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Underrated boy band CROSS GENE is back stronger than ever in “Black or White” MV!

Are you loving this possibly one of the best songs of the year?

“For the past 21 years I’ve come here to ‘Daehangno’, to perform on the street. It was a bit of a dark time 21 years ago. I came here to perform just on the weekends, but at that time there were a lot of student protests or company strikes happening. So, I thought, ‘I will play my music and put everyone’s mind at ease” and started to do just that. So on one side were the riot police and on the other side were the people protesting, and there I stood in middle performing comedy skits and playing music.”

“전 21년 간 여기 대학로에서 길거리 공연을 해 왔어요. 21년 전은 좀 암울했던 시절이죠. 저는 주말에만 대학로에서 공연해왔는데 그 땐 여기서 대학생들의 시위나 회사 파업 시위가 많이 벌어졌어요. 그래서 ‘나는 노래를 해서 저 사람들 마음을 풀어주자.’라는 생각을 하게 됐고 실천에 옮겼죠. 그래서 한 쪽엔 시위를 진압하는 전투 경찰들이 있고 다른 한 쪽에서는 시위꾼들이 있는데, 그 중간에 제가 서서 개그를 하고 노래를 하고 있었죠.”


KDay 55 

  • Thanks to one of my friends I met at ASC I was able to go to Sukira Kiss the Radio tonight! My friend applied and was able to bring a friend and she chose me :))))))) Of course I decided to go since Eric Nam and Moon from Royal Pirates werr the guests ;) 
  • It was a lot of fun! Especially since Eric and Moon both remembered me from ASC. When Eric came in and saw me he said “Heeeeeeeey! Georgia buddy!” I was kinda surprised that he remembered since he meets so many people now but he was like “I can’t forget my fellow East Coast friends” and we had a good conversation at ASC last time. But I was even more surprised when Moon remembered me from ASC. He said “Weren’t you at the Chuseok Special for ASC?” I was like O.O I was so surprised since Royal Pirates didn’t stick around for very long after ASC since they had another schedule that day. It was really awesome that he remembered me too. :) 
  • One of the best parts was definitely when Ryeowook(the host) from Super Junior kept checking up on me thought out the show. When I first came in he looked at my name and said “Ahhhhh 캐롤린 (Carolyn). 좋아. ” I was like OOOO.OOOO Thank you. I also told him in Korean that I was from America because he was curious but couldn’t ask lol Because of that he kept turning around and saying “Are you okay?” “Is it okay?” Since the whole show is in Korean. I told him that I was fine and thanked him for asking. He said that if it gets uncomfortable Eric and Moon speak English so we should be fine lol Since in between being on air everyone would talk. It was a small gesture but I really appreciated it since even though I wasn’t in his sight at all he took the time to actually care about how I was doing. He’s not my bias in Super Junior but he is a total sweetheart. 
  • It was definitely a blast and the show was really funny. I was in no way expecting opportunities like this to come up when I came to Korea. I wanted to go to a few concerts but never in my life did I think I would meet any idols in person once, let alone twice. Just, wow. I haven’t been to a concert yet but I think this will do for now lol