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Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson | Alternate Universe, Enemies to Lovers, Camping | 30k

It’s one last adventure. One last chance to be young and carefree. One final weekend before they take up their internships, their corporate positions, before they enter the real world, fresh out of university. Niall’s his best mate. Liam’s been there for him since they were lost, little freshmen, trying to find their ways through an overwhelming first year. Harry can’t disappoint them, even if it means enduring four days with Louis.

Louis, who he does share a history with, a history he’s never told anyone about, not even Niall, a history he hasn’t brought up in three years because it’s stupid and embarrassing and confusing.

Or, the one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back.

I wanted to correct some things and explain everything

Aries is of course full of heart, Mars rules the blood and desire and passion, the Aries is lead by the instincts of heart, purely innocent and childlike, unashamedly devoted and loyal, the heart of a child 

And Venus is ruled by Taurus, the heart could only be overflowing, to full, because everything is pure, sensual love reflected back at Taurus

And Gemini is full of love because there are two in there, two people full of love, double the heart 

Compassion, motherly love, and devotion guides Cancer, they have romantic and sensitive hearts, they see soul and innocence in everybody, they want to repair everyone’s heart 

And Leo rules the heart, the Sun rules Leo, everything orbits the sun, which is the heart of the solar system, the Leo vibration is the pure, creative love of God

Virgo’s soul ruler is the moon, the motherly love that transcends all space and time, Virgo operates on behalf of others, devoting themselves to larger-than personal causes, their labour is that of pure love

Libra is of course, the pearl of Venus, the radiance of love, acceptance, kindness, and relationship. Libra is the channel of heavenly love, a romance with angels

There is nothing Scorpio approaches without heart, its so powerful and intense it consumes and devours anything tempting, love, passion, people, the heart’s desire expands infinity 

Sagittarius exhibits the heart of the universe, God’s secret lover, they fall in love with everything, they make love with sunrises and salt water and culture and music 

Capricorn exhibits the noble heart, devoted to larger-than personal causes, a motherly heart that is programmed to beat o behalf of others, brave and big, innocent 

Aquarius is the heart of humanity, the lover of the natural kingdom, mystical life, and the collective, there is so much love in Aquarius that it must be bottled, preserved and scattered across humanity 

Pisces is the vibration of pure love. Neptune is the spiritual sun so Neptune is the beat of the heart drum that echoes through the whole universe, Pisces finds true love, pure true love, with anything and everything, love surrounds Pisces when they truly cherish those soul eyes…

I’m going to be completely honest: I think the decision to turn Ivy and Harley against each other so abusively and violently in Injustice 2 is entirely intentional.

It’s backlash against all the progress they’ve made in a relationship, in not only the Injustice comics, but several other continuities as well.

It’s also DC exploiting Harley as a victim of domestic violence at Joker’s hands by using Ivy, her last option as a lover in-universe, to betray and mortally wound her in order to further victimize her and evoke sympathy.

This side of Ivy, directed at Harley, is uncharacteristic, especially in the New 52. There have been cases where Ivy was manipulative toward Harley, even abusive, but those are all isolated events in the preboot, and even then they weren’t part of Ivy’s canon.

The whole premise of Harley and Ivy’s dynamic is that they are at least good friends, at least sisterly, and the fact that they’re turned against each other NOW, when there are more advances into them being romantic, to EXPLICITLY have Ivy mention they’re involved in her in-game dialogue, is all to suit an agenda.

SU - Twin Topazes

I connect with Topaz on such a deep level. Not only because they’re my birthstone but because they’re relationship, to me, look like they are very close twin sisters and I’m a twin myself. Topaz can’t live without each other and I can’t live without my twin sister either. It’s amazing how powerful love is, no matter what form it comes in.

Note: I have no problem with people seeing them as identical lovers.


you belong to you.
nothing fits better
in between your fingers
than your own

fall deeply in love with yourself.
every inch of your body
is painted perfectly
to represent a masterpiece that is you

your body is a temple
built only for those
who’ll look at you
as if you are the whole universe

lovers may pass
and chances may knock
but the cells that compose you
aren’t ready to share you yet

different hands may grasp this skin
and various fingers may hold this heart
every meter of my flesh
will always belong deeply to me

you are yours,
i am mine
the key to our heart
is placed at our own hands.

I think in another life, we 
were unkind to each other. 
That’s why we met again,
to try and fix things. But
things didn’t work out 
again, and I hope we are
given another chance in
another life.

Your skin is naturally purple
and green, and those weren’t
bruises, no, it was just your
paint chipping, it was just who
I thought you were washing away. 

We never knew each other, 
we only talked in words with
many definitions because we
were afraid of meaning one
thing, we were afraid of
committing to love, a word
everyone knew except for 

—  Three theories I have about past lovers.
Weekly Reading List #14

Hey y'all… it’s time for my weekly reading list. Hope you enjoy these fics as much as I did. You can catch up on my previous reading lists here.

Quiet by @impala-dreamer **smut** (Dean x Reader)
~Dean feels a little insecure when Y/N is quiet in bed, but maybe with a little practice, they’ll both feel better…~
Warnings: NSFW, Dean loving. Dirty talking. More Dean loving. Lots of expletives. Poor Sammy.
Oh, Insecure!Dean was cute, I loved the dirty talk, but poor Sammy ;)

Originally posted by adoringjensen

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The element of Fire ::: Trinity of Spirit and Life

Mars/Aries/1st House: Raw & animalistic ego, active will, consciousness of the Self, immediate experience of life
Sun/Leo/5th House: Creative identity, vital force and desires of life, self-expression of the will (through creation), the sense of being
Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th House: Superconscious essence, universe’s lover and wisdom’s dream, learning & building inner philosophy and morals through the experience of life

Mars in Sagittarius - Bleeding the skyline dry

“because he had no place he could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars…”  - Jack Kerouac

A dazzling wildlife burns a spectacular halo through the Mars in Sagittarius spirit. Energy is directed through the thighs and circulated through the active and rambunctious mind. She quivers her bow and arrow toward the bursts of stars in the distance, her vision is tremendous and her dreams are far ranging and enterprising. She longs to step foot on mysterious lands, roams under the command of free will, and satiates her childlike curiosity with every scripture and lecture hall. The Mars in Sagittarius expression is wild, free, and unconstrained. Independence is a requisite and she requires rich and full personal experiences to quell her doubt and expand her consciousness.

Mars in Sagittarius people have an equal distribution of mental and somatic energy. The individual is energized by new experiences that cross cultures and dimensions of perception. To tantalize her taste buds with exotic cuisine, read the lines on maps, or become lost in conversation with a foreigner is a source of ecstatic nourishment. Sagittarius is a sign that expresses joy with ease, so maybe when energy levels are decreased it suggests the individual is feeling distressed or ill at ease. The vital force flowing through Mars in Sagittarius is dynamic and restless. A level of physical activity is imperative for the individual’s well being and remedying of nerves. Even if she feels exhausted, getting her feet outside to play on the grass and dance under the sun becomes her energy elixir. The good things in life can call with reckless abandon, and so maybe the individual is a glutton, indulging in her self satisfying devices, like drinking or gambling to excess. This can extend toward matters of the mind too, she could streak through books or obsess about topics until she burns herself out.

There is a philosophical, intellectual, and liberal quality with Mars in Sagittarius. She loves the sensory delight of every season - the icy winter snowglobe, the balmy sun tan of summer, the crinkled leaves of autumn, the fresh colours of spring. The universe is the individual’s lover and playmate. Her mind is enchanted with musings from the thoughts of god and vivid spiritual law. There is a radiant friendliness, but an unmissable bluntness, a silver tongue that is unapologetic in its honesty. She is a hot blooded lover who exerts a free sexual expression, one that is quite liberal and engaged with her untamed side. A tremendous desire for spiritual awareness fuels her journeys by land and sea as she searches for meaning, for something more, a world where her grand intuition and intellect fuse as one. The Mars battlefield is a playground with Mars in Sagittarius. It’s filled with airports, libraries, lagoons. Her dagger is her mind, her defense is her faith, she is not lost though she wanders through strange lands, barefoot and free, searching for meaning in everything.


We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (1/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

This is the first of a two shot that I finally decided to post after having it sit in my Google Docs since last summer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this first part!

Rated T | Word count: 8139 | Also on AO3 and FF.net

There’s an old quote that says something along the lines of “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That you don’t realize just how much you love someone until they’re no longer around.

When Emma would come across phrases like that a few years ago, she would typically roll her eyes and mutter some kind of sarcastic remark, all while trying not to dwell on the fact that there probably would never be someone for her to love like that.

But of course, that was before she met Killian. And everything changed.

They meet on a Thursday night, under unusual circumstances. Emma had moved into her new apartment that afternoon, a simple one bedroom in Boston that was more than enough space for her and the small amount of items in her possession. The whole day had been a disaster from the get go. First thing that morning, her previous landlord accused her of not paying the last month’s rent, and threatened to sue if he didn’t get it immediately. (The look on his face when he realize he was in the wrong was priceless. And he wondered why she was moving out of his crappy building.) Then, the movers she could barely afford to hire wound up taking her furniture to the wrong apartment complex on the other side of Boston. By the time the fiasco had been taken care of, it was nearly the end of the day. Saying she was exhausted was an understatement.

Emma stands in the middle of the living room, observing the chaos that was now her new home. She may have brought a small number of things with her, but most of said things were still in boxes, scattered around on the floor and waiting to be put away. She’d unpacked a box of clothes solely to dig out her favorite Batman pajamas, leaving the rest piled up in the corner of her bedroom. Just something else that could wait until tomorrow when she wasn’t both starving and sleep deprived.

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i thought we were both stars lost in space who happened to find each other somewhere along the milky way. but the truth is, only one of us was a star; you, my love, were the sun. and i was the moon – always admiring you from afar, changing myself to be better for you, desperately longing to be near you… you once illuminated my night sky but now i’m just hidden by the shadow of your eclipse as you bring light to someone new, and it suddenly makes sense why they call it the dark side of the moon. why the moon is so cold. i once believed that love could conquer all, but the sun and the moon were always destined to be on opposite ends of the universe.
—  star-crossed lovers
(cc, 2017)