universal republic nashville

Less fandom "drama" and more just something I want to talk about to someone.

Yesterday, Cassadee Pope announced that she’s signed with Universal Republic Nashville. Most people are cool with it, but there’s a chunk of us (yes, me included) that is a little disappointed, and that’s pissing people off. Allow me to explain.

It seems like Cassadee went with a label that she legitimately wants to go with. She took a turn for country and seems to love it so going with this “branch” was definitely an awesome choice for her. I wish her the very best and hope she has an AMAZING career (and kicks TayTay down a notch because I’m really sick of her dominating everything, but at least her songs are starting to be good again after the brief stint where I developed a complete inability to tell the difference because each song sounded nearly exactly the same).

That said, I’m probably not going to be giving her any of my money.

Here’s why:

If you look around the Republic Nashville website, their artists are mainly country or artists that have moved in that direction (makes sense since, you know, NASHVILLE). They’re also responsible for some REALLY big names (Taylor Swift, The Band Perry, Brantley Gilbert, Rascal Flatts, Eli Young Band, Justin More, Martin McBride, Reba, Tim McGraw, Jewel). But it’s still country, and some people don’t LIKE country music. The sound, the vibe: some of us just aren’t very into it. And that’s okay. People have preferences and while some can’t stand punk there’s another group that can’t stand whatever it is that Kesha does and another that is ambivalent toward country and/or the country/pop hybrid that’s taken over the genre. Yeah, even Taylor Swift.

This is coming from someone who didn’t know much other than country, southern rock, and classic rock EXISTED until leaving home for college. I STILL listen to country music every morning (because we have a radio is the bathroom, and I’m too lazy to find a different station at 6 am when I didn’t go to bed until 2), and out of every 10 songs, I generally like maybe 4. Maybe. On a really good radio day. I still love Dierks Bentley with a passion that is only rivaled by my addiction to fun. I’ve seen Dierks and Tim McGraw in concert more than anyone else. I sat through the lamest rodeo in HISTORY to see Billy Currington then I charmed his keyboardist out of a setlist for Billy to sign. I have a long and sorted history with country music.

I’ve mostly outgrown it, though, and don’t like it all that much anymore. Not compared to other genres. So, while I hope Cassadee becomes the next big thing, and Taylor starts making annoyed faces at awards shows as Cassadee makes acceptance speeches…

… I’m not spending money on music I don’t like.

As part of the fanbase that checked out The Voice to see how Cassadee would do because we already followed her on Twitter and Facebook thanks to Hey Monday, I’m a little disappointed. I’m not allowed to dictate what she does as an artist just because I’m “old school.” She needs to do what she wants to do because that’s when she’s at her best. But I AM allowed to be disappointed.

I got some hate for saying something like “She’s fantastic, but if she puts out a country record then I’m done.” By that I simply meant I’m not going to be shelling out cash. I’ll check the songs out on Youtube or the previews on iTunes and buy the ones I like (if any), like with anything else. I won’t be buying whole albums for the sake of it if they are full of musical arrangements and instruments that I’m not fond of when I could be spending money on artists like The Lumineers, fun., and A Rocket to the Moon.

I’ll fully support her success and hope she makes it, but I’m not supporting her (or anyone) with money for shows or music if I don’t like it. That’s that. That’s why we’re allowed to be disappointed. We want her to do well and wanted to be around to be a part of that. I mean, would you spend money on Lady Gaga just because you like her message and love everything about her even if “Bad Romance” makes you want to gouge out your eardrums with a fork?

We’ll see what happens when she puts out new music, but I’m probably not far off on how this is going to go (for me, at least). Best of luck to Cassadee; she deserves it. I’m probably just not going to be there with my credit card, iTunes playlists, and trips to out of town venues to see it.