Monsta X Confirms Highly Anticipated Comeback

Following reports of MONSTA X making a comeback in March, Starship Entertainment has confirmed the good news.

A source from Starship Entertainment said, “MONSTA X was initially going to make a comeback around the end of February, but due to preparations for the album and overseas schedules, their comeback has now been confirmed for the end of March. We are currently in the final stages of preparations.

MONSTA X has been preparing for their comeback in January and previously teased that it will “be bigger than anything they’ve ever done before.

Cat Papyruses - A 2/22 Edition Shitpost Notes

(I miss the Cat Day without drawing stuffs and now I am sad so you all now have to listen my Papyruses cats prompts because boi oh boi cats mmmmm)


  • All white fur
  • Always clean himself for “look good and cool”
  • Has a cyan ribbon tied on his tail which is given from Sans
  • Spend equal time at indoors and outdoors, he like both. Indoors for staying with Sans and outdoors for playing around
  • That one cat that will completely erase your “all cats are prideful” bias as being extremely friendly and energetic to everyone, will nag and follow you around passionately that make you feels like he is actually a dog.
  • Has no vigilance from other cats to strangers on street.
  • Likes to call Sans to play with him when Sans is taking naps, sometimes stays and sleep beside/on top of him.
  • Will never push cups off from table.
  • Touch spots: everywhere


  • All black fur
  • Gains many little scars on his body from fights
  • Shitty temper, will hiss and scratch everyone who tries to touch him
  • Bite Fell Sans 24/7, but doesn’t hate him, this is a way to show affection, at least he thinks it it. 
  • Fucking. hates. collars. Fell Sans tried wear a ring collar on his neck once and he spent the rest of days scratching and biting his own neck historically.
  • Very defensive on his territories, most fights is for defending his land. Many cats are afraid of him expect Papy and Honey.
  • When injured or feeling sick he will get very close to wherever Fell Sans is, curl himself up and become very quite, this is his own sign of something is off.
  • Will always push cups off from table.
  • Touch spots: N O

Swap Pap (Honey)

  • White and orange tabby fur.
  • A little bit messy, rely on Swap Sans to comb his fur a lot.
  • Always looks sleepy, as in fact sleeps a lot. Yet actually nimble and smart on movement, very good at dodging.
  • Spend most time outdoors that people may think he is a stray cat. Only go beck to Swap Sans for food, and of course Swap Sans.
  • Doesn’t really like people to touch him but still chill with it, only like how Swap Sans massage his head.
  • Like catnips, like catnips a lot, secretly steal and hide many catnips in different places.
  • Basically that one chillest stray-looking cat you can find on street.
  • Will only push cups off from table when out of people’s sight.
  • Touch spots: Forehead, neck, sometimes his back
A Farewell from Mike

Hey, guys. 

So, for the past 3+ years, this blog has been a huge part of my life. It’s been wonderful, even (and I say this without exaggeration) life-changing. But as with many good things, I’m writing today to announce that my time here has come to a close.

Starting tomorrow, I won’t be running the How to Adult Tumblr anymore.

Before you get too sad about this, please let me reassure you: The blog will live on. It’s going to be in amazing hands. This change is happening for incredibly exciting reasons. And although I can’t go into details, I can say that once those reasons are revealed (and they will be soon), y’all are going to be very, very happy campers.

So before I ride off into that Tumblr sunset, I just want to say, from the bottom of my whole heart: thank you

Although I’ve spent countless hours here trying to dispense advice and guidance, y’all have helped me every bit as much as I may have helped you. It’s been a privilege to play a small (and hopefully useful) part in your lives. And being a member of the How to Adult Team will always be one of the great honors of my professional life.

I’d love to continue talking with you at tmichaelmartin.tumblr.com, if you’d like to continue This Crazy Journey Called Adulthood together. 

Either way, though, please know how much each and every message, reply, Ask, reblog – all of it – has meant to me. You’ve seen me through my lowest lows and highest highs, and it has been nothing but a joy to get to know y’all.

Remember, friends & neighbors: Adulthood isn’t something that happens to you. It’s something you make. Here’s to making ours awesome.

Your pal,
T. Michael “Mike” Martin

PS - If you guys have any last thoughts or Asks, I’ll be checking in later tonight for one last go-’round. :]

wow wouldja just look at that!!!!!! blue made a playlist !!!! how very charming and emo of him!!! looks like its a bunch of love sick trash!! amazing

boyfriend - best coast / thinkin bout you - frank ocean / do i wanna know? - hozier / youre the one that i want - angus and julia stone / i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys / fool for you - zayn / each and everyday - best coast

anyway l8r

anonymous asked:

I was having a breakdown in our session today and she'd never seen me in that state. She asked what I needed and I said I didn't know, so she thought for a minute and said: "I think we need to get out. You must feel trapped in here. If you promise not to jump out of my car we can go for a ride and get Starbucks and just drive with the windows down." And we did just that for the rest of the session. I felt so much better by the time we got back. I still can't believe she did that for me :)