Sugar has confirmed that the gems we know as fusions have single-gem equivalents on Homeworld...

And you know what? 



Smoky Quartz - A homeworld version of Smoky would look nothing like the one we know. Steven looks like a human (duh), and Amethyst is defective. So a Homeworld version? The only thing in common would be the color, probably. A regular Rose Quartz and Amethyst would make a giant, beefy powerhouse… not the round, cute, (somewhat) short and fun-loving Smoky we know.

Opal - Again, Amethyst is defective. So, right off the bat, you loose a lot of the size and shape that a “normal” Amethyst has. Pearl? I sincerely doubt Pearls are even allowed to fuse on Homeworld.

Garnet - Two gems from different classes fusing together is a big homeworld NO-NO, so a Homeworld Garnet would, again, look nothing like the one we know.

So basically, no matter what fusion you take, they’re all incredibly unique compared to their Homeworld counterparts… because each Crystal Gem is incredibly unique compared to the rest of Homeworld.

Also, this means your OCs are canon until proven otherwise. lolz

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Can you name a few planets where it rains things? I was telling my little sister how it rains neon on Jupiter and she wants to know more.

Hello, we can find other types of rain not only on other planets, but also on moons and even brown dwarfs.

For example because of the high temperature some brown dwarfs can raining molten-iron.

and there is also rain of hydrocarbons (methane and liquid ethane) on Saturn’s moon Titan.

We can also mention diamond rain in Neptune, sulfuric acid rain on Venus and rain of glass on the exoplanet HD 189733b.

Below I will leave some links to that:

Images credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Western Ontario/Stony Brook University & David A. Hardy (AstroArt) 


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I’ll be doing a series of Universal Monsters pictures. The classic Universal horror library contains many of my favorite movies ever. I’ll post these guys in order of release, starting with the original 3 - The Phantom of the Opera played by Lon Chaney, Sr., Dracula played by Bela Lugosi, and Frankenstein’s monster played by Boris Karloff. More are on the way!


Now that I’m looking at the lyrics again, I’m wondering if it could actually be Pearl, not Lapis? Hear me out.

I guess I’ll have to face
That in this awful place
I shouldn’t show a trace of doubt

But pulled against the grain
I feel a little pain
That I would rather do without

I rather be free, free, free

I rather be free, free, free

Free, free, free… from here

What if it’s Pearl singing about being stuck as a servant on Homeworld? We are overdue for the big Pearl backstory episode…