So, Vox just did something fucking stupid.

This kid with a terminal illness got to meet Rebecca Sugar, a few other members of the Crewniverse, and got to watch the Wanted special early. The kid released a few tidbits of information (likely on their G+, due to posts in the aftermath) about it, and Vox went fucking crazy.

This man, Vox, makes videos about Steven Universe leaks (2 minute previews, entire episodes, e.g. Lion 4, etc.) then denounces a child with a TERMINAL FUCKING ILLNESS for releasing the names of a few gems, according to this Twitter thread.


I’m not sure if this really cool video can be watched outside Brazil, but it’s a great interview with sweetheart Rebecca Sugar and I translated some of the questions:

1. Are the animals of Steven Universe based on real life animals?

2. is there a character that, as it develops, surprises you?

3. do you have a favorite fusion?

4. talk about your inspiration to create the songs, and how is your creative process!

5. Do you watch the episodes of Steven Universe dubbed in different languages?

6. if you could fuse with any gem, which one would be?

7. which food from Steven Universe (universe) is your favorite?

8. any advice to young people that wishes to become writers/musicians/animators like you but are too shy?

I haven’t seen it before, only in this PTBR version so, IDK?? It’s lovely and Rebeccas’s interviews are always well thought and fun to watch!