universe is a hologram


Theories about the Origins of Space and Time.

1. Gravity as Thermodynamics
Entropic gravity is a theory in modern physics that describes gravity as an entropic force - not a fundamental interaction mediated by a quantum field theory and a gauge particle, but a consequence of physical systems’ tendency to increase their entropy. 

2. Loop Quantum Gravity
According to Einstein, gravity is not a force – it is a property of space-time itself. Loop quantum gravity is an attempt to develop a quantum theory of gravity based directly on Einstein’s geometrical formulation. The main output of the theory is a physical picture of space where space is granular. More precisely, space can be viewed as an extremely fine fabric or network “woven” of finite loops. These networks of loops are called spin networks. The evolution of a spin network over time is called a spin foam. The predicted size of this structure is the Planck length, which is approximately 10−35 meters. According to the theory, there is no meaning to distance at scales smaller than the Planck scale. Therefore, LQG predicts that not just matter, but space itself, has an atomic structure.

3. Causal Sets
Its founding principles are that spacetime is fundamentally discrete and that spacetime events are related by a partial order. The theory postulates that the building blocks of space-time are simple mathematical points that are connected by links, with each link pointing from past to future. Such a link is a bare-bones representation of causality, meaning that an earlier point can affect a later one, but not vice versa. The resulting network is like a growing tree that gradually builds up into space-time.

4. Causal Dynamical Triangulations
The idea is to approximate the unknown fundamental constituents with tiny chunks of ordinary space-time caught up in a roiling sea of quantum fluctuations, and to follow how these chunks spontaneously glue themselves together into larger structures. The space-time building blocks were simple hyper-pyramids (four-dimensional counterparts to three-dimensional tetrahedrons) and the simulation’s gluing rules allowed them to combine freely. The result was a series of bizarre ‘universes’ that had far too many dimensions (or too few), and that folded back on themselves or broke into pieces.

5. Holography
In this model, the three-dimensional interior of the universe contains strings and black holes governed only by gravity, whereas its two-dimensional boundary contains elementary particles and fields that obey ordinary quantum laws without gravity. Hypothetical residents of the three-dimensional space would never see this boundary, because it would be infinitely far away. But that does not affect the mathematics: anything happening in the three-dimensional universe can be described equally well by equations in the two-dimensional boundary, and vice versa.


New evidence suggests we live in a Holographic Universe

A very exciting new study reveals evidence that we may in fact occupy a holographic universe. Theoretical and astrophysicists who were studying irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (CMB is just the thermal radiation left over from what we think was the Big Bang) have managed to find substantial amounts of data that were hidden in the microwaves.

The idea of a holographic universe first came to light in the 90s. The core concept is that all of the information in our universe is stored on a 2 dimensional plane and then projected to create our 3 dimensional universe plus time. Much like when you go to see a 3D film the images appear to have width, length and depth but all of the data is stored on a 2D screen.

So we know that a hologram is just a recording of a light field. If it’s true that the universe is a hologram then what is illuminating it? Where does the light from our universe go to be observed?

aaaaaaaaah Gravity Falls.
Damn, I loved that show. The weird feeling, the mysteries and all the characters were awesome. (and they put 2 to 3 references to David Bowie, so basically, they gained my total devotion).

I tried to do a mixte between Mike Mignola’s art style and Gravity Falls characters because I really think a crossover would have been possible, as the two series have this…weird strange atmosphere. I really like the Hellblazer look of insane-Ford too.

(and hey look, i put two pine trees)

and remember; reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram. 

(The Reverse crew~! this they’re chill time after a show)

Mabel ; And then! My little Marshmallow swooped down and saved me! You should have seen it dipper! OH-MI-Gosh~!!

Dipper ; … You were in a Haunted House Attraction right?

Mabel ; Well… YEAH!! but it still counts!! I mean Pazzy wouldn’t save people for nothing right!

Dipper ; … true

Mabel ;I KNOW RIGHT!! i just wish that WORM Gideon fucking PINES wouldn’t be in my way ALL THE FUCKING TIME!! I HATE HIM!! UGH!! TADDY!!

Tad ; Aye Mistress?


Tad ; Gideon pines be th’ single most disgustin’ creature in this entire hologram o’ a universe, ‘n he deserves t’ be eaten by th’ gutters o’ th’ earth fer how utterly ugly he be ‘n whoever said his family loves 'im be wrong.

Mabel ; Thank you taddy~i wuv you~

Tad ; Ye’re welcome Mistress, i love ye too

Mabel ; ANYWAYS! Dipdooop~

Dipper ; what is it this time sister dearest?

Mabel ; I need you to do me a faavoooor~

Dipper ; which is?

Mabel ; I need you to go on a double date with me and Pazzy

Dipper ; Would that make you happy?

Mabel ; very much so, Brother mine~ 

Dipper ; and who, exactly would my date be?

Mabel  ; …… gideon

Dipper ; You just want me to distract him while you’re on this date of yours don’t you?

Mabel ; … you know me too well bro-bro

Dipper ; -sigh- If it makes you happy sister. Fine

Will ; Master?

Dipper ; Yes William?

Will ; Is my service to you unsatisfactory?

Dipper ; It’s as competent as usual I suppose. Why?

Will ; Then why would you ever even have the slightest want for a romantic outing with such a disgusting, coccydynia , Corpulent , dirty, idiotic, Microphallus of a buncombe piece of pig sow -whose family tree would seem to be in a circle- rather than stay at home in the library with me, as you usually do, My master?

Dipper ; … William you do understand that it’s not a real date more like a-

Mabel ; oooh~ will-will is jeelllyyy~

Dipper ; You. are not. helping, AT ALL. anyways it’s not a real date william

Will ; Then does that mean i may follow you and the-

Dipper ; yes-yes you may, don’t even start with the insults will. I already have a slight headache

Will ; oh would you like some aspirin, My master?

Dipper ; That would be swell yes.

(I had too much fun making this)


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