universe plays pathfinder

aaaaaaaaand i’ve been totally absent again this week. still alive! just generally buried under work.

BUT. our campaign concluded last weekend. everyone lived. the final battle was fucking epic. our characters all got a fantastic epilogue–though more bittersweet than i had anticipated–and everybody cried. well, i’m not sure about the DM, actually. i didn’t dare look at him when the rest of us were crying, for fear of getting set off again. it was all very good, and painful, but also happy. an excellent first campaign.

the second campaign kicks off in two weeks. i’m sure i’ll never feel as if i’ve done enough prep, but i can objectively say i have done a lot, and hopefully it’ll be sufficient and i’ll figure out how to improvise as i go along. it is going to be an entirely different thing, sitting in the DM seat long-term. i’m nervous and anxious and sometimes pretty freaked out, but also looking forward to it.