100 and 200 students from McGill, Universite du Quebec a Montreal and the University of Moncton are hosting a joint event.  

Dubbed a “research-a-thon,” it will focus on gathering information for the Canadian Council for Refugees to help support a potential legal challenge to the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement.

It will also serve as a fundraiser for the refugee council.

The future of the Trump law was unclear after a U.S. judge on Friday ordered a nationwide hold on the measure, backing a challenge by the states of Washington and Minnesota who are challenging it.

Montreal law student Rachelle Bastarache said she originally floated the idea of a study group for her fellow McGill students who wanted to help those affected by Trump’s immigration policies.

But when 50 students signed on in the first two hours, she figured the idea could be worth expanding.

“I was laying in bed at night thinking, ‘if we can get 50 people at McGill, how many could we get all across Canada?’” she said in an interview.

The Safe Third Country Agreement is based on the premise that Canada and the United States are generally safe countries for refugees and therefore asylum seekers must claim status in whichever of the two they reach first.

In general, it means Canada won't accept refugees who have already entered through the United States, according to Janet Dench of the Canadian Council for Refugees.

Dench said the new U.S. executive orders have brought about legal confusion that could lead to refugees being sent back to their home countries to face persecution.

“The U.S in our view was never completely safe, and in our view now it is even less safe,” she said.

The Canadian law students will make sure the organization is up to speed on anything that has changed since the last unsuccessful attempt to overturn the agreement ended in 2009, as well as help make sense of the changes ushered in with the Trump presidency.

“There are a lot of questions we need to have researched, so we’re very excited about this mass mobilization right across Canada and we're eager to see what they’ll be able to do,” Dench said.

In addition to the research event, Bastarache said students from McGill’s legal information clinic have been going to Montreal’s airport to offer advice to anyone affected by Trump’s temporary entry ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations.

For Saturday’s event, the students have also set up a Canada Helps fundraising page to benefit the refugee organization.

In addition to research and fundraising, Bastarache hopes the symbolism of the event will encourage the Canadian government to review the Safe Third Country Agreement.

“The united front of law students across the country banding together should send a message that we’re not going to stand for legislation like this,” she said.

Morgan Lowrie, The Canadian Press

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Shifted - Part 6, Chapter 4

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 6 - The Honeymoon

Lallybroch, Summer 1763

Chapter 4

Later that night, wrapped in blankets before Grannie MacNab’s fire, Jamie held his sleeping son close.

William’s question by the stream had startled him – but had not taken him completely by surprise. He kent well how the bairns in the village – and their parents – freely speculated about Claire and her gifts when outside of his earshot. William was a sensitive lad – of course he’d pick up on it. And unlike his sister, who would just as soon wallop anyone who said an unkind thing about her mother, William was prone to turn things over and over in his sharp wee mind before asking more about it.

Claire knew, of course. She still had trouble speaking the Gaidhlig, but she understood it just fine. And the more dimwitted tenants and villagers often forgot that she could understand their jests and insults. She usually remained close-lipped about it – though he knew it grated on her. She’d long ago made peace that she would never truly be a Highlander – though Jamie kent well that she’d lived at Lallybroch for longer than she’d ever lived in one place in her entire life, both in her time and in his.

William, brave lad, had proven himself to Jamie today. That he understood what Jamie had told him about Claire’s past – or as much of it as he felt comfortable sharing – and accepted his responsibility as a man to protect the women in his family – proved that he had the makings of a great man. He should receive an education befitting of his cleverness and status.

Another thing to bring up with Claire. Jamie wished William to study in Paris, as he had. Claire had never been too keen on the idea – but Jamie knew that as William grew older and clearly demonstrated that he’d moved beyond what the village schoolmaster could teach, the idea of sending him to Paris became more and more acceptable.

Though if he was being honest with himself – it was Brianna they should send to Paris first, to enroll at the Universite. She was of the right age, she was more than clever enough. Claire said she’d travel to Paris herself, to make sure that they’d enroll Brianna properly.

Jamie shook his head slightly and kissed the crown of his son’s head. Claire was willing to return to Paris – which she hadn’t visited since the disastrous events surrounding his duel – taking her second daughter to the place where she’d lost her first daughter. He’d send Murtagh with them, of course, as the terms of his pardon bound him to Lallybroch for another three years yet. It pained him that he couldn’t take his own daughter to the place where he’d been educated – but then again, that would give him plenty of time with William.

His son. It was still hard to believe he had a daughter, let alone a son as braw and bonny as William. He favored Claire in looks, but minded him of Murtagh in temperament.

Murtagh took his role as godfather – and foster grandfather – to the Fraser children very seriously. He’d stood in for Jamie on trips to other estates with Ian, letting William and Brianna tag along to show them what life was like beyond Lallybroch. Many a time Jamie had found William and Murtagh doing chores together, speaking quietly in the kitchen, or in the barn brushing down the horses. When William was seven, Murtagh had helped Jamie show the wee lad how to fight left-handed. And when William was nine, he’d insisted on inviting Murtagh into his parents’ bedroom to show him – with the door locked – how he’d learned to wear his Fraser kilt and plaid.

Jamie could have sworn he’d seen Murtagh swipe at his eyes on that day – though of course the stubborn man would never admit anything.

William stirred in his arms, and Jamie shushed him quietly.

William was starting to feel the pull of manhood – wanting desperately to be regarded as a man by his father and cousins, but still wanting to be held and comforted like he had when he was a wee lad. Jamie minded how he’d considered himself a true man at the ripe old age of fourteen – when his voice had changed and he’d grown half a foot in the span of one season. By that measure, William had some years to go yet. But Jamie had a feeling that William wasn’t like other boys – that one day, he’d wake up and find that he’d grown into the man he’d been all along. None of that nonsense that other lads put their parents through.

Jamie shut his eyes and held William close. Plenty of time to worry about those things. First things first – finish up Grannie MacNab’s chores in the morning, take William around to all the nearby cottages to re-introduce him to the MacNab family, and then start back for Lallybroch before nightfall. One night of sleeping in the heather, and then back home before noon the next day.

Back to Claire. His heart surged at the thought. He didna ken why, but in the past few weeks he’d felt strong, sharp pulls of desire for his wife. Even though they were an old marrit couple now – twenty years next autumn – his desire for her had never waned. Which was why it had killed him this morning, seeing her attempt to shut down and pull away from him. He needed to do more to show her just how beautiful she was to him – just how much he loved her, and enjoyed spending time with her. And making love to her, if he was being honest. Never before had she needed reassurance – but never before had they been in their forties, with growing children and the responsibilities of running an estate.

He’d ask Murtagh to mind the bairns for a few days so that he and Claire could take a small trip of their own. It didna matter where – only that they were together, away from the house and their responsibilities for a change. Like how they’d been together for those glorious three days after their wedding. Claire had told him how newlyweds in her time often took a “honeymoon” trip together – he minded how the reason she’d been in the Highlands in the first place was because she was on a second honeymoon wi’ her first husband.

That was it, then. He’d surprise her with a wee trip. Reconnect with her in the way he’d been sorely aching to. To discuss anything freely, without any interruptions. And learn and grow together, just as they had nineteen years before.

Grannie MacNab’s snores drifted through the dark from her bed on the other side of the room. Aye, he couldna finish up his chores and get back to his wife soon enough.

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Ironia ironiei

Mi se pare hidos de amuzant faptul că și atunci când întâlnești pe cineva nou, la un moment dat sau altul discuția mereu se rezumă la el, DE FIECARE DATĂ.

- E mai înalt ca mine?

- Nu, 1,74 sau pe acolo.

- Stătea tot la cămin în Grozăvești?

-A stat în D o perioadă și după s-a mutat la Timpuri Noi.

- E la poli?

- Nu, la informatică, Universitate.

- Și dormeai la el?

- Da, din când în când.

-Cât timp ați fost împreună?

-6 luni

- Aha..

- Alte întrebări?

Și acum e momentul ăla care mă încuie mereu.

- Da, de ce v-ați despărțit?

Și-n momentele astea îmi trebuie un pahar de vin. Sau mai bine zis o sticlă.