this is tugtupite, my new gem bb

summary: Tugtupite has healing properties like a rose quartz, but unlike being limited to saliva or tears, he can heal with the simple touch of a hand and a few moments of focused meditation (the worse the damage, the longer the meditation process). Although unable to have too powerful of an effect to cause mental or emotional healing, the presence of a tugtupite almost has the effect of a minor aphrodisiac, causing comfort and a mild euphoria to anyone within range. They’re very enthusiastic and supportive gems and much like rose quartzes (or at least our rose) they value the love and kindness in the world and are drawn to it like a moth to a light. However during the gem war, many tugtupites were used as medical aid to fallen soldiers on earth. My tugtupite was one of the few to be abandoned during the homeworld retreat, but he did so willingly, choosing to stay behind and tend to those who could not flee on their own in an underground make shift gem hospital where they avoided corruption. (Also random fact, tugtupites have fluorescent speckles along their face and shoulders in darkness since tugtupite stones glow in UV light irl)

It’s nothing new that Connie struggles with her self-worth. This has been very evident since Lion 2: The Movie at least. She tends to compare herself to Steven, and that’s not an easy act to follow. Connie lives a fairly mundane, average life - Steven is off fighting magical corrupted monsters and evil space aliens. 

That doesn’t mean Connie’s of any lesser worth than Steven, though, or that Steven’s life is more valuable than her own. But as soon as she sees an opportunity to play a part in Steven’s “magical destiny,” she’s all about it - even if that means she may not be part of it for long.