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  • Jumin: MC, where's Luciel? I need him to fix my computer. It has been lagging for a while now.
  • MC: Hold on, I got this.
  • MC: *deep breathes and cups hands in the mouth*
  • 707: *from the other room*

Revamped - Overcoming the Curve of Forgetting Printable

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Okay, I absolutely adore the cutesy idea of Jim and Spock married, sharing an apartment, and teaching at Starfleet Academy after retirement, but consider: they would so talk about one another during their lectures ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

And I’m not even talking about telling stories intentionally with the whole “One time, my husband and I yadda yadda yadda” although that definitely goes down.

No, I mean the little throwaways, the ones that are so passive and informal that you know that they’re not even trying it, that their love is just continuing to bleed over into their day-to-day life.

“Although my husband should like to argue otherwise…”

“As my bondmate is ever-so fond of reminding me…”

“Now, Spock can’t seem to wrap his mind around this, but…”

“While James and I agree that this reality is distressing…”

“As I’ve had the love of my life remind me time and time again…”

“It is a truth that my beloved rather covets in that…”

And their students think it’s simultaneously the cutest and most disgusting thing in the world, because aw they’re in love but ew they’re our teachers.

First time at the dorms

Bakugou: Shitty-hair, are you here?

Kirishima: *raises hand*

Bakugou: Didn’t recognize you with your hair down. And uh is Pikachu here?

Kaminari: *raises hand*

Bakugou: Ah. Didn’t recognize you with your mouth shut.