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Enlighten Me, Babygirl (Jason McCann)

Alone. Always. She cried sometimes because of how lonely she suddenly was without Jason by her side.

She couldn’t help but hate him just a little bit, although she knew her heart was filled with so much more love for him than anything else. But he said he’d always be there for her, he said everything was going to be okay, and now, he wasn’t and it didn’t feel as though it was ever going to be okay again.

She stifled a sob as she gripped the steering wheel in her hands, she could feel a layer of sweat forming in between. Despite that, her body was cold and it had been ever since he’d been taken away.

She missed the feeling of Jason’s hugs. No matter how hard his day had been, he would always come home and engulf her in such a warm embrace that made her sleepy. All she could do now was wrap her own arms around her body and pretend it was him. It was never the same, however.

With so much dread in her body, she slowly drove into the parking lot of the building she’d come to know so well over the past few months. The second she’d laid eyes on it she knew Jason was too beautiful of a person to be somewhere so vile. It made her heart clench tightly in her ribcage.

She loved seeing Jason, just to reassure herself that he was still alive and living somewhere, but seeing him in such a place was what she disliked. She didn’t think her Jason was careless enough to get caught.

She climbed out of her car and saw a few other people walking inside, none of them looked particularly pleased to be there and she completely understood their reasoning. She followed them inside and hugged the hoodie she was wearing, it just so happened to be Jason’s.

There was a small queue forming in front of the window where a stern looking man stood. It was the same man that was there everytime she came, and he never failed to frighten her just a little. She waited patiently for the line to go down and when it did, she found herself face to face with the man. He didn’t speak as he simply stared at her.

“Uh, I’m- I’m here to see Jason McCann,” she muttered, already feeling a lump in her threat.

“Ah, McCann, of course. He got into quite the brawl this morning,” the man smirked evilly and it irked [Y/N]. “I’m not sure if he’s qualified for visitation today.”

To this, her heart sank. She felt a certain need to see Jason’s face, even if it was behind glass. She silently prayed that God would be on her side.

He checked through a bunch of papers that laid out on the counter in front of him before speaking through the small radio attached to his shoulder.

“Is McCann liable for visitation today?” he spoke into it and a rustling sound followed before cutting off. He waited and strummed his fingers on the counter. She shuffled impatiently, feeling her hands shaking.

“Following the incident this morning, we’ve given him multiple shots but allowed him visitation,” a voice came through and caused [Y/N]’s heart to swell.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day, you can go wait over there and you’ll be called in when all the inmates are being led out,” he said and moved his attention back to the sheets in front of him.

She nodded in response before turning away. She only just realised her palms were sweating heavily, she wiped them on her jeans as she walked towards an empty seat in the corner next to an old woman who sat alone.

[Y/N] sighed when she sat down, hating the usual routine of feeling the anticipation of getting to see him, and then not being able to hold back her tears as he’s taken away from her.

“Who are you here to see?” she heard a shaky voice and turned to see it was woman next to her, as she’d guessed.

She hesitated. “Uh, my boyfriend. You?”

“Ah, of course. Too in love to leave him?” she said, sending [Y/N] a knowing smile. “My son’s in here,” she said with a quiet tone. “What’d he do?”

She couldn’t bring herself to say it; it sounded awful. Of course, she’d known for a while what Jason was involved in but she knew people would never understood why she stayed.

“It’s alright, sweetheart. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. It just happens to be that your boyfriend and my son got caught.”

She understood why the woman would say that, bur she also knew that Jason didn’t regret any of the people he’d killed; in his eyes and in the business he’s in, it was crucial that they were killed. [Y/N] didn’t necessarily agree, but she supported Jason in whatever reason had to do.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said, simply to try and end the conversation. She wanted to just sit in silence and wait, as she usually did.

The door opened, it was the same door she’d been in and out of every other week for the last two months. She was sick of the sight of it.

“You guys can come through now,” said one of the guards. It was evident she didn’t bother to look at their name tags. He had a huge beard with a rather small body. [Y/N] didn’t stand up just yet; she wasn’t sure if she was able.

Her heart began to pound in her chest as she was only moments from seeing the love of her life chained up once again. She’d missed his face, and how his body shot up when he saw her.

She watched as everyone else piled inside before she got to her feet and wrapped the sleeves of the hoodie around her hands to stop them from shaking so much. She walked towards the guard before entering the room.

Unsure, she subtly searched each section of glass for a familiar face. Every face she looked at along the row was completely different, but her eyes took a second glance at one of them. Jason.

He sat looking down at the handcuffs that decorated his wrists while wearing bright orange, [Y/N] felt her eyes watering as her heart pained in her chest. She slowly walked closer and that was when he looked up. His eyes seemed to light up and he stood up abruptly. She noticed the officers guarding the room jump to attention suddenly.

She couldn’t hear him, but she watched his lips make out her name. She sat down on the cold chair that sent chills through her butt. It was clear they didn’t want anyone to be comfortable in the slightest.

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the phone that rested against the wooden side and placed it towards her ear. Jason mirrored her actions.

“Baby,” he breathed. She felt hotness seep into her body at the sound of his voice. It filled her up, making everything seem okay for just a little while.

“Jason,” she said so quietly she wasn’t sure if he’d hear her.

“I didn’t think you were coming, I thought you’d given up-”

“Never,” she said quickly, although she had thought of not showing up that day. She was too scared she was going to crack if she saw him in such a way one more time.

She could hear him breathing through the phone as he watched her, he looked sad.

“I miss you so much, babygirl,” he muttered, his eyes never leaving hers.

“I miss you, too,” she replied. “Jason, I-” she had to stop herself as she felt the lump in her throat return. “I’m so lonely,” she whispered, finally letting a tear roll down her cheek. “I know that’s selfish of me because it’s so much worse for you, but I don’t want to wake up knowing you’re not there,” she cried.

“Baby, baby, please don’t cry; it hurts me,” he whispered. “I’ll get beaten up if one of these fucks catches me crying,” he chuckled.

“That’s not funny,” she said but chuckled through her tears. “How are you? Are you okay?”

As though it’d mean she could feel his touch, she pressed the palm of her hand against the glass. He did the same and watched their hands almost meet.

“I’m surviving, but without you it feels like I’m just existing, you know?” he muttered. She couldn’t help but notice the bags under his eyes.

She nodded in response. “I miss feeling you.”

He chewed his bottom lip with his teeth as his eyes shifted between their hands against the glass and her face.

“I miss how you smell, and how it feels to kiss your neck. I miss making you laugh and wasting days doing nothing but being with each other in bed,” he spoke not as though he was talking to her, but as though he was reminding himself of what they had. “I miss how your clit feels underneath my fingers, I miss how you feel around my cock, I miss bending you over-”

“Jason, don’t people listen into these conversations?” she asked, feeling a hot flush run over her. She didn’t like the idea of someone sat listening carefully to what she was saying, then again, she didn’t fancy the idea of her boyfriend being in prison, either.

“I don’t know, most likely,” he shrugged. “But fuck ‘em, I miss you. I shouldn’t have to hold back anything, especially since I only get to see you every other week for ten minutes.”

It pained her chest, but she knew he couldn’t really blame anyone for him being there. She didn’t say anything, however. It was quiet between the two, she could hear other people’s conversations around her.

“Tell me about what you’ve been up to,” he said, and she had to think. What had she been up to? Crying. She knew she couldn’t tell him that.

“Uh, my parents came down last week,” she fumbled with the wire that attached the phone. “They said it’s a shame to see you end up here,” she bit the inside of her cheek.

Jason chucked, which surprised [Y/N]. “They’re probably glad to see the back of me. I saw the way they looked at me whenever I came over-”

“Jason, they like you-”

“No, [Y/N], they don’t,” he hissed and she thought she could feel his breath on her face for a split second, but realised she was simply imagining it.

She thought of all those times she could smell his breath full of alcohol when he came home drunk and full of lust for her. She’d take that in a heartbeat if it meant she could touch him.

“Even when I did dumb, sappy shit like bring you flowers and take you out on dates, they still looked at me like I didn’t deserve you. This just proves that I don’t, doesn’t it? I can’t protect you from in here, I can’t make you feel loved, I can’t show you how much I am so deeply and utterly in love with you and it pains me.” His voice cracked.

A tear left her eye then, and it tickled her skin just like his breath would have. She just wanted to touch his hand and comfort him, she felt so restricted and it felt like the air she breathed was being taken from her. She couldn’t imagine how it felt to be on the other side of the glass.

“I don’t care about anyone or anything else, Jason. All I care about is you,” she whispered, letting her eyes rest on his for a minute longer than was normal. They looked tired, he looked tired. “Are you sleeping?”

“I can’t, not yet, anyway.” He rubbed his eye with his left hand and had to take his right arm with him due to the handcuffs. “This place is so depressing. I miss feeling you kissing me in the morning and laughing when I shove my hand in your face.”

She couldn’t help but smile, probably with a sad effect. “You never did like waking up early.” A laugh managed to build and puff into the air.

“Its not natural to be up at such hours,” he rolled his eyes and everything felt normal for a while, like they were just going through a normal day.

“I suppose in here you’re up even earlier,” she said and that was what made her illusion crash and burn. He nodded and glanced down. Her eyes didn’t leave him.

“Are you going to move on?” he asked out of the blue.


“Let’s be real, [Y/N], I’m going to be in here for a while, you didn’t sign up for this. You deserve better,” he said angrily.

It wasn’t the Jason she knew. Her Jason was always certain she belonged to him, and always assured her that he could give her what she wanted. She didn’t like the way he spoke when he was within the prison walls.

“But I want you. I don’t care how long I have to wait, I can’t love anyone else, Jason,” she took a deep breath and forced herself not to let anymore tears escape.

“I get if you eventually leave, but I’ll always be here,” he said, sending her a look she was so familiar with, it caused her to feel somewhat comforted.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.”

It felt final. As though that was it. But she wasn’t ready to leave, hence why she didn’t move. She needed to sit and stare at him for as long as she was able to, until they took him away.

“You’re wearing my hoodie,” he said, she wondered if he’d only just noticed. “God, you look so good,” he whispered, his eyes no longer on her face.

“How do people get off in prison?” she asked only seconds after the question entered her mind. He seemed only slightly shocked.

“I wouldn’t know,” he muttered. “This is even worse than when we had that dry spell for, like, a month. I came so hard when we finally fucked, that’s all I want right now. I’m craving it.”

He let his eyes burn into her body with such a hungry demeanour. She shifted in her seat, once more, very aware that someone was probably listening. “Can you not just.. get off at night or something?”

“I could, I probably will eventually, but right now I’m still cautious of how many men I’m surrounded by, and we don’t get tissues in our cells, and I’ve got such blue balls it won’t be a light shower,” he said with a serious expression written across his face, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” her chuckle faded away and she was left with a small smile on her lips. Jason watched them and licked his own.

“What about you? You’ve got a much better advantage than I. Enlighten me, babygirl,” he smirked, and it was a smirk she hadn’t seen in so long, she’d missed it, oddly enough.

“I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest,” she lied. Of course she had.

“C'mon, [Y/N], two months without an orgasm? You couldn’t last two weeks,” he chuckled and it sent redness to her cheeks.

“Okay, well maybe I have, doesn’t mean I’m going to sit here and give you detailed descriptions,” she rolled her eyes but smiled lightly.

He groaned. “You’re killing me. Why not? I think you’re forgetting I don’t have access to porn or any of the pictures you’ve sent me, give me something, shit,” he rasped.

Her heart was beating fast and her stomach was doing flips. She’d missed talking with Jason in such a way, and she knew she had plenty of more time to dwell on it.

“I use the toys we used to use during sex,” she mumbled into the phone and watched as his jaw clenched.

“Really? Which ones?” he asked curiously, leaning closer towards the glass. She didn’t fancy saying them through the phone so she stayed quiet. Jason must have sensed her hesitation. “The dildo?” She nodded and he moaned. “Fuck, I miss how tight you are.”

“Jason, stop,” she whispered; she wasn’t sure she could handle another moment of his words being so sexual.

“One minute left.”

The voice of one of the guards seemed to awake a sudden frenzy through each pair of people along the row; all wanting to get their words in quick enough. Jason and [Y/N] weren’t any different.

“I hate this part,” he said. “It’s not enough, baby, I need you-”

“Jason, you can do it. Stay strong, for me. I know you’re probably in here acting like it’s not phasing you but I can see it is. Please don’t change, and please promise me you won’t get in anymore fights, your face is too pretty,” she smiled sadly at him.

“I love you so much, princess. Promise me you’ll be here in two weeks, I couldn’t bare it if I didn’t get to see you,” his eyebrows furrowed deeply, he didn’t suit looking so worried.

She assumed he knew he couldn’t afford to hold back his feelings towards her while he was being refused access to seeing her all the time like he used to.

“I promise I’ll be here next time,” she pressed her hand against the glass and he did the same, their expressions filled with dread and longing were probably identical.

He watched her closely, his eyes darted around her face before moving down her body. His lips shined when he ran his tongue across them again.

“I’m gonna cum so hard tonight,” he muttered and her heart jumped.

“Be sure to let me know how it goes,” she said jokingly, but she knew there was a high chance she’d be hearing about it in two weeks.

“Time’s up!”

Her heart sank in her chest.

“I love you,” he said quickly. “You’re so beautiful and perfect and I adore you so much. I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you, too. So much.” She didn’t have time to say anything else as she was being asked to leave while she watched a guard come from behind Jason and take a hold of his shoulders. He stared at her with regret in his eyes as he was being taken away from her.

She watched her boyfriend, the one the world saw to be a criminal and a murderer, (but struggled to see his beauty and his kindness) being pushed out of the room to spend his time around people just like him. The difference was, she had a heart full of love for Jason McCann, and she knew he knew it. She hoped that was what would keep him going - love.

Stanley Weston, Inventor of G. I. Joe Action Figure, Dies at 84

Stanley Weston, Inventor of G. I. Joe Action Figure, Dies at 84

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Stanley Weston, inventor of the G.I. Joe action figure and a pioneer of the licensing business, died May 1 in Los Angeles, his daughter, Cindy Winebaum, announced. He was 84. (more…)

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What I Think Happened To The Characters of Mad Men After The Finale *Contains spoilers from the show*
  • Don: After doing the Coke ad, he probably didn't stay in advertising much longer after that, and retired in a move that shocked many people and few understood. Probably went backpacking around the world and wrote about his travels and picked some other career and became an entrepreneur. I could see him being an Anthony Bourdain or Richard Branson type. Even when he gives candid interviews, there's always an air of mystery to him. Probably died peacefully like Bert Cooper. The truth about his real identity doesn't become common knowledge until after his death.
  • Peggy: Stayed with McCann until her retirement either in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Married Stan, though I doubt they had kids. Her creative work peaked during the 1980s, and she made the most money during that period. Stan was an important collaborator on many of her works and they were a famous husband-and-wife team. Stan passed away from terminal cancer, probably around her retirement. Post-retirement, she probably did some work for feminist publications like Ms., Bust, or even Sassy. Hillary Clinton supporter.
  • Pete: He's probably doing alright. I doubt he ever told Trudy about his child with Peggy, though otherwise their remarriage was happy and stable.
  • Roger: I can see him and Marie having an open marriage and both being ~très cool~ about it. Definitely Cool Grandpa to his grandson. His relationship with his stepdaughter Megan is initially awkward but they warm up to each other eventually. His daughter, Margaret, either never left her hippie retreat or came back when it was far too late and had serious problems (like a drug addiction) that deemed her unfit to be a mother. I could see Roger, Mona, Marie, Preston (her estranged husband) and Megan fighting against Margaret in a custody battle, with the former group winning.
  • Sally: After her mother's death, she takes care of her two younger brothers and gets along with her stepfather, even if they share different political views. Sally goes to college and majors in journalism, and becomes a music journalist and photographer a la Linda McCartney. She works for Rolling Stone and marries someone important in the biz. She writes Don's obituary, with her saying that while Don wasn't a rock star, he had all the characteristics of one. Sally also later confirms Don's true identity after other journalists
  • dig it up.
  • Henry Francis: Never remarries after Betty's death, and remembers her fondly. Launches a successful awareness campaign against lung cancer. Never ran for President, but became a popular and important Senator (with Republicans, at least). Had an important role in the Reagan Administration. Good friends with Rudy Guiliani. Hates the Tea Party and despises Cruz. Probably likes Trump as a businessman but not as a politician. Tolerates Kasich. He and Don probably had a little quarrel at Betty's funeral, but eventually came to an understanding and called a truce. Learned to tolerate each other.
  • Harry Crane: Probably moved to the television department at McCann, but not as head of television. As a result, he has even less influence than he did at Sterling Cooper and its variations. Universally disliked at McCann but doesn't get fired for some reason.
  • Megan: Had a good modeling career, but only a couple of film roles in somewhat memorable pictures. Not much of an actress. As I described in Roger's scenario, she probably helps raise his grandson after she moves back to New York. In California, she probably got disillusioned and put off by the Hippie movement, which is why she particularly dislikes Margaret during the custody battle. She particularly lets her have it during the case. "I've met your type before in California, they abandon people in the name of free love and come back only when it's convenient." Something like that. Her modeling career turns into a fashion career, and her previous work in advertising gives her an edge in the company's marketing campaign. After the custody battle, she helps raise Roger's grandson and marries Margaret's estranged husband, Preston, after he gets a divorce from Margaret. The divorce proceeding is a lot like the opening scene in Wanda with Barbara Loden.
  • Margaret: After the bitter custody and divorce battle, her life plays out similarly to the movie Wanda. Unknown whereabouts no one really cares.
  • Michael Ginsberg: Went from institution to institution but never successfully reentered civilian life. Died a recluse living with a family member, a la Syd Barrett.
  • Joyce Ramsay: Still a kickass photographer and lesbian. Does work for Ms. Magazine and becomes active in the feminist and LGBT movements. She and Peggy do some collaborations and remain good friends and playfully makes fun of Stan and teases Peggy for marrying a man.
That might have been the reason he knocked on her door; as some sick and twisted form of pay back, for all those times he was forced to jerk himself to a foggy and distant image of her.
—  Apartment 24