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Paulis, Stess, Jarid(ot) and Coo! also Centikraken

hello i love the earthbound kids with my entire whole heart and heres me inevitably rubbing my horrible hands all over them

this is also roughly my headcanon heights for the eb kids. i love tall paula..

this disregards any ships from both source materials - DO NOT REPOST

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Do you have any more angst fic recommendations?

oh god let me see

smile for the stars by maIikcutie (NR)

summary: Though he’s been dealt many bad cards, Lance isn’t sure he can handle this one: winding up stranded, a million lightyears away from home, with only Keith to keep him company.The universe is cruel.

lance squared and other non-math problems by spacegaysgettingspacelaid (T+)

summary: Lance has been in the Galra’s custody for three weeks.Keith is willing to do just about anything to get him back (including jumping out of a lion that’s five seconds from exiting the atmosphere).Unfortunately, Lance seems to have multiplied. ☼☼☼

or, the one in which there appear to be two lances and keith is pretty sure one of them is evil but he’s not sure which

we’ll make it, you and me by asexualrey (T+)

summary: “Keith, if we make it out of this alive, I’m going to kiss you.”

It’s still gay even if it’s in space and you cry a lot (it might actually make it gayer) by Universebound(T+)

summary: “You know you love me.” “I know my ears are bleeding.” Keith says, and he doesn’t smile back, but he can’t deny it, no matter how much he wants to.

Kiss It Better by agalaxywithinyou (T+)

summary: His name. Someone was saying his name again. He cracked his eyes open, looked up blearily at Lance, saw his mouth moving and finally put two and two together.  
 “Keith,” he was saying, “dios mío, I thought you were dead. I thought you were fucking dead. Are you okay? Please say something. Keith?” Or, Keith gets injured on a mission and Lance is understandably concerned.

this is all i got right now lmao

Klance Fic Rec 3

Please check the archive warnings and fic summaries before reading to make sure you’re gonna be okay with the fic contents!  Spoilers for Season 1 abound.  Plenty of other fics that don’t fit my personal reading preference are on AO3, so you should check them out if you have time! (I tend to avoid character death fics or really short ones.) 

Past fic recs found here.


  • tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love by jojotxt – beach resort au where keith gets a job at the rental shack and lance is a lifeguard / surfing instructor, and the whole thing is really cute
  • surfing lessons by shingekinogtfo – lance is bad at surfing and tries to show off for the cute lifeguard with a mullet, but he doesn’t seem to have the memo that almost-drowning isn’t a very good flirting tactic
  • baby love me cause i’m playing on the radio by dizzyondreams – cute college/uni au where keith is in charge of a radio show and lance keeps calling in to criticize his music taste and request songs
  • Faking Flight by prettyshiroic (AnalystProductions) – keith gets really angry after lance flies off in ep.6, and the other paladins help him sort out his feelings because he’s not very good at that
  • Doctor’s Orders by genericfanatic – post season 1 where lance and keith end up stranded on the same planet, and they slowly learn to work together and tolerate each other before they’re rescued
  • Found in Translation by princevince – some cute fluff where lance takes keith on a stargazing date in the castle of lions
  • Royal(ly fucked) by Ididntsignupforthisshit (Oliver_Ravenwood) – i love this bc lance is dancing and signing to music that hunk, pidge, and allura are playing, and shiro brings his deaf cousin keith to watch (i’m just excited bc i rarely see fics talking about sign language, go read it)
  • Humidity by Metis_Ink – i am always a sucker for fics featuring lance’s family bc i just want him to be happy, so this was a pleasant fic to read where lance takes keith home to visit them
  • Call me now, it’s urgent. by morvish – in which lance has absolutely terrible timing with comm calls to keith and is bad at prioritizing
  • It’s still gay even if it’s in space and you cry a lot (it might actually make it gayer) by Universebound – keith has a crush on lance and is afraid of how people will react, but he slowly comes out to the team when he feels safe, and everything is okay
  • Babysit Your Heart Out by opalfire – lance and keith have to babysit some aliens, and it turns out lance is pretty good with kids
  • in spite of you by regicide – high school au where keith and lance are at the aquarium for a field trip
  • head over feet by safra – college/uni au where keith and lance start off casually banging each other but then they become friends and eventually date
  • Kiss It Better by agalaxywithinyou – cute fic where keith gets seriously injured during a mission and lance frets about it
  • I’ve already rec’d What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair (by Remember_Me) before bc mmm quality angst, but it recently finished so check it out if the fic summary and tags interest you!


  • Pulsar by southspinner – [warnings: descriptions of anxiety] – college/uni au where keith and lance meet at a frat party and slowly get to know each other; the worldbuilding is nice and the writing (especially characterization) pulled me in pretty quick! 
  • Backhand by Raylou – college/uni au where lance invites keith to join a martial arts club formed of the voltron crew, except lance is kinda an asshole and keith isn’t having any of it
  • Halcyon Days by bolbessa – prince au with a fairytale sort of vibe, in which lance is a longlost prince of a kingdom and keith is a knight sent to bring him back to the current king
  • Fill in the Space by Star_right – post season 1 where lance and keith end up stranded on an alien planet together; it’ll be interesting to see what happens next!
  • The Lion’s Den by Gigapoodle – coffeeshop aus where shiro owns the fic’s eponymous coffee shop in which a bunch of teenagers end up hanging out and becoming friends; it’s cute so far, check it out!
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FINCH T THE RESCUE that sounds a lot better lmao at least a lot better than amethyst

problem is i couldnt be FUCKED to draw that so it looks like im done here! cool

@taaffeite-art replied to your post “i might still draw Pokey amethyst for completion reasons but i still…”

Why Amethyst? Why not Onion?

amethyst bc i didnt think about this hard enough to go past the mains yet lmao

THATS A POSSIBLE GOOD ONE TOO but all of pokeys seething burns would be incomprehensible. maybe thats a good thing