universe rules

  • Peridot: shows a complete disinterest in anything she isn't obsessed with
  • Peridot: quickly becomes obsessed with a television show to the point of pouring hours of time into it
  • Peridot: has difficulty telling when something is appropriate or hurtful to say
  • Peridot: does not know how to apologize or express her feelings
  • Peridot: mimics behavior and phrases
  • Peridot: enjoys certain sensory triggers
  • Peridot: is content to watch a single episode of a show for days
  • Peridot: often makes repetitive gestures when she is upset or frustrated
  • Peridot: is a precious autistic gem sorry i don't make the rules
Give woman the right red lipstick and she can rule the world.
—  Β. Κ.