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Walkers (Rick, Carl and Judith X Fem!Reader) *PLATONIC

Characters: Rick, Carl and Judith X Fem!Reader

Universe: The Walking Dead

Warnings: Shooting, spoilers

Request: Hi! Your stories are awesome! Could I request a story where reader is the one who took judith when the prison got walkered and she is trying to survive and take care of her maybe at some point feeling like it might be better to leave her but in the end gets reunited with Rick and Carl and has judith with her

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“Walkers! Walkers!” Was the worst thing you could hear in this situation. It was your turn watching Judith, and whoether called, was far away, meaning it was just you two. Your first instinct kicked in, as you walked over to the box, and gently but hastily picked up the baby, who had woken from the sound of yelling. You shushed her as best you could as the firing started, rushing out the cell.

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A friend rebloged a couple pics and I knew I have to draw Bismuth on that outfit cause she would look so huggable and I think I was right. Bet Steven was the one asking her to dress up to go to the amusement park.

[Looks like a dakimakura design btw.]