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thebleedingeffect  asked:

Im gonna call myself Puff. Okay a question for SF Papyrus, Red, Sans, Honey, and (if possible) Mafia Sans. Totally hypothetical situation; what if one of your most innocent kids, like Blueberry innocent, went up to your bros and gave them tiny jars with scented beads and sparkles along with strong piece of yarn as a necklace. And their reasoning for this is," It's protection for your necks! It's invincible so don't take it off okay?" Reactions!(Im evil i know)

Alright, so in my version of the Swap universes, it’s still Sans that you fight in the judgement hall, but Swap and Swapfell Papyrus can remember the resets 

UT!Sans: His eyelights briefly figure out at the “protection” comment but he hides it behind a smile when Papyrus shows it to him. “Wow, I can’t bead-lieve how cool that looks, bro.”

UF!Sans: He mutters something incomprehensible and stalks off for a bit. Too many bad memories that he can’t really discuss. Fortunately, his brother likely doesn’t keep it on after the kid goes home. Red is used to people dying, but that particular one is still a sore spot to him

US!Papyrus: He briefly freezes when the kid makes the protection comment, remember the feeling of cold steel slicing through his vertebrae and agonizing pain and fear as he realized Sans would be left alone with this monster….It takes him a minute but he quickly smiles. “Wow, guess this’ll really save my neck, huh?” When the kid isn’t looking, he likely whips it off. He hasn’t been able to handle tight things on his neck ever since the first Genocide Run.

SF!Papyrus: He masks his reaction the best, quietly thanking them and ruffling their hair, but his brother notices his hands are clenched in fists and his shoulders are trembling. He doesn’t talk about it, and keeps the necklace on the whole day, but is extra jumpy the entire time.

MT!Sans: He raises his browbone, but doesn’t say anything. The memories are flooding back but he’s got a pretty good poker face. When they leave he tells his brother to take it off, or Undyne’s gonna tease the hell out of him, but in reality he just can’t stand looking at the thing and remembering anymore. 

  • Tina: Ugh, you are just so childish.
  • Newt: Yeah, yeah, don't forget reckless, brassy, loud-mouthed. That's just what makes me so awesome.

anonymous asked:

I know you've done something similar in the past, but imagine post civil war Steve (while Buckys in cryo, and assuming in canon they still have yet to get together) finding himself stuck in an alternate universe? Which version of Bucky do you think would do the best job of giving him what he needs? Like I know ultimately that any version of Bucky is still Bucky, but I imagine cw!steve reacting to mafia boss!bucky differently than werewolf/vampire!bucky...

I’d def say criminal!Bucky.

He’s the closest to the canon!Bucky and therefore criminal!Bucky’s relationship with sugarbaby!Steve would the closest to what canon!Stucky’s relationship would be when they got together.

I think being with criminal!Bucky would the best glimpse into what they could have and he would take the best care of Steve.

Not that any other Bucky would mistreat or neglect him, but criminal!Bucky already has experience with a Steve that needs a lot of patience and gentle reassurance. He had to be very, very careful with his Steve in the beginning to make sure that everything was what Steve wanted and that Steve was happy and content with the way things progressed between them.

He’d do the same with canon!Steve if that Steve ended up under his care.