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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Remus Lupin lost all of his best friends in one night and spent 12 years thinking one of them was the murderer of the others and then it came out that he wasn’t but then that friend died anyway and just when he thought he could maybe build a life with someone he loved after all he was killed
Fuck everything


He was an Unspeakable and his expertise was in the mind. The Occlumency he’d once learnt from his Aunt had helped him into the department - he had, after all, left Hogwarts prematurely without a single N.E.W.T to his name - and within a few years Draco Malfoy, sullen and taciturn in his late twenties, had become one of the leading authorities in memory modification research. If only, he often thought, he could find a way to erase certain things from the mind; if only there was a way to transfigure certain bad memories into bad dreams. 

[ ficlets by hpedit ]

So imagine this.
What if your Wizards feel the sensations of attacks, but aren’t injured by them.
Imagine being suffocated by a Sandstorm.
Imagine feeling the life sucked out of you by a Ghoul.
Imagine being chilled to the bone, so cold that it’s painful, by an Ice Serpent.
Imagine being scorched by a Firecat, absolutely sure your skin is blackened.
But when you look down - you’re fine. The pain was there, and it was real, but only for a moment. And you’re unscathed.
And when you lose a battle? It’s because the clash of sensations was too much for you, and you passed out.
Tell me this doesn’t make the world of Wizard101 cooler. Tell me that.


Miraak never wanted to kill the Last Dragonborn. Even after discovering their existence and goading them into wanting to get stronger, his intent was never to kill them. Not even when he sent Krosulhah after the Dragonborn at Nchardak. In fact, he expected the Dragonborn to be able to kill the dragon easily. He wanted them to become stronger in the hopes that they would join him against Mora.

Even in the last battle, he praises the Dragonborn while they fight. (In my roleplaying headcanon, he constantly avoids the killing blow, even though he could do so easily). Miraak had no intent to kill someone who was basically kin to him. Race, gender, and difference of time period aside, they both bear the gift of Akatosh, carrying a dragon soul within; and that makes them kin in a way.

Shakespeare has like a character named Antonio in about four or five of his plays, and the dude is usually somewhat minor, involved with the sea and possibly other men. So I have this theory that Shakespeare had a buddy named Antonio who was basically the Yoko Ono of the King’s Men.

Antonio would be this gruff, sexually-ambiguous, partially-literate Italian merchant/sailor dude who would occasionally show up in London and end up hangin’ out and drinking with the actors. Shakespeare would be like “EEEEYYY, come join in, brah!” and invariably write him a role in the show. The actors HATED it because he was terrible at acting, so terrible that he could never even remember his character’s name and Shakespeare would usually have to switch it to Antonio. Eventually, everyone just got so fed up with Antonio mucking up their shows that they burned down the Globe.


muggle-born!Enjolras with wealthy parents who locked him in his room, and were ashamed of him, since they always thought their kid was a freak because strange things happened around him when he got very angry or emotional.

muggle-born!Enjolras who couldn’t have been happier when he got a Hogwarts professor knocking his door in his eleventh birthday to tell him he was a wizard. 

muggle-born!Enjolras buying a toad.

muggle-born!Enjolras who sits alone in the Hogwarts express because many of the kids seem to already know each other and he feels completely simple and ignorant between all these people who grew up already knowing they were wizards.

muggle-born!Enjolras who gets sorted in slytherin, and constantly gets bullied by a group purebloods for having muggle parents.

muggle-born!Enjolras that finds himself enjoying the company of nine peculiar guys from other houses rather than his own, regardless of the house rivalities, because even if most of them are purebloods or half-bloods, they still treat him as an equal.

muggle-born!Enjolras finding out he has an special interest and passion in muggle-borns and half-blood’s rights.

muggle-born!Enjolras being first in his History of Magic class.

muggle-born!Enjolras founding the Les Amis de l'ABC group in his sixth year, and them meeting in the Hog’s Head Inn despie the rather odd owner, because nobody goes there so they can make their plans in peace.

muggle-born!Enjolras always telling purebloods Combeferre and Courfeyrac the wonders of the electricity.


Since we learnt that Carlos said, “A scientist is always fine.” I can’t help thinking that he uses this sort of thing in a lot of excuses like, “Carlos, why are you stealing the covers?” “A scientist must always be warm, Cecil.” or “Did you just buy four different kinds of tea?” “A scientist must always have their optimum caffeine fix, Cecil.”

Mass Effect Elcor Acting

No, but a great Elcor actor would be famous for having the right words that effectively convey the emotion they want.

Like, some might open a rant with “Angrily: How dare you. You are not allowed here.”

But a true Elcor thespian would begin “Irascibly: How dare you. With Cantankerous Indignation: You are not allowed here.”

Theatrical Elcor would study every single sentence and understand each nuance and tonal shift in a character’s personality. They’d then pore over books for hours upon hours, trying to find the exact, esoteric word that conveys to others the full gravity of their own interpretation.

And then they’d have to change the language to match the education level and local colloquialisms of their demographic.

Elcor acting could actually be a phenomenally compelling and resonating thing.

The children of the 80’s have not had an easy life. Born just as one war ended and starting school as another begun, their formative years have been plagued by darkness. So it’s no surprise that we’re all watching what they do next. Recent articles have focused on the post-graduation successes of the students of ‘99, pitting them against one another in a game of career one-upmanship. Here at Chillblain magazine we decided to ask Ravenclaw students to name their cultural highlights of the year instead. After all, it is the house of intellectuals.

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headcanons on language per flight

like pretty much every single fantasy world ever made, FR has a global language spoken by pretty much everyone, usually heard most in mixed flight lairs and places like the auction house and the market. it’s pretty simple and designed to be easy to learn for everyone on the flight rising planet. i call it Pillaran, a reference to the World Pillar and the unification it once represented, but Common works just as well.

now for the flights!

Fire: Cinderan, rough and quick, with equal importance given to body language. written text is rare. the same world spoken with and without body language can mean entirely different things. tends to ‘pop’ and isn’t meant for long conversations.

Earth: Pebblish, slow sounding and gentle syllables, you should be able to speak pebblish for hours without suffering from a strained voice. it was used by the civilization that created the arcanist as the base for their own language.

Wind: Skysonnet, soft and lilting, designed to enchant the listener. it has almost no native harsh words. words that stand out from their normal speech are usually picked up in their travels around the world and inserted into their tongue without modification.

Water: Aquus, like Fire there is almost nothing written down. aquus is sometimes described as a verbal waltz with its simplistic complexity. native speakers of aquus can reach low bass tones that non-water dragons cannot hear.

Lightning: Sparkin’, fast paced and to the point. sparkin’ is designed for shouting complicated orders across a rowdy crowd, with deliberate emphasis on the ‘wrong’ syllables to catch attention.

Light: Glimmer, delicate. glimmer is not meant for shouting, but for gentle chatter. has the second largest vocabulary of all flights and has a tendency to sound nasal if spoken in haste or high volume.

Plague: Contagia, harsh and biting. contagia is made to be spat at your enemies, literally. full of syllables and meant to sound like you’re chewing the bones of your last meal in your mouth as you talk. 

Nature: Mushromp, meant to invoke the image of life. mushromp is rich and decadent to speak, yet also retains a decent pace that keeps it from sticking to the throat and becoming cloying.

Ice: Hoarr, short and monosyllabic, you should be able to hear a dragon shouting from miles away and understand exactly what they mean. it’s probably the language with the smallest vocabulary. if it starts with ‘r’, rrroll it.

Arcane: Arcanite, made up almost entirely from words taken from the civilization that created the arcanist. this is the hardest language for outsider dragons to learn and has the widest vocabulary, which increases daily. distantly related to pebblish, but has changed so drastically that learning one might actually hinder you learning the other.

Shadow: Unknown. seriously, nobody knows outside of the inhabitants of her lands and they aren’t about to tell anyone. it’d ruin the fun! ask three different shadow dragons and you get twelve different answers.

clone club soulmates au

tumblr user krumcake wrote this post that talks about soulmate AUs worth caring about, and it’s all…

I don’t really care about person A and person B who have each other’s names on their wrists and find each other and live happily ever after…. I care about the ways that this is a broken system, how it fucks people up, how it doesn’t guarantee a happy ending and how people find their happy endings anyway.

which got me to how I care about clone club dealing in a world like this. I care about little Alison Hendrix, half-convinced she’s in love with Donnie and outed by the Beth that pops up on her arm. She covers it with stage make-up and spends hours searching for the name on the internet. (Spends years searching for the person. Cries the day she finally finds it, etched onto a tombstone with the simple message “I’m sorry, Alison. I couldn’t wait,” written under it.) 

I care about an even younger Beth who panics when she wakes up to find Alison on her ankle. Since when does she like anyone? How can she love someone else when she can’t even like herself? How can she keep on going, and how can she give up when every anti-suicide ad mentions the person she’s meant to be with? (She tells herself she has to stick around. She has to.)

I care about Felix who grows up without a name appearing, who questions whether or not he’ll ever even find anyone. (The other kids call him gay, but he can’t exactly know without a soulmate, can he?)

I care about Helena, locked in a cage, rocking and rubbing her fingers along the name she hides from Tomas. Sarah. Who is this Sarah? Where is she?

I care about Cosima, who caught one glimpse of a name when she was twelve and covered it up with tattoos so she never had to know. I care about the way she checks on Delphine’s arm, scans the skin to find whose name waits there, stops cold when it’s not her own.

I care about amputees whose limbs got blasted away and the way Paul equates that with losing who they’re meant to be.

I care about Rachel scrubbing at the name on her arm, peeling at skin, clawing because she has no soul in the first place to match with anyone else’s.

and I guess I care about Sarah, head resting against the glass on a train, headed home and unaware of the whole slew of names materializing along the back of her calf. Why should she care anyway? She wrote her real soulmates on herself a week after she turned nineteen – three names, Kira, Felix, and S.

or maybe that’s just when I start caring…

I like to think that a bunch of character’s each like to visit Jack in secret for hang out time, but keep the fact thar they hang out with jack a major secret.

Like Kimiko goes over to play videogames because like in dandybound’s picture he’s the only good competition for her in videogames.

Clay sneaks over to secretly watch pro figure skateing with him when the big competitions are on.

Omi is just still convinced he can actually teach Jack something about the pros of being good and comes over to do that.

I can’t think of a reason Raimundo would realistically go over, but I bet If Jack got Jermain’s contact info he’d invite him over to play basketball. Woth Jermain being such a nice guy I bet he’d give Jack a chance and they’d actually have some fun. Maybe that’s how Jermain found out where the Xiaolin temple is.

Shadow sneaks over to either just Bother Jack or get a better idea of makeup and fashion from him.

And I bet Jack’s still in contact over the internet with other characters, like Jesse bailey probably always beets him on Mind Creeper or something, and Catnape spams him with cat videos on FaceLook.

But after it all jack is so convinced they’re literally always coming over just to anoy him
(I.e. To beat him at videogames, to hog his TV, to lecture him, to steal clothes…). He doesn’t realise that people are coming over to actually hang out with him and doesn’t say anything about it to anyone.