I’m a female OC in multiple fandoms (single blog). In the Sherlock ‘Verse, my character is in a position of power and I can’t tell you how much hate I’ve received because of it. It ranges from receiving anon hate saying how I’m just a bossy b***h to Sherlocks who refuse to RP with me unless I take my muse out of the position of power. Seriously? What is up with roleplayers being so misogynist and sexist when it comes down to female OCs or canon female characters in positions of power?

The universe is sitting in my chest filling me up with all this magic and these stars I didn’t know existed and I want to give every bit of it to you no matter how much darkness it leaves inside of me.
—  Me
We have storms and galaxies raging within us,
and they manifest themselves on our skin.
I find them in the hurricane swirls of your beard,
you find them in the constellations of my freckles.
We are creating and destroying universes when our bodies collide.
—  Sarah C. (collectedfeathers)
universes have collapsed and reformed so that you would be born. you are made of stars. you are connected to everyone in the world. you are connected to everyone and everything in the universe, so when you are feeling sad or alone, then just remember that your blood is stardust and your skin is made of galaxies. when you cry, your tears are planets and there are solar systems growing around you. you aren’t alone. you’re the biggest and smallest thing in the universe, and you are beautiful.