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on following your heart  and intuition

🌸✨Long post ahead, but I did genuinely pour my heart and soul into it✨🌸

If you’re reading this, I want to give you the purest, most sincere and genuine advice I have been given myself - always, always, always follow your heart. While your intuition is your guiding system, it is the heart that should always be followed. The way I interpret intuition is that it is the information we receive from the Universe, God or whatever superpower you believe guides you. However, in my opinion this information could be misleading. Be aware I don’t mean this in a bad way! What I mean is that this information could be affected by different circumstances, such as your current mindset, the vibrational level you are on, etc. As you all know, our vibrational frequency is highly affected by our thoughts. So if you’re thinking a certain way, you’ll be attracting similar energy, and the guidance (information) you’ll be receiving will be matching that vibration. And the information may not always be relevant to the desires of the heart. But, again in my opinion, it is only if you please the heart that you will be truly happy. And also you will know you have made the right choice. The heart can never fool you - the mind certainly can, judgement can get clouded, but the heart … the heart is the core of who and what you are. Always trust the heart.

Another thing I want to add: when you make a decision based on what you feel in your heart, you know that even if you look back at it after a while, you won’t regret it. Because you did whatever you did to make yourself happy, to please the heart. This means you were true to yourself! And being true to yourself, means you are being genuine and authentic. I think this is one of the first steps you need to take to be enlightened with something others haven’t been yet. ♡

Disclaimer: these are my own interpretations and conclusions I have come to, based on my own experience, books i’ve read, discussion I’ve had. Of course, everyone is free to disagree with what I’ve written and this is not a step-by-step guide that needs to be followed. Even tho we are all made of the same stardust and magic, we all have free will and see the world in different ways. My main point was do what makes you happy. Do you.

Disclaimer 2: if you want to express your opinion, and you happen to disagree, please do it in a mindful way. I would love to hear what you have to say, but please … only positive vibes ✨

Dreaming On Your Feet: Chapter 15

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Summary: Aelin Galathynius is one of the newest company members of the Rifthold Ballet Theatre, and she is eager to make all of her dreams a reality. She has the talent, the ambition, the walls no one can get past, and the thick skin that no one can get under.
Except for new principal dancer Rowan Whitethorn.
He’s arrogant, talented, and infuriating - and they just might have more in common than they think.

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Chapter 15: Apples and Mazes

Aelin elected to drive to the orchard alone.

She rolled her windows down to feel the autumn wind, letting it swirl her thoughts around her car so they wouldn’t fester in her head.

But they were still there.

Black ink on tanned skin.

I said I’ll be right down.

A door in her face.

She gripped her steering wheel tighter as she tried to calm her mind.

What did I do wrong? Was I not supposed to see it? What is it? Why has he kept it a secret?

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Something that happened at my school today, but also imagine your OTP
  • Teacher: Compare answers with friends around you.
  • Boy: what if you don't have any friends?
  • Teacher: Then compare answers with your nemesis.
  • Boy; *sighs and turns towards the guy next to him WHO IS actually his friend* What did you get?
  • Guy next to him: *pushes the boys paper off the desk without looking up from his phone*
  • Boy: GOD DAMN IT

As promised, here are the pictures of the van now that the graphics are done! Still needs a tone of work mechanically and on the interior, but aside from wheels and a few other tiny things you wont notice on the outside, its presentable!

I’ve literally spent years getting this thing to this point and I’m so happy to see it now I could cry. It doesn’t even look like the same heep that I pulled into my driveway on a rainy november night in 2015.

Person B: *makes a love potion* *gives it to person A*

Person A: *drinks it* oh B… you look so handsome tonight…

Person B: *gulps* re-really?

Person A: NO

Person A: I saw you doing the love potion yesterday, I just pretended to drink it



I don’t know how but this AU got heavily inspired by what Shimizu san said before-
Yuuri being earth and Victor being the moon who keeps drifting toward him.
I find these words so beautiful.


Crewniverse makes a meticulous effort in the backgrounds to reflect the lasting impact of a recent destruction. These infographics specifically deal with the continuity of damage done to “locations.” There are more graphics coming up, dealing with the theme of “People” and “Objects.”

Made by request for the Steven Universe subreddit.