universeofone asked:

I've been hit on and approached while in drag before. What would you do if that happened to you?

omg it’s like I really only get hit on in drag when i’m out not even lying, it’s sad to my boy counterpart actually


The complete “Glam Gods” series. (Click on a photo to view larger)

This series was a joy to do, not only because it pays homage to artists I grew up with, but because the various makeup styles were fun to do. Each album cover was inspired by a specific artist spanning 1967 - 2013.

These will be in the Volume II book.

Here’s a closer look of me as Vincent Van Gogh. If you recall, I actually painted my face, trying to use similar brush strokes as Van Gogh. I used a paper bag for my clothing because I knew I wanted texture but by that point (this portrait took almost 3 hours) I was too exhausted to paint anymore. In addition, the acrylic paint on my face was starting to harden, which made it uncomfortable.