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Klance headcannon
  • I have no doubt that when Lance begins to grow facial hair he is very proud of himself and cocky about it having beaten Keith to something finally.
  • Though Keith isn't going to let him get away with is so he starts calling Lance 'Daddy' as a way of embarrassment.
  • Though it soon turns into more then a teasing thing when they get into the bedroom *wink wink nudge nudge*
Fake Dating Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- you’re studying in the library of your university with your friends jeonghan and seungcheol and everything’s going well like you’re actually surprised you’re getting work done with these two together and it’s all quiet and peaceful
- but then jeonghan opens his mouth
- and he’s like “oh (name)…… so i know this guy who—“
- you’re like “not this again omfg jeonghan SHUT UP I’M PERFECTLY FINE BEING SINGLE”
- seungcheol joins in and he’s like “(name) come on!!! you’re going to like this guy he’s so your type”
- basically they’ve been trying to set you up with someone because they don’t want you to be alone once they leave
- jeonghan and seungcheol have pretty much been your only friends since entering uni and they’re graduating that sem while you have one more year to go and they don’t want you to be alone ISN’T THAT CUTE
- but you’re perfectly fine living the single life and you don’t need a bf but they’re like NOPE WE WANT YOU HAPPY WHILE WE’RE GONE WE WANT SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU WHILE WE CAN’T
- you end up arguing with them to the point the librarian kicks all of you out because you’re all too loud and well there goes your studying
- they keep annoying you but you keeping refusing and they finally give up and you’re like THANK YOU
- seungcheol’s like “fine you’re paying for dinner then” and honestly you couldn’t care less because you’re not going on a blind date…
- …or so you thought
- you get to the restaurant where you were supposed to meet jeonghan and seungcheol but WOW SURPRISE THEY’RE NOT THERE
- instead, a person you’ve never met in your life is sitting at the table reserved for “s.coups” seungcheol’s stupid nickname
- while you’re internally raging and plotting your friends’ deaths, the boy at the table looks up from the menu and locks eyes with you and you heart skips a beat
- he has. the most. gorgeous eyes you’ve ever seen and not going to lie he’s really cute and you’re like oh wow they weren’t kidding when they said he was your type in terms of looks
- but then you snap out of your daze because you’re angry at your friends
- you sit down and say “alright. jeonghan and seungcheol. sound familiar?” and all he says is “blind date” and you say “yeah”
- the boy runs his hand through his hair and sighs “i should’ve expected this” and his hair gets all messy and cute and you’re like don’t do that
- you say “i’m REALLY sorry about this” and he just smiles like “no worries it’s jeonghan and seungcheol like of course they’d pull something like this”
- you laugh and say “right? i swear, one day i’m going to get back at them” and the boy laughs “me too”
- but then his eyes widen and he looks up at you and says “……hey. i have an idea.”
- you look at him like what is it and he says “do you really want to get back at them?” and you ask “what do you mean??”
- he says “I MEAN…… we PRETEND to date. we trick them into thinking their plan worked and then we break up IN FRONT OF THEM like REAL BAD, that’ll teach them to quit setting us up on blind dates”
- and you just stare at him like… did this angel just say the evillest thing
- but you like the plan so you smirk and say “okay, sounds good. let’s do it.”
- the boy reaches out his hand and says “i’m joshua by the way. it’s nice to meet you”
- you shake his hands and say “i’m (name). nice to meet you too, boyfriend.”
- you two end up actually having dinner at the restaurant but the whole time you guys are just laughing and talking about how this whole thing is going to go
- unknown to you guys, jeonghan and seungcheol are watching your interaction from a distance and they high-five in victory because they think they succeeded
- by the end of the night you and joshua exchange phone numbers and schedules, and you both plan the entire thing. the breakup is set to be at the end of the sem so in about four months
- when you both go up to pay you’re reaching for your wallet but joshua stops you and says “if i’m going to be your pretend bf for the next three months, i should at least act the part well” and you say “what?? no no it’s fine you don’t have to do all this if it’s just pretend” and he just smiles and pays
- actual gentleman joshua hong everyone
- you guys ended up staying later than expected at the restaurant so it’s really dark by the time you guys get out and your dorms are on the same side of campus but yours is a little further and this is JOSHUA so he walks you all the way to your dorm
- while walking, you guys decide to tell each other a few things about each other and??? you guys actually have so much in common???
- you get so into your conversation with joshua that by the time you reach your room, you’re disappointed by how short the walk was
- you say “well this is my room. thanks for walking me back” and joshua says “it’s no problem. so….. since we’re ‘dating’ now and all….. do you want to go eat out lunch tmrw?”
- and you smile and say “sure!! this is perfect actually because i usually eat lunch with seungcheol and jeonghan so i can invite them along and we could tell them about how we’re ‘dating’ and all”
- joshua laughs and says “i can’t wait to see their reaction by the end of this” and you just laugh “me too”
- joshua says “well, i’ll be going now. good night and see you tomorrow!!” and you say good night to him as well before entering your room and going to bed
- the next day, after your morning classes, joshua texts you “hey! :) i’m right outside your building. seungcheol and jeonghan are here too” and you’re like omg he used a smiley face he’s so cute LOL
- you go outside and see the three of them waiting for you and you run up to them, and they each greet you
- seungcheol and jeonghan both have smirks on their faces and when joshua says he’ll be right back, they both go up to you and say “sooo we heard you guys are dating!!” and you laugh “yeah…. i actually had a good time with joshua last night at the restaurant. you guys were right when you said he was my type”
- seungcheol gasps and says “joshua said that too!! i swear you guys are meant to be. jeonghan, we chose well.”
- jeonghan pretends to wipe away a tear and says “my baby’s growing up”
- when joshua comes back, you three go to a restaurant near campus just to have a quick lunch together, when seungcheol and jeonghan tell you guys they “have to go hand in an assignment” and you’re like OOOKAY RIGHT
- when they leave you turn to joshua and say “you think they’re convinced?” and joshua says “yeah. they are.”
- seungcheol and jeonghan actually do believe it at first, but after about three weeks…… they start getting a bit suspicious
- you and joshua don’t hold hands or kiss or do any of those couple stuff, you guys don’t even HUG
- you just tell them you’re shy because your relationship just started but you’re both starting to panic because NO THE PLAN CAN’T BE RUINED WE HAVE TO GET BACK AT THEM
- one day, you exit your class to see joshua waiting for you outside the door and he does his cute eye smile when he sees you
- he walks up to you and says “i told seungcheol and jeonghan we’re going on a date tomorrow. i was kinda thinking that we DO go on one since they’ll probably follow us around to see for themselves…. you know….?” and you say “oh, you’re right!! this would definitely convince them!!”
- the next day, you find yourself rummaging through your entire closet looking for something cute to wear but you’re like wait
- why?? it’s just joshua??
- but then you convince yourself like you’re doing this for seungcheol and jeonghan….. like it’s just to make it look like you’re actually trying…… right……
- you dress up and before leaving your dorm, you take one last look in the mirror to see how you look and then you leave to go meet up with joshua outside the building
- you spot him leaning against a tree and his hair is blowing in the wind and his skin looks so dewy under this bright sun
- just wow….. he looks like a model….
- and your heart may or may not have skipped a beat
- when joshua spots you, he pushes himself off the tree and he walks over to you, and you quickly compose yourself because you’re pretty sure you were gaping at him
- he gives you one of his deadly eye smiles and says “(name)!! how are you? you look really nice” and your ears are burning but you ignore it and answer “oh thanks, just…. threw on anything, you know……”
- joshua grins “so, ready for our date?” and you’re like asjhlaks DON’T SAY IT LIKE THAT but he’s like ??? but it is a date ???
- you ask “where are we going??” and he says “well, i was just thinking of spending a simple day in the city…… you know, street food, shopping, and other stuff we find on the way?? omg i hope that’s not boring for you i’m so sorry you probably have to go study and—”
- you cut him off by laughing and he just looks at you and says “uhhh did i say something funny??” and you reply “joshua, our date hasn’t even started and you’re already worrying”
- and he laughs and says “my bad…. alright, so are you ready to go?” and you nod your head
- you both take the bus to the city and the date…… is surprisingly going well???
- joshua takes you to this little family restaurant and the food is so good, you’re like omg joshua you have to stop me or i’ll end up ordering the entire menu
- you expected it to be awkward because…. an ENTIRE day with him?? you’re going to run out of things to say
- but no. joshua’s so talkative and there’s never been an awkward silence the entire meal
- when you both finish, you take out your wallet to pay but joshua tells you it’s fine because of coURSE
- “joshua, we aren’t even dating for real, you really don’t have to do this”
- “i invited you out today and you probably have homework to catch up on, this is the least i could do for you”
- you guys walk a little further down the street after leaving the restaurant to see that there’s a street market going on
- and while joshua’s looking through a bunch of cute keychains and plushies, you notice two people looking at you from the corner of your eye
- you subtly turn in that direction and see two people rush behind a stand of mangoes and you’re like really, seungcheol?? really, jeonghan?? i saw you guys
- joshua notices you looking somewhere and he follows your gaze, but instead of focusing on the two heads popping out from behind the stand, he thinks you’re looking at this handsome boy buying street food
- and he gets this look in his eyes
- he quickly takes your hand in his and when you look up at him in surprise, he smiles and says “don’t pay attention to them, only look at me”
- and you’re surprised of course but you’re also like…. come on, snap out of it, he’s just doing this because he saw seungcheol and jeonghan
- but for the rest of the date
- he doesn’t let go of your hand
- you guys spend the day shopping around, and joshua even gets you guys cute matching bracelets
- “you’re getting too into this fake dating stuff”
- “but it’s two for one!!!!”
- at the end of the day, you and joshua take the bus back to get to school and then you realize……. you’re still holding hands…..
- out of embarrassment, you let go and joshua’s like ??? and you say “ohhh uh i think they gave up on following us….. hahah…..”
- and joshua’s cheeks turn pink and he’s like right!!! i’m sorry!!!
- you guys sit next to each other, and you find yourself slowly dozing off as you both wait for your stop
- at some point you black out, but when you open up your eyes again….. you realize you’re resting your head on joshua’s shoulder
- you stop yourself from jumping up and instead take this opportunity to observe his features and….
- he really is good-looking. his cute eye smile, his warm smile, his soft skin….
- you close your eyes again because you feel your face getting warm, and two stops later, joshua shakes your shoulders to wake you up
- he softly says “(name), wake up, our stop’s next” and you pretend you just woke up
- and you’re like wow his voice too how unfair
- when you get off the bus, joshua walks you back to your dorm and you say “how much do you want to bet jeonghan and seungcheol are going to text me the second i step into my room?”
- joshua says “i don’t think they will….. i think they’ll attack you in person instead” and you say “what are you talking about, no way will they be able to wait that long”
- then joshua says “alright then, it’s a bet. loser pays for the next date” and you say “YOU’RE ON”
- you both reach your room, and joshua says good night before leaving. you feel kind of bad since he has to walk an extra few mins to get to his, so right before he’s out of view, you say “joshua”
- he turns around and says “yeah?” and you say “i say this a lot but….. you really don’t have to walk me back every time” and he just smiles and says “it’s fine. i just want to make sure you’re safe”
- when you enter your room, you just smile at his words because how could someone be so kind???
- your roommate says “you’re looking really happy. did something happen??” and you say “what?? no…… not at all”
- after changing into your pyjamas and plopping onto bed, you receive a text from seungcheol “HOW WAS YOUR DATE”
- you win
- dates become a regular thing, you and joshua go out every friday night or saturday, and he also picks you up after each one of your classes
- holding hands becomes so natural, it’s not even awkward at all when you guys have to in front of jeonghan and seungcheol
- this whole fake dating thing is going just as planned
- but then something goes wrong
- you fall for joshua
- this wasn’t supposed to happen
- but just one look from him sends your whole world spinning, when you hold hands with him you never want to let go, and just being with him makes you so happy
- it makes you sad knowing all this is going to end in not too long
- before you now it, you guys only have three weeks left before the breakup
- while eating out with him, you say “alright, so what did you tell them?” and joshua says “i said that you’re giving me too much attitude nowadays”
- you say “perfect, i keep telling them that you’re getting so clingy that it’s starting to annoy me. i also said we’ve been fighting lately” and joshua says “we still have to meet up secretly to plan the huge fight” and you say “ohhh you’re right”
- you guys meet up to practice but you realize….. that joshua’s WAY too nice
- “joshua, you have to talk back to me”
- “but what if i say something that makes you sad????”
- “this is pretend I KNOW YOU DON’T MEAN IT”
- it gets so bad to the point that you guys actually have to write a SCRIPT to follow
- the day of the breakup is here, and you and joshua are supposed to go out with seungcheol and jeonghan
- you decide to meet up in their dorm room, and to make things seem awkward, you both go SEPARATELY
- you take a deep breath before entering the room and it takes all your willpower not to laugh when you see joshua looking away form you
- you say “hey seungcheol, hey jeonghan” and they say hi back, but they quickly realize that you didn’t acknowledge joshua
- it’s quiet, until seungcheol coughs and says “so….. we should probably head to that restaurant now…..”
- and you say “sure, just make sure i’m not seated next to HIM” and joshua says “i didn’t even say anything”
- seungcheol says “hey, guys, don’t ruin the night, let’s just go get some food and—”
- you say “I’M ruining the night??? he can’t even look me in the eye. how immature” and joshua retorts “immature? i’m not the one picking a fight over NOTHING”
- jeonghan says “woah joshua, that’s not like you at all” and he says “well, some people can make others change for the worst”
- you say “why don’t you just say my name, we all know you’re talking about me” and he says “you’re just going to cause trouble if i directly say it”
- seungcheol and jeonghan look at each other, and they start panicking and feeling guilty because they were the ones who got you together
- at some point, you just look at them and say “meant to be, huh?” which made them sink into their seats and feel even worse
- you and joshua follow the script word for word, and slowly it’s getting hard to control your laughter
- until
- joshua says “keep going on those blind dates then.”
- you say “yeah? maybe i will.”
- “good for you then. because that’s the only way you’ll ever find someone.”
- it’s in the script. those words are in the script……. but they hurt
- you’ve only ever been on blind dates with the help of seungcheol and jeonghan but without them…… would you really be able to find someone?
- you must’ve been quiet for some time because joshua says “(name), wait. i didn’t mean that”
- and you decide to end it there
- you say “well i meant every word i said. i was stupid for dating you….” you then turn to seungcheol and jeonghan and say “…..almost as stupid as you two for BELIEVING US LOL”
- they both say “what?? what are you talking about??”
- you start laughing hysterically and you say “WE WERE PRETENDING TO DATE”
- jeonghan says “WAIT THE WHOLE TIME??” and joshua laughs “the whole time”
- seungcheol and jeonghan are the ones to pay for the meal that evening, and afterwards, joshua walks you back to your dorm
- before you enter your room, he says “i’m sorry for what i said, it was mean” and you say “it was part of the script, you have nothing to be sorry for lol”
- he smiles and says “well…. good night, (name). it was fun.” and you say “it was. good night, joshua.”
- the next day, after your morning class, you exit and you feel sad because
- joshua’s not there waiting for you
- why would he?
- you guys aren’t “dating” anymore…… there’s no reason for him to
- you tell yourself “it’s just like before we’ve met, everything’s back to normal”
- but you really do start feeling lonely
- because joshua isn’t there to pick you up after classes, he isn’t there to walk you back to your dorm room, he doesn’t ask you out on friday nights or saturdays, and after four months of being “together”…..
- they’re all reduced to a simple “hi, how are you?” when you catch each other around campus
- you hate it
- seungcheol and jeonghan both notice how much sadder you seem these days, but you just tell them it’s stress from school
- but it’s really because you miss joshua
- you look down at the matching bracelet you have tied around your wrist and you just think of your first date and how fun it was and how happy you felt
- one night, you’re unable to sleep so you decide to make a quick trip to the nearby convenience store
- you buy some ramyeon and water for a quick snack, and while the cashier is ringing up your items, someone taps you on the shoulder
- you turn around to see joshua and you jump in surprise
- you say “joshua?? what are you doing here??” and he holds up a box of cookies and says “just getting a snack….. i couldn’t sleep”
- the cashier tells you your total, but joshua places his cookies on the counter and pays for both of your things
- he grabs the plastic bag and exits the store before you could say anything about it, and you follow him outside
- he takes his snack out of the bag and then hands you your things, but you say “joshua, why did you pay?? how much was it?? let me pay you back”
- he says “no, it’s fine, it didn’t cost a lot anyway” and you say “you really didn’t need to, i mean…. you’re not my “boyfriend” anymore”
- you immediately regret saying that because it creates an awkward silence between you two
- until joshua asks in a soft voice
- “can i be?”
- you notice his face turn red as he continues “can i be your real boyfriend?”
- you freeze for a moment because joshua just confessed to you…… but when you regain your senses, you get up on your tippy-toes and kiss him right on the lips
- the kiss is soft and slow, and you could kiss him like this every day….. why. not.
- when you both pull away, you tell him “yes, joshua. you can.”
- you both tell seungcheol and jeonghan that you’re official, but they don’t fall for it right away
- “nice try. do you guys think we’re THAT dumb???”
- you prove it to them by pulling joshua by the collar and kissing him, and that’s when they really both go crazy
- joshua goes back to picking you up after classes, and dates are back to being every friday night or saturday
- you notice that joshua always wears the matching bracelet you both got at the street market, and it makes you smile because you haven’t taken yours off after the “breakup” either
- seungcheol and jeonghan never shut up about succeeding in bringing you two together and they always joke about it
- but they’re really just happy that you won’t be alone anymore
- “joshua, take care of (name) for us, all right?”
- “i will. i promise.”


The “Draw Your OTP” like this challenge (?). As you can see from my drawing and the screencap, you can tell where I gave up on the background, also the arms for Adrien are wonky hahaha! This was a lot of fun though, you guys should try it out too if you want! Have fun! <3 Alyssa

Every day the universe is offering you teachings that can free you from the constraints of your mind. But you are making the choice to see what is wrong in the situations, rather than seeing the perfection. The other person’s problems are their problems. If you get upset, defensive, and angry, that’s your problem.
—  John E. Welshons

1) Accept that You Have a Problem with Over-Thinking.
2) Forgive Yourself: Our Brains are Hardwired This Way.
3) Breathe More.
4) Talk Less.
5) Get Physical and Get Busy.
6) Practice Mindfulness.
7) Surrender to the Universe.
8) Remember, Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.
That’s all.

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What about MatsuHanaIwaOi headcanons? There was some friendship, it's time for polyamory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lemme also casually slide u some nice nsfw fanfic featuring all those boys and also another fic where they are living together  ( ͡ ° ͜ʖ  ͡°) 

On the Edge of Your Universe 

Seeing Stars (nsfw! followup/prequel to on the edge of your universe

let’s say they all are in college or smth ye?

  •  they take turns in making dinner etc but honestly- Oikawa and Makki prefers Iwa-chan and Mattsun making the food bc those two can cook
  • also looks really good in aprons fcking thirsty
  • they don’t fit in one bed to sleep in obviously- even though they tried so now at least once or twice more days they make this mattress pit in the living room and sleep there together 
  • cuddles for days
  • iwa-chan is the mom friend still- upgraded mom boyfriend?
  • ???????????????
  • much have changed but still also not 
  • cuddles for days = cuddle mess but with lots of love
  • so like passing around forehead kisses and bro fists, gentle slap on the back butt is a thing
  • it’s honestly like a constant sleepover forever with lots of conversations to make sure everyone is happy and content
  • sometimes they ALL goes on a date- sometimes just two 
  • they have meme pictures in the picture frames on the wall 
  • makki and mattsun insisted 
  • they always have candy/sweets in the kitchen- unlimited pit of sugar. unbelievable 

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when you feel like it, you can always do a little something in that queer izzy universe of your fic (which was incredibly beautiful btw), maybe seeing alec being happy w/ magnus? bc seeing a happy queer couple is healing and wonderful

(the fic mentioned)

Ever since Alec’s failed wedding, even before then honestly, Izzy had noticed the way her brother changes around Magnus. He’s still himself, but it’s as if his armor falls away, he’s no longer only a soldier, only a Shadowhunter, only a Lightwood, he’s simply Alec, her brother who always holds her when she cries, who teases Jace about spending so much time on his hair, who takes Max out for ice cream whenever he can, who is finally letting himself fall in love.

At first, Izzy had thought the warmth in her chest whenever she saw her brother with Magnus was purely happiness for Alec, but as she watches them now, she thinks it may be more than that.

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1. When is your birthday? October 4th

2. What color are your eyes? Plain Brown.

3. Have you ever met (or just stood near) anyone famous? Apparently once i was behind a local celebrity on the pharmacy line. 

4. If you had to sing a duet, who would sing with and what song?  Smelly cat, with my cat 8D

5. What advice would you tell your 14-year-old self? Don’t Give up and work harder. 

6. What personal possession have you lost that you still miss? A long grey/black scarf i lost at the University. 

7. What’s your party trick? I can put my fingers on a 90° angle over the back of my hand. 

8. Favorite costume you ever got to wear? My old Witch hat. 

9. What’s your favorite board game? I love Monopoly, but you can’t play it on your own. 

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Fairy Tail chapter 528
Yes achnologia, you are supposedly the most power dragon slayer/ Dragon in Fiore (and the rest of the FairyTail universe) and you get your huge lizard butt trampled by a Pegasus Ship.

Huh, I guess moving transportation really is a dragon slayer’s biggest weakness.


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Okay gaster remember that rainbow flash its another timeline we forget to mention in the void you can see timelines the one you saw was mans who speaks in hands its a alertnate universe related to yours kinda the gaster in that universe got out by sans pulling him out of the void we dont know how he did it to be honest he did so now they are on the surface im not sure if you are aware you can see different timelines and universes

Uh Gaster in MWSIH only recently escaped from the void. I think you mean AFAC Gaster with Sans pulling him out from behind the couch.


-Mod Shade

put your head on my shoulder
as we watch the sky
falling down around us

hold my hand as we balance on this wire
as the ground cracks apart
swallowing itself whole

lay on my bed with your legs spread
as the world burns
red outside my window

keep me tight pressed against you
as they knock on my door
to pull me away

forever focus on me in your memories
as my bones turn to dust
blown away by the sea breeze

remember you saw the universe in my eyes
when your world is quiet
& you just want to hear my voice
one more time

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Okay I have a weird one for you. Which two of Katie's characters would be most compatible to date each other?

Oooohhh! Believe it or not, anon, this isn’t weird at all! I have been spending time on and off working on a prompt of what it would be like if all of Katie’s characters were in the same universe. You can bet your sweet bippy there will be #Katiecest in this analysis. So stay tuned for that darling. We be shipping Katie characters with other Katie characters. Katiecest everywhere!

At this point I can say that I would give a kidney to see some Fostenra. Kate Foster and Lucy Westenra anyone?? Wow… that is probably the best ship name I’ve EVER thought of! Copyright that.

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Whether or not they are most compatible will have to be further analyzed. But em… I would like to see this. For science.

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Pokemon I Choose You (Movie Version)

When watching the trailer for the new Pokemon Movie, I have a small theory that I created. If you fans remember, it was stated that the games that has Mega Evolution are in a separate universe than the older games. In short (Red/Blue, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl and Black/White) is the old universe and (XY, Omega/Alpha, Sun/Moon) is the new universe. I bet your asking, what does this have to do with the movie? Well, what if the anime implies the same logic as the game?

Maybe this Movie Ash is the same Ash in XY and Sun/Moon! If you look at XY, Ash was a lot more mature than the previous series, which kind of saying that the old universe was lighter and the new universe being more mature. Not saying that the old universe was bad or too childish. While Sun/Moon Ash is more excitable, he hadn’t gotten weaker like the other previous series (looking at you Black/White.) The reason I think this Movie Ash is the same as XY Ash because of this scene:

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Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman.