If you stare into the abyss...

The world that our mind perceives is just one of many…some have come to the conclusion that there are as many as 10 dimension within our universe. Others havbe stated that there maybe another universe laid over our own and lingering just inches away from us…

Now consider the secrets that those places may hold…and the implication of those secrets…

I wrote a thing...

In one universe, we’re fourteen, running down the empty streets of a snow blanketed city with snowflakes in our hair and icicles on our eyelashes.
Everything is quiet.

In another, we’ve stumbled into each other on a busy sidewalk; your hand reaches out to steady me as I wobble and mine finds yours on instinct, holding on, and for that millisecond where our eyes meet, I see the stars in yours and know we could’ve been something amazing.
But it’s over as fast as it happened, touches fleeting and words minimal.
We go our separate ways, the ephemeral sounds of everyday life drowning out everything we could have said.

In the next, were living in Scarsdale complaining about the taxes.
You push our daughter on the wooden swing set we got her for her third birthday, and I can’t help but smile at the identical look of unabashed joy in both of your eyes (she’s got your eyes, amber with a touch of green)and I know things can never get any better than they are now.

In another, we sing lullabies to each other as we hold each other close and shoot poison into our veins in one desperate attempt at finally forgetting the horrors of our intertwined realities, the pain becoming a distant memory as we sing our own messed up version of Hey Jude.

There’s all those and more, realities where we fall in love and have our happily ever after, and others where we never meet, but brush by close enough that it becomes a “could have been”.

There’s thousands of would haves and could haves and should haves, missed opportunities and leaps of faith, fate or God or the universe trying to push us together in whatever way it can, but we’re stubborn and we’ve never been good at following orders.

We can only hope that one day, our journey will let us stumble into each other; that we can meet where the stars end, when we’re fourteen again on snow blanketed streets and chasing after the same snowflake.


guess which one I play… I’ll give you a hint, I’m gaster

universes have collapsed and reformed so that you would be born. you are made of stars. you are connected to everyone in the world. you are connected to everyone and everything in the universe, so when you are feeling sad or alone, then just remember that your blood is stardust and your skin is made of galaxies. when you cry, your tears are planets and there are solar systems growing around you. you aren’t alone. you’re the biggest and smallest thing in the universe, and you are beautiful.