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Interviewer: How did we get to [the alternate reality] version of Altea. Because with Allura having been the Empress who sort of established all of this, did it start to go that way when she was in charge? …

Joaquim: I would say it did. Definitely. I think her father was struck down and she went on a, like, revenge-laden swath across the universe. 

Lauren: I think the way we looked at it was, what if they had done Allura’s suggestion, which is stay and fight, versus Alfor’s suggestion of send the lions away. And if they had, if anything had happened–If Allura had gotten the power to take down these Galra, then she would have just, I think, maintained doing that. Been like, this is what we need to do. 

Joaquim: She would have given into it, yea. She didn’t have the perspective that Alfor had.

…so what you’re telling me is that not only is Alternate Reality allura just as bad as zarkon uwu but that our reality allura is also just as bad as zarkon, she just didn’t get a chance to take over the universe because her father made her physically incapable of doing so

yeah okay, cool! gotcha! you just really, really, really hate allura

Central Florida Gothic

• A putt-putt golf place, every where you go. Why are they there? You do not know anyone who goes to the putt-putt golf places, yet still they stand. You suggest going there with your friends. They stare at you. You never suggest again.

• There’s an undeveloped neighborhood across the street from yours. It’s laid empty for 4 years, devoid of any construction workers. One house stands, a frame of what it could be. If you walk past the neighborhood at 5:34, you can hear them. Who? You’ve never seen anyone enter, but with that, you’ve never seen anyone exit.

• Everyone you know has an aunt who works at Disney. You believe it is a secret coalition of aunts. They live in the tunnels below the park. They slither out only to offer you free ice cream on your birthday.

• You are sitting in a classroom. A student stands and shouts, “Look! It’s raining!” You look outside. Everyone looks outside. You bow to the rain god, offer him a sacrifice, 20 seconds of your teacher’s time. He accepts. You bring your eyes back to the board.

• No matter where you move, there is a pond near your house. You make friends with the resident alligator. He sells you Spanish Moss.

• You somehow end up in Celebration. It has no end, it has no beginning. You wander aimlessly, looking for any sign of human life. There is no one. You see only window shutters, closing. It is a desert of town houses. You want to leave, but can you?

• You go to Universal. You ride one ride. The wait time said 20 minutes, but when you exit, the sun has set, the park is empty. You hear the Simpson’s tune in the distance. You do not turn around. You exit the park.

• “Let’s go to Disney Springs,” someone says. You all nod. You don’t know exactly who made the suggestion. You go anyway. In Disney Springs, reality bends. You walk in one direction, you end up at Sprinkles. You walk in the opposite direction, you end up at Sprinkles. They have won, this time.

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