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Bismuth holding a happy/laughing Pearl during the Rebellion Era maybe? Or what ever you like involving the two, I just wanna see them together. :)

Sorry this is so late :(. I was having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to arrange them in a way I haven’t before. So here’s Pearl bragging about something, probably.

You see the problem with tmuch of the discourse I’ve seen on my dashboard is that their idea of represantation is wrong.

The use of representation is to normalize, that if black, gay and trans people exist it’s completely normal for them to be represented fairly in the media as people.

But in tumblr in general, and sprecially in fandoms, it doesn’t work that way. Their understanding of race, sexaulity and gender identity is usually deeply rooted in what is called Identity politics, wich is to say that the only thing a character belonging to a minority can bring to the table is the fact that they belong to a minority. So at the end, tumblr’s ideal for representation is emotional validation.

But this validation only works if the character meets the expectations of the audience. Therefore either a character meets the expectationsand becomes a single not person defined by what is captivating to the audience, or it does not and therefor there is a backlash, a response born on a feeling of betrayal. But this doesn’t stop here, these characters become what the audience used to “critique” the creators, if they meet the quota they’re obviously allies, if not they they’re boigots who hate [x] because they don’t include them in their content. The logical conlusion of the identity politics idea of representation is a bunch of charracters that clear a check list in an approved narrative that, if possible pushes the very idea of identity politics. Any kind of content that interferes with that is morally wrong and must be either rewritten to fit the approved narrative or scraped alltogether beacuse there is no place for such thing.

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ok so i read this fic a while ago where tyler and josh lived in the 50s or smth and they used crisco as lube, one time tyler had a popsicle up his ass, josh got called big boy a lot and i like cant fucking find it pls help???

This is the fic i believe you’re looking for! - Caitlyn

filthy lust by plumptyler (11/?| 15117| Mature)

“i saw you watchin’ that day, an’ i didn’t mind at all, big boy. m'quite flattered.”

or where tyler is angelic, and joshua can’t keep his vision cleared of the doe-eyed brunet.

I just watched Amélie for the first time … life is beautiful, and I am happy!


It was the frantic waving in her peripheral vision that finally broke Janeโ€™s gaze away from the article she was working on. Swivelling around in her chair, Jane saw that the frantic waving was coming from Sutton who desperately was trying to get her attention. Saving her work Jane slowly makes her way over to Sutton.

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Shiro wonders if this is really worth it or not

Straight people think that either you know you’re gay from childhood or something big happens one day and you Realize (and it is like that to some of course) but lbr for many it goes like

  • I’m straight
  • No I’m bi
  • Wait am I biromantic ace?
  • No I’m definitely bi
  • …I may not be bi
  • Am I straight after all? Am I ace??
  • Maybe I’m demi??? Who knows
  • I might also be aroace…
  • Fuck it I’m pretty sure I’m queer

or whatever