universal forms

Date an extremely powerful cosmic entity who was created when the universe was. Their true form is made up of star dust and galaxies and black holes but they will lower themself to taking a human form to hold you if that is what you wish

This RA Read A Freshman A Bedtime Story For His Birthday And Became An Incredibly Pure Meme
The story was Leo the Late Bloomer.
By Kassy Cho

“He read it all upside down so I could see all the pictures. It was impressive,” Kochamba said.

He added that Boddie “definitely read it theatrically” and that “good storytelling is a performance art form.”

So @momnar and I made a god today.

His name is Crux, and you could describe him as a god of decisiveness, change, and tension.  He’s the patron of protestors and all movements and so on and so forth.

The smoke coming off him right now is the release of tension when people jump into action.

Okay but like, racism still exist in the Overwatch universe, not in the form of robo oppression but in the form of the back stories of some of the non-white characters.

From Lucios story and what vishkar did to the favelas, to a white blonde getting a promotion instead of the afrolatino man who deserved it as much if not more. Or a Maori man from NZ living in the Australian Outback being displaced from his home by the government… Intentional or not, OW has given us better narratives of racism more relatable to real life than the mess that is the whole “robo-racism”.

Like for starters calling the anti-omnic bigotry “racism” is such a trivialization of racism and can’t be compared. Torb, Zarya and the Junkers all have reasons to hate Omnics, the bots started a war and a genocide, it personally affected every antiomnic character, yeah some of them can be too extreme with their hate, but outside of some insults can you even blame them? Whom lose their family in war?.

Listen, in real life no mestizo, nor black nor Maori person have power over white people. Is a bad and stupid comparassion, those whom hate PoC think of us as inferior and the only thing we did to be treated poorly is *exist*, Omnics were more powerful than humans and started a war, repeating myself.

Can we please, for the love of everything, stop calling this mess of “”“ omnicphobia”“” racism or comparing to it, especially if you’re white.

Anonymous said:

With the episode “3 gems + a baby” I hope people do understand that the gems had no ill intentions (even though they were wrong to do what they did) and that Pearl did not try to kill Steven, she was trying to help Rose. I’m certain non of the gems really know/knew what was going on, and she assumed she could free Rose and it would just be like a fusion, and that Rose could re-fuse into Steven later. She probably didn’t imagine it would kill Steven, because it doesn’t kill a fusion to un-fuse.

I know the different sizes on the SU characters comes from the different storyboarders and artists and that’s cool I’m cool with that but just imagine if it was a real-time Gem thing due to their forms being affected to changes in environment, situations (feeling in danger vs. feeling safe), and emotional stability.

Then imagine being Connie, hanging out, when suddenly Steven just goes squish and drops like a two inches right before her flippin’ eyes.

Slowing down.

There is something about slowing down that makes you think differently and when you think differently your senses pick up the world around you in a different way and you literally see a whole new universe of colors and forms and sensations. I use to think the world was just ONE way but I’m realizing it really is a thousand different ways

Last night, when I retired to recharge, I had 10 followers and the post about Bastion had about 20 notes.

Now, I have 150 followers and the post has 4,431 notes.

Pardon me while I lay on the floor and contemplate the universe.