The complete “Glam Gods” series. (Click on a photo to view larger)

This series was a joy to do, not only because it pays homage to artists I grew up with, but because the various makeup styles were fun to do. Each album cover was inspired by a specific artist spanning 1967 - 2013.

These will be in the Volume II book.

Here’s a closer look of me as Vincent Van Gogh. If you recall, I actually painted my face, trying to use similar brush strokes as Van Gogh. I used a paper bag for my clothing because I knew I wanted texture but by that point (this portrait took almost 3 hours) I was too exhausted to paint anymore. In addition, the acrylic paint on my face was starting to harden, which made it uncomfortable.


Two of my favorite unused photos from my Tumblr interview. It took me an hour to do the makeup and get David’s scruff just right, so I changed into a couple outfits. David said he mostly wears J. Crew, so that’s what I used. I also noted that he loves hoodies as much as Steve Jobs loves black turtlenecks.

I love these photos not only because they look nothing like me, but because they’re more playful and seem casual, which is totally Tumblr.

Tonight, I step out from behind the makeup and get to meet fans and uninitiated art lovers for the first time. This is followed by a presentation next week at the Academy of Arts where I will talk about the value of gender, identity and ethnicity. The media has been promoting me up the wazoo, but this is my first opportunity of many to show I am not a novelty, but a competent and comprehensive artist.