9 years old boy discusses the meaning of life and the universe. He’s very inspiring, you won’t regret listening to him.

Usually, little children know that adults don’t and forgot ages ago. This boy is highly one of indigo children (new type of human being born in this generation with an alien soul)

Try this...

When you’re feeling hurt, stuck, vulnerable, or otherwise not 100%, stop for a second and open up your arms. Hold them out to either side of you like you’re readying yourself for an embrace. In a way, you are. Do this right now if you need to, and keep reading.

Breathe deeply. One. Two. Three times.

Look (with your mind’s eye) at your heart. What does it look like? 

Keep breathing.

Clouded up with gray smoke? Spitting out white light? Do you see nothing? No movement of energy at all?

Take in another deep breath and now imagine that your open arms are inviting in light from the universe (whatever color you need. Gold, pink, blue, choose or let the color come naturally to you), into your heart, where it starts to fill you up. 

Feel this light smoothing over any cracks, dislodging any angry words, and making you whole.

This is the unconditional love that is always available to you. And I want you to have it. 

(This exercise is strongly inspired by a scene in the brilliant movie that is “Match”)

That’s the thing about long distance relationships…you make them work. Whether that means 2am phone calls,countless of texts, or a few days in another always find a way back to each other. Baby, I promise you that there will be a day where we will no longer have to share the night sky. We’ll be waking up in the same place at the same time and in that moment there will finally be peace within our universe.
—  AR 8.31.15 - I love you, don’t you forget that.