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HELLO yes I am here for the discourse: as the symbol of the Hallows is pretty much analogous to a swastika (a cultural symbol appropriated into a fascist cause) it disturbs me that so many fans wear it

holy shit i literally never thought about that. it’s completely true that, in universe, it became a symbol of oppression, and of oppressors who were proud to oppress - purebloods who hated muggles and muggleborns in this case. i never thought about that before!!

i’m not gonna jump on anybody for wearing it because i’m pretty sure that 99% of the time they’re just thinking “oh hey it’s that easy to draw/make symbol that’s associated with that book i love!” but yeah if you wore it in-universe people would rightfully give you some pretty dirty looks because you’d be a shithead

again i’m not gonna jump on anybody for it because it’s obviously not anywhere near like actually wearing a swastika (or even, i’d argue, like wearing a hydra symbol from Marvel comics) and because i think it has transcended its in-fic meaning and just become “the harry potter symbol” but yeah there are some pretty fucked up and tense in-fiction reasons not to wear it; the people who wore it in-universe were literally fascist terrorists. some food for thought, for sure!


The Tyet is an ancient Egyptian symbol of the goddess Isis; its exact origin is unknown. 

In many respects the tyet resembles an ankh, except that its arms curve down. Its meaning is also reminiscent of the ankh, as it is often translated to mean “welfare” or “life”.

It is mentioned in the 156th spell for the Book of the Dead:

”You possess your blood, Isis, you possess your power, Isis, you possess your magic, Isis. The amulet is a protection for this Great One, which will drive off anyone who would perform a criminal act against him.”

Interestingly enough, it has the same shape as the magnetosphere, which protects Earth against the relentless Solar wind.

So you’ve made a spell jar….now what?

I was recently asked what to do with a spell jar once it’s made. I thought my answer would be simple, but the more I wrote, the more I realized it wasn’t. So here’s a guide for those that need it showing what to do with different bottles depending on your intent.

Positive influence on yourself or in your life:
-Place somewhere you will see it very often, like a sunny window, bedside table, desk, or altar. Seeing it every day will help strengthen your intent and remind yourself why you made it.
-Place somewhere that you meditate. If you meditate regularly you can take a few moments during that time to hold the jar and focus on the spell, the result that you want, and how to help make that happen.
-Keep it on your person throughout the day. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. It will act as a conductor for the positivity that you want.

-Place on vanity or in bathroom. Placing it at the central point of your daily beauty routine will maximize the use of the spell bottle.
-Keep in makeup bag/kit. Keeping it in a container with all of your beauty supplies will infuse it’s intent with everything inside.
-Stash inside your dresser or closet with the clothes that correspond to your spell (date clothes, party/club clothes, formal wear, lingerie).
-Bury in a pot of flowers and keep by a mirror you use for your daily beauty routine. Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty and having something living channel your spell makes it much stronger.
-Keep it on your person throughout the day. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. Keeping the jar close to you will help influence the beauty spell/glamour longer and stronger.

Weight Loss/Gain and Exercise:
-Stash inside your gym bag/locker. It will serve as a boost right before you work out.
-Keep with your food. If you are using it to control eating habits, keep it in your pantry/fridge IN FRONT of all of your food. It will be a barrier between you and your food. You’ll have to get past the jar before you touch anything else.
-Keep it on you’re kitchen table. If you are using it to battle eating disorders and/or increase your eating habits, place it where you eat all of your meals.
-Take it with you while you move. If you like to ride your bike for exercise, use an unbreakable/break resistant bottle and tie it to your bike. If you like to walk/run with your kids in a running stroller, put it on the stroller where your child can’t reach it.
-Store it with your work out clothes. The spell will bleed over into the clothes so that you have it whenever you put them on.
-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. It will influence you as well as remind you of our goals all day.

Influence Relationships:
-Place in the heart of your home. If you are trying to influence your family or the relationships within, keep it where you’re family spends time together the most (kitchen, livingroom mantle, game room, dining room). If you can’t practice openly at home, use a container that is pretty and not see through, fill it completely so it doesn’t rattle, and glue it shut. That way, to everyone else, it will just be pretty decoration.
-Give it as a gift. Decorate the bottle and give it as a gift to the person whose relationship with you, you want to influence.
-Keep next to their photo. Keep it next to a photo of the person you wish to change your relationship with.
-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. The bottle will work it’s magic whenever you are around the specified person.

-Stash in the bedroom. Placing the jar on your nightstand, under your pillow, or under your bed will allow health spells to work while you sleep, especially if you are bedridden.
-Store with your medicine. If you have to take medication regularly, store it with your meds.
-Keep next to your drinking water. If you use drinking water that isn’t from a tap, store the jar where you store your water. The spell will bleed into your drinking water to influence your health.
-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. If it is on your person, it can influence your health all day, healing you or protecting you from an illness that is spreading.

-Stash in the bedroom. Placing it on your nightstand, under your pillow, or under your bed will keep it close while you sleep so it can influence your dreams.
-Store with your pajamas. Storing it with the clothes that you sleep in will infuse them with the spell’s energy (unless you sleep naked of course, but I don’t need to know about that). 

-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. It will act as a shield to keep away whatever you want.
-Bury it in your yard. If you are just trying to banish something/someone from your life or ward them away from your home and family, bury it in your yard. It will act as a shield.
-If you are trying to banish something/someone and send them far away from you, bury next to train tracks.
-If you are trying to banish thoughts or habits or trying to forget something, bury it in a cemetery. If you can’t bury it in a cemetery, bury it somewhere in the woods and forget it’s location.

If anyone wants to add something that I missed, please feel free!

I took a break from homework to cry over the fact the next Trials of Apollo book comes out next year. (ಥ﹏ಥ) Meg is a blessing I love my child so much. I’ll color and fix it up later I got work to do (눈_눈)

i hope all LGBTQ+ pals have a safe and happy pride month!! i was going to include all the pride flags but i figured i would use the rainbows as a universal symbol :>

robbie helped sportacus come up with an outfit for pride and robbie wears this suit every june and loves it.

Hello Tumblr~!
I just wanted to share with you this beautifull thing I have made by Fuki_ink 
It means world to me. Every single thing in this tattoo is important to me somehow. I dont have to say how much I love this piece of art!It’s gonna stay with me to the end of my days and I’m very happy about that. 

Steven Universe Theory: White Diamond Is The Enemy


As of January 6th, 2017, we have been officially introduced to three diamonds: Yellow, Blue and Pink. But what about White?

Personally, the most interesting theorizing for me has been originating from the Pyramid Temple, and here’s why.

First of all I want to point out something that no one has before: The Pyramid Temple is the first place we see the Diamond Authority symbol. That’s right. The new symbol. The symbol made after the shattering of Pink Diamond. The symbol that everyone believed made its debut in ‘Jail Break,’ was completely visible in season one, episode eight. Don’t believe me?

The symbol is first seen to the far left as the gems are entering the temple. It is surrounded by what looks to be a sun, and rays of light. Seem familiar? A certain light with a song of some sort? That’s right. The corruption song, revealed to us in both Lapis’ backstory and Centi’s drawings.

The second time the symbol is more clearly visible, after Steven has ‘touched the magical thing he is definitely always never supposed to’ and the gems land in the center of the temple.

(Do I have your attention yet?) What this means is that this temple was created after the war…at least, after the shattering of Pink Diamond, and the re-creation of the Diamond Authority symbol. What exactly is the purpose of this temple? I’ll get to that in another theory.

I will be referencing SliceofOtaku’s ‘Source of Corruption’ theory…so feel free to go check it out!

After the gems enter the temple, before Steven messes with the magical thing, we are introduced to another mural, one that has been used in many theories thus far.

The mural introduces us to four main beings, three being what is assumed to be diamonds, and the last, Rose Quartz. Just barely out of sight, we can see the sun and the moon on opposite ends of the mural, so we can assume that the mural is meant to be read, or translated in a counterclockwise manner. We are also introduced to an unbelievable amount of hands, and small black figures that we assume represent humans, or crystal gems. Again, we’ll get back to a lot more information on this mural in another theory. The main focus is the center mural, the one with Rose Quartz.

Many have speculated that this mural is depicting Rose Quartz fighting against a Diamond. Others have speculated that this is Lapis Lazuli because of the wave like structure beneath her, but that theory has essentially been proven wrong, and it is safe to say that this is in fact a Diamond. But which Diamond?

Many theorized that this was Yellow Diamond or Blue Diamond, because of the triangular symbol on her chest. Others have speculated that this is just a universal symbol of a Diamond, and it could be Pink Diamond, and that this mural was the depiction of the last battle between Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz. I think differently.

White Diamond is and has always been the top of the Diamonds. This is shown by her symbol constantly being at the top of the Diamond Authority symbol, and her mural on the Moon Base shows that she has the most colonized planets and moons by far. Some would argue that she is the ‘oldest’ of the Diamonds. Regardless, she is definitely at the top of her game, even though we have little proof to show it.

When Yellow Diamond was first introduced, fans were in awe. I myself thought that she was just an epiphany of beauty, authority, and everything that a personified diamond would be. She was Yellow Diamond.

When the world was introduced to Blue Diamond, we were given a different aspect of the Diamonds entirely. Diamonds had feelings. Diamonds could be distraught. Diamonds could be vulnerable. Diamonds were capable of the same earth-shattering, depressing emotions that we humans are.

Later on in “That Will Be All” we see that even Yellow Diamond is troubled by the loss of Pink. Even though the two Diamonds are handling the situation very differently, the two still feel the loss of a close figure, some might even say a sister or a lover. Yellow attempts to console her fellow Diamond and encourages her to get back up and be the leader that she needs to be. Yellow has obviously continued her responsibilities as a Diamond, but Blue just hasn’t. Instead, she’s focused on keeping Pink’s legacy alive, and it has made her a shell of what she used to be. Yellow is obviously trying to pull her fellow Diamond from this pit of despair, and return her to her authoritative figure. But where is White Diamond? Surely the head of the Diamond Authority wouldn’t want a fellow Diamond wallowing in despair forever. Wouldn’t she?

Even though Yellow is trying to encourage Blue to stop mourning over the loss of Pink, she’s still there. She’s still concerned about her fellow Diamond. She’s present, and accounting for all of Blue’s latest activity. White Diamond is essentially nonexistent, but she’s not shattered.

We can tell that White Diamond is not shattered/bubbled/missing because:
- She is still present in the Diamond Authority symbol.
- She is not mentioned as a bubbled or shattered gem.
- She is not being mourned over like Pink.
- There are no gems that we have seen bubbled that resemble a Diamond.

Of course, this is only a theory, and it is entirely possible that White Diamond is shattered/bubbled/missing, but I feel that it’s highly unlikely. I mean with that many colonies to run at once, (and certainly more since the war) I think anyone would qualify as ‘missing.’

So what does any of this have to do with White Diamond being the enemy? I’ll tell you. White Diamond shattered Pink Diamond.

That’s preposterous! Why? How? Where?

Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond! It’s fact!

No. It’s not. Just like media, it’s what they want you to believe. But who’s they? The higher-ups. The leaders. White Diamond.

Rose’s sword was made to destroy a gem’s body, never the gem. Rose would never shatter someone, as stated by Steven, and I think I stand by that. Of course everyone says that she had to do what she had to, and that it was true, but I just don’t buy it. I think Rose ‘poofed’ Pink Diamond, but nothing more.

Let’s go back to the mural.

Here we can see Rose battling a Diamond. But what is that in front of her? A diamond. A pink diamond. Could this be the actual Pink Diamond? Yes!

It has been made clear that White Diamond is the leader of the Diamond Authority. She wouldn’t care about a small rebellion. Not near enough to come to earth. So what would make her come to earth? Pink Diamond. The well-being of a fellow Diamond. As soon as Pink Diamond is ‘poofed’ or shattered, things get super real for the Diamonds. The rebellion isn’t a game anymore. One of their own is in danger, and that’s enough for White Diamond to put an end to it all.

Rose Quartz proved that this rebellion wasn’t something that could be handled with a snap of their fingers. The Beta Kindergarten was proof of that. As stated by Peridot, the Beta Kindergarten was Homeworld’s scrambled attempt to generate extra soldiers on the ground, mid-way through the rebellion. This wasn’t Homeworld’s attempt. This was Pink Diamond’s attempt. Jasper further reiterates this fact by her emotional speech about her purpose being to fight from the very beginning, because of what Rose Quartz did to her colony, her planet and her Diamond.

Rose Quartz has always been presented to us as a lovely, beautiful being. I personally can’t imagine her harming another gem, not to mention the being that created her. I think Rose Quartz ‘poofed’ Pink Diamond, holding her hostage, and was using her as a means of negotiating with Homeworld and the rest of the Diamond Authority. This is when White Diamond joins the war.

White Diamond finally travels to earth, and brings reinforcements with her. In a final attempt at ending the rebellion, and the gem colonization of earth, Rose Quartz negotiates with White Diamond alone.

It is common knowledge in the real world, that only diamonds can cut diamonds.

Depicted in one of the first murals ever given to us, White Diamond delivers a shattering blow meant for Rose Quartz, but instead strikes the bubbled and defenseless, Pink Diamond, and shatters her gem for good. Infuriated, distraught, and bent on revenge, White Diamond blames Rose Quartz for the death of her fellow Diamond, and who would deny it? The very leader of the Homeworld gems and the Great Diamond Authority.

At an unknown time period afterwards, Homeworld gems are called to retreat, and the three remaining Diamonds join together to create the corruption song. Sadly, many gems are unable to escape, left on earth as corrupted gems, mere shells of what they used to be. Thus, ending the rebellion and the colonization of earth. White Diamond returns to her duties as a Diamond, while Blue and Yellow mourn for their fellow Diamond.

Of course, gem activity does not come to an immediate halt after the rebellion, the Pyramid Temple and the Cluster being examples of that, but we’ll try to figure that out in another theory.

As for White Diamond’s involvement in future episodes of the show, I feel that she will be the last villain Steven and the Crystal Gems face. The show revolves around empathy, and I feel that both Blue and Yellow will be able to be won over by Steven’s compassionate nature, or at least they will think twice about what actually happened in the rebellion. Perhaps in some sort of argument within the council itself, White Diamond would angrily admit that she was the one that shattered Pink Diamond, or in a battle between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds, they discover Diamonds can’t be shattered by normal gems, and the Diamond’s whole worlds would be changed forever. Homeworld gems would be changed forever. All because of the one Diamond above them all.

White Diamond.

I hope you guys enjoyed my theory on White Diamond and I’ll be working on other theories soon!


A cursory glance across 17th and 18th Century German esoteric tracts reveals a great fondness for impenetrable diagrams, symbols and to be honest, some quite bonkers looking cosmology. Influenced by the works of their own Heinrich Khunrath and mystic apprentice shoemaker Jakob Böhme ( Jacob Boehme or any other number of versions; his name has as many different spellings as cabala, kabbalah, qab… oh you get the picture) and our own dear Dee and Fludd, pages and pages of imposing and intricate plates attempted to explain the universe in a hermetic, spiritual, Rosicrucian and alchemical manner. Some good examples are diagrams in Von Rosenroth’s Kabbala Denudata (1677-84), the mindbending cosmic geometry of Welling’s Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum (1735 – from which my header image is taken) and the subject of today’s piece the marvellous Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer aus dem 16ten und 17ten Jahrhundert (1785-88.) Before anyone gets too excited (have a seat and a glass of water madam) it is not the first edition we will be looking at but the first (partial) English translation: Cosmology and Universal Science…Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians by Franz Hartmann Boston: Occult Publishing Company, 1888:

so i just rewatched gotg vol 1 with autistic + adhd peter in mind and here’s my thoughts: (this is an ironically long post for someone with adhd making an adhd headcanon but i did super simplified bullets so hopefully it isn’t too hard to read)

  • no one ever thinks he’s listening because he doesn’t look like it. he doesn’t make eye contact and he’s always listening to music.
  • music is stimmy and comforting.
  • he’s touch averse so he hesitates taking his mom’s hand when she asks him to and regrets it for the rest of his life to the point that he can hear her voice when gamora’s telling him to take her hand.
  • he has meltdown after his mom dies
    • which is reasonable for anyone in that situation but him going from generally silent/really quiet to screaming out in raw anguish and having to be carried away from the room suggests meltdown to me.
  • he runs outside because it’s too loud and too much is happening and that’s when he gets picked up by yondu.
  • his helmet blocks out light and sound and he wears it whenever he’s overstimulated.
  • dancing/singing is totally a stim for him (which i feel hardcore, i dance and sing all the time even when it’s not Appropriate). 
    • also he literally spins around and around during come and get yr love.
  • “I don’t learn. one of my issues.” 
    • such an adhd thing. I’ve not learned from a single gotdam one of my mistakes.
  • music is a big comfort thing, so is his walkman.
  • “hooked on a feeling, blue swede, 1973, that’s MY SONG” 
    • maybe he repeats the titles and bands of songs as as stim?? that’s definitely part of his SI in music though, memorizing info about the songs he likes
  • he’s panicking in prison bc sensory overload, too loud too many people touching him, 
    • when he’s getting dressed he looks like he’s in pain maybe bc the clothes feel bad and wrong.
  • “the guards will protect her, right?” 
    • could be black and white idea of morality?? that’s the Right thing to do so why wouldn’t they do that??
  • helping gamora bc hyperempathy.
  • he’s bad at small talk and can’t tell when he’s over sharing 
    • “oh. you don’t care”
  • doesn’t get that slicing throat isn’t a universal symbol, then explains the symbol and that it’s a metaphor in earnest probs bc he’s had trouble with them in the past.
  • “how are we gonna sell it when we and it are still here??” 
    • bad at planning ahead and impulsive. doesn’t think things through.
  • “I was just kidding about the leg” “what?!” 
    • didn’t realize it was a joke until after
  • panicking when his Walkman is gone, “wait wait wait” is maybe palilalia
    • he doesn’t even have time to explain, he just rushes off to get it because it’s Important. also he attacks anyone in the way of his comfort object.
  • tossing the orb as a stim. (throwing and catching stuff is good as long as you don’t drop it.)
  • echoing from pop culture (footloose metaphor).
  • “right right okay you’re right” is palilalia.
  • again with the hyperempathy, saves gamora even though he barely know her.
  • “I have a plan… I have part of a plan!….. 12% of a plan.” 
    • totally adhd impulsivity.
  • “it’s a fake laugh!” could be read as he’s learned to identify emotions and he definitely knows that rocket is faking the laugh.
  • “we’re all losers. I mean. people who have lost stuff” 
    • he’s really bad with words and trying to convey his emotions.

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Also (this is pearls-changing-owners anon) thoughts on the fact that the Diamonds seem to only have one Pearl each? Pearls are treated as a status symbol, but a lot of status symbols can be cumulative (for instance, a hypothetical rich prat might take pride in owning ten entire lamborghinis, which makes him feel superior to people who only have one) and this seems like it's just a yes-or-no thing. Otherwise, you'd think the Diamonds of all gems would have more.

That’s a very good point to bring up! It’s something that I’ve talked about before on the blog. 

The point of Pearls, as much as they are a status symbol, is still to take part in service. And having more and more Pearls means that some of them are going to be rendered obsolete. Because Pearls open doors, scout ahead, perform, take calls, these are things that can reasonably be accomplished by one gem taking the role of secretary or Personal Assistant.

And I think that’s because it’s just plain wasteful to have gems do nothing. It was the entire point Yellow Diamond brought up in “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?” and it’s a central tenet of Homeworld’s value system.

Another good point you make is how some status symbols can be cumulative. But it’s not something that’s seen on Homeworld. The Diamonds have one ship, one palanquin, one Pearl. Their status lies in their huge size, their age, and their rumoured power (I mean, we’ve never actually seen them do anything).

These symbols move from the material to the more formal. They’re things that quite literally can’t be earned by anyone else. The social structure is set such that the Diamonds inherently are powerful. They’re powerful because they’re the Diamonds.

Something in the past proved to gems that the Diamonds were as Peridot puts it, “objectively superior.” But more and more we’re seeing that cast into doubt, because the Diamonds err; they make mistakes and get emotional. If they were truly objectively better, it’s something we haven’t seen yet, but following Homeworld’s value system, they must have done something of use.