The 11:11 gate is open - Take the Leap!

“don’t be surprised if your dreams peak into your reality over the next 24 hours as if to say - Psst - We’re here to help and guide! You Can! Go.. Go.. GO!”

So Take a deep breath - Stay calm - and DIVE IN! -
Like a hidden level on the magical and mystical game of life
Its the illusive 4 yearly 366th day of the year!

As situations, meetings and events can change today from not only seeming possible.. But realistically achievable!

-Take advantage of the energy while the gates are open-

Today’s thoughts should be - Take action! - And take no prisoners!
Don’t second guess! Even if it’s just a step - in the direction of your desires, intentions, realizations or your dreams. This will anchor the intent into the psyche (conscious mind) and make it easier to manifest in you physical world and day to day life.

Alchemy, Synchronicity, chance meetings, strange phenomenon, twin flames or twin souls burn much brighter, highlighting love and friendships they are much easier to recognize (on 11:11), powerful ideas bubble up and unexpected coincidences occur - as if there’s something magical happening around us..
So don’t be surprised if your dreams peak into your reality over the next 24 hours as if to say - Psst - We’re here to help and guide! You Can! Go.. Go.. GO!

As we experience that magical day that only occurs once every four years, We also do it at a time where the veil is the thinnest between the ethereal (spiritual realm) and the physical world..
Others would say - A transitional alignment of the sub-conscious and the conscious..This is why alchemy is powerful today - We’re not always as aware of our subconscious feelings, thoughts and desires so when they do consciously align? - the relationship between our imagination and it’s creation is much greater - So don’t be afraid to believe in magic - your Dreams and your divine power to claim them as your own -

get your inner creator on today!

As signs around us reflect our underlying needs, thoughts, feelings and desires. It’s important to welcome in new people and situations. So try to remain open to everything happening around you as these events tend to trigger self-realization and understanding in both yourself, and in others all around you.
Stay positive - It always attracts your greater good - Especially if you feel challenged, puzzled, overwhelmed or even perplexed!
-Just remind yourself- We’re all in this together!

You may also notice music speaks to you on a personal level today, The media somehow magically reflects your innermost thoughts, you hear people talking aloud and it triggers thoughts of your own situations. As synchronous events trigger things like de ja vu.. Chance meetings.. Life lessons (old and new), Long forgotten memories and realizations bleed thru and come into view - It just means you’re reaping what you’ve sown for so long..

You may have moments that leave you feeling vulnerable at times. But don’t be fooled!
You’re far from vulnerable! It’s a powerful time - So stay humble -
And stand in your strength.. Your truth.. And have faith!

In friendship, romance and business, the 11:11  -  creates powerful Divine Manifestation.. Spiritually and physically..
As always, it is a good time for closing old doors..
And most excitingly - Walking through new ones!
Don’t you dare hold back! Jump in - Swim in the magic - And enjoy life!

Here’s why it’s an 11:11 - Numerology -
29th. -
2+9 = 11
and Feb 2016
2+2+0+1+6 = 11

- Chase 29-02-2016

Non-Duality “Oneness” vortex Logic in a dualistic world

Yes, I’m a believer in the philosophy of “oneness”
it’s an exoteric way to explain a complex esoteric philosophy

Define: Exoteric - intended for, or likely to be understood by the general public.
Define: Esoteric - intended for, or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Like any philosophy, there are higher vibration, reasonate truths in Vortex logic.
After much meditation on the subject, I felt It’s extremely important - to simplify and share some of the more complicated grey areas that challenged me.

They will tell you there is no right.. or wrong..
Only what you think - or believe - to be so and ask you what a thought means.
And there is much truth in this statement - yes, It is true..
right or wrong?? I don’t pretend to know..
But for me? I asked the light (ascended) So i could make sense of it -  

Here’s is where i’ve learnt, i beg to differ from the sailors of logic and reason
There IS Duality - within this world we live in (among a few other scientifically proven actualities that do vibrate into manifestation - or effect cause, or cause an effect in the physical - real - world we live in)
One of the universal constants is this:
There are opposites, or duality - As in - Above and below - Hot and cold - Right or wrong - Light or Dark - In or out - Left or Right - Up or down - Hot or Cold - Positive and Negative, The Masculine and the feminine.. the Yin And the Yang - All in all? It really just depends where you stand, and how far you tease out the truth back to source..
The actual “reality” in the physicical realm IS Duality..Not so much in the etherealm.. as here.. However…
It’s much easier if you think of it like this:
Your choices, actions and thoughts do dictate your self worth, self talk, personal opinions,views of others, thoughts and feeling within your own identity. 

It comes down to what we feel about ourselves, our actions, our choices and the things we engage in.
Righteous.. And Self-Righteous.. This will always be your test.. Nobody elses.
You are, and will always be your own judge, jury and executioner.
It does not matter - what other people think.. What matters, IS what you feel.
It’s known and proven - the way you feel - effects, and is felt by others. 

And these things are dictated, or recorded thru us by choice, or “free will”
If you want an excuse? Then oneness is perfect. It’s really quite simple.

We DO live in this physical world..
And there is Duality among two or three other things in THIS REALM.
Your actions do dictate your circumstance in any moment or thought.
It’s cause and effect. Yes, It’s temporary..
But it’s Karmic Lore here.. In this universe and higher dimensions, realms and spiritual/etherial planes.

Yes.. it is true that you can do anything you want, or choose to do in this realm and this is okay.. as long as you believe it be so..
But always remember..
You ARE spiritual beings, in this physical realm
What you do here, does also occur in higher consciousnes..
Even though we are - source/consciousness expressing itself -  
Your etherial body - or spiritual being - exists in a higher state of frequency.
So what we think and do -does- have implications upstairs, manifesting in the larger consciousness through the vortex as a whole - where what Source considers acceptable behavior, moral or ethical choices, reasoning or cause and effect does effect others - and it applies for everyone.
KARMIC lores cause an effect in these higher planes..
And manifest in what we call the “psyche” or consciousness of your awareness
Or memory, mind and soul..
In this world - we are all connected through source - but you have to live here. 
You can’t go to sleep and dream all the time, or live in the spirit, You Live in the real world so “You” are extremely important!
So unless - You know, and study in the ether;etherial;etherealm and you’ve learnt the cause of effect on the higher plane.. Then you MUST accept - that it manifests here in the physical plane..
You might think of it as “depression” or “anxiety” - Neither is true..
This is the karmic reaction - to an action - or an intention..
So choose your actions, and thoughts - WISELY - and carefully..
For form.. manifestation and perception is not about others..
It’s about YOUR conscience.. And what you think of yourself that matters.

Although thought, choice and action does not dictate your state of being for ever..
Feelings do.
You’ll always remember how you felt..
Never what you thought..

Telling the truth - Don’t believe everything, because it’s infused with frequency
Or you might find yourself - going down with the ship (so to speak)
Universal Source - Angels x