universe conspiracy

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moonlight: sleep deprived af, genius ideas at 2:00 am, constantly underestimated, tangled earbuds, pretends like they don’t care but actually cares a lot, unscented candles

comet: will fight you for their friends, perfect eyeliner, doesn’t get angry but instead just fucking glares at you until you crumble, loves thunderstorms, cat person

stars: has no idea what they’re doing 167% of the time, artsy, likes halsey, string lights everywhere, loves fuzzy socks and blankets, probably wears space buns

alien: secretly is super good at makeup but doesn’t wear it often, lots of coffee, probably has a pet fish, reads young adult fantasy novels, closet conspiracy theorist, arms and papers always covered in doodles

black hole: 97% of their wardrobe is hoodies, professional procrastinator, can write, probably owns essential oils, eats ramen at 1:00 am, only writes in pen, actually really cool but doesn’t know it

spacedust: bath bombs, a+ insta feed, long flowy skirts and tops, city person, pretends to have their shit together, secretly loves kermit memes, probably dyed their hair at one point

So do ya’ll remember the old teen titans movie?

When they had to go to Tokyo and fight badguys made of ink and they had these colors

And all these years later, Cartoon Network’s new style is made up of the same colors

And almost always play teen titans go more than any other show they have

Im not saying it’s a conspiracy, but it seems like too much of a coincidence that CN’s colors are the same as the evil illustrator’s bad guys from Trouble in Tokyo, and all they play, every day, is teen Titans go.

So I’m sure that a fair number of people have seen the above post (sorry I don’t know who the op is but credit goes to them. I got his off of pinterest orz), and it got me thinking and overanalyzing, right? And so I keep asking “Where in the hell were the Gems getting the money to pay for the house before Greg became a millionaire?” And so then I start remembering stuff and so here’s my theory, and it gets more profound than just where the Gems are getting money. The Crystal Gems are the freaking Founding Mothers of America.

So for one, Rose Quartz has a giant penny in her armory. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it, as when I googled “Giant penny”, most of what came up were pannels of a Batman comic where one was used as…a restraining device? Decoration? I’m not sure? Anyways, that’s most all that came up adisdes form a massive work of art that was one giant penny made up of thousands of smaller pennies. My inital thought is, however, that it was bestowed upon Rose Quartz as an honor. (Unliss she just uses it to roll over enemies in battle, which is actually what came to mind the first time I saw the episode lol.) 

But far, far more importantly, we have seen Pearl on coins in the show. Legal tender type coins. 

Pretty famous image, if  I’m not mistaken. (I also could have sworn up and down that I saw a screenshot one time that had a coin in it that had Opal on it, but maybe it was fake. I can’t find it anymore.) 

Now people don’t ge tput on coins unless they heavily influenced American history. (granted I’m hella salty that Andrew Jackson is on our money and Marquis de Llafayette is not, but ya know, whatever.) On top of that, the visage of a gem takes the place of our Illuminati (or whatever it is) pyramid and eye on our own American Dollars in the world of Steven Universe.

Gems were clearly influential somehow. To America specifically, as they see fit to place them on the legal tender.

Now, back moreso onto how the Gems get money, in “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies”, Mayor Dewey freaks out at the word “cover” when talking to Raynaldo, shouting “Cover up? What cover up!? SECURITY!!” I thought this was just a gag at conspiracy humor at first, because it just added to Raynaldo’s whole conspiracy reality and it was funny. But thinking about it now, seems like it’s far from just a gag. 

(also sorry the subs are in Spanish, lol. They just happened to be the most convenient videos I found.)

So this bit’s just speculation for the most part, but like, what if the American Government is supplying the Crystal Gems with money because they basically owe it to them. I mean, the spent over two hundred years since the country was founded likely without asking for anything in return, then here they are suddenly needing to build a house and pay light and water bills and groceries and APPARENTLY give their new son a smartphone. And it’s no tlike they can exactly turn down the 6,000+ year old women and the 5,000+ year old girl who was born inside your borders that also happened to liberate your entire nation from its oppressive colonizers from far away. Sounds like something right up the Crystal Gem’s alley imo.

What if what Dewey was trying to cover  up was the fact that Beach City’s taxpayer dollars were going to housing a trio of jobless women raising a son that they can’t afford on their own because they don’t even need to eat and therefore don’t even need jobs?

Idk it’s a fun thought. And it explains a lot. If nothing else just spread the word that the Crystal Gems are the Founding Mothers of America ok because this calls for its own musical

give me one day.
give me one day, and i’ll tell you all the interesting conspiracy theories, like the phantom time theory, which states that the dark ages didn’t happen and the year is actually 1719. i’m not crazy, and i don’t believe in them, but i think they’re the most interesting thing.
give me one day, and i can fill your head with every theory we have about multiple universes, about the giant perpetual storm on jupiter, how volcanoes were essential to life, how the moon was created, and a step by step walk through of the seconds following the big bang.
give me one day, and i’ll drive you to the best ice cream shop in the cutest little area that barely counts as a town.
give me one day, and i’ll show you the quote i jumped the fence onto the turf at my old high school to write on the stands, the old oak i love and a map of the stars that i look up at all the nights i don’t sleep. and i know that i keep talking about space, but all i know about is the universe and i never learned how to make small talk.
now i know that theories and the universe aren’t everyone’s forte, and maybe you’re lactose intolerant, and maybe you hate quotes and find trees boring.
give me one day. and if at the end of it you don’t Love me, i’ll let you go.
—  just one

I think in another life, we 
were unkind to each other. 
That’s why we met again,
to try and fix things. But
things didn’t work out 
again, and I hope we are
given another chance in
another life.

Your skin is naturally purple
and green, and those weren’t
bruises, no, it was just your
paint chipping, it was just who
I thought you were washing away. 

We never knew each other, 
we only talked in words with
many definitions because we
were afraid of meaning one
thing, we were afraid of
committing to love, a word
everyone knew except for 

—  Three theories I have about past lovers.
  • exo: chill
  • me: okay
  • me internally: how can i chill when i have eight hot guys harmonizing in my headphones? how can i chill when i desperately want my twelve boys singing in my ears? how can i chill with all of these deep conspiracy theories regarding exo and the repackage? do parallel universes exist? is sm trying to tell us something? is exo just a parallel universe boy band that somehow fell into our universe which is why our universe and lives are getting screwed over by these perfect boys? what am i going to do? why is the repackage going to ruin my life? my life is starting soon and it's gonna end because of these flawless boys? how are they so flawless? why is this ruining my life? why can't i leave? why don't i wanna leave? why is exo literally my life but ruining my life? why are fanwars a thing? why can't we all just get along? i want my boys back so bad? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? is yixing gonna be in the repackage? help


Just hear me out:

I’m going to start with the password Yellow put in on the screen in the newest episode, Jungle Moon. She tapped in WHITE, YELLOW, BLUE, PINK, WHITE. She tapped White twice.

Steven and the Gems—the whole show, really—have avoided the topic of White Diamond. They’ve talked about her once. ONCE. Why? Why are they so bent on ignoring White? Because we don’t know about all her counterparts. *cough* Pink Diamond *cough cough*

Yellow and Blue haven’t talked about her either, I mean, WHERE IS SHE???

What I’m saying is that Yellow, Blue, and Pink fuse together to make White Diamond, the superior Diamond. And now since Pink is gone, she can’t be formed.

I’m not saying I’m right, but it would explain why Yellow and Blue haven’t even mentioned her once???? I mean,,,,why?