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I just read the Inferno AU and loved it!!! Especially how you related every charachter and their roles with what we have seen in the show. Can't wait for updates!!! :DD

Thank you so much!! ;A; I am trying to cram in as many references as possible. It’s a very different setting, but still YOI in its own way! ^ ^; Here’s another one people may or may not have caught: The reason why they call their blood “Life,” and the reason why Yuuri has endless amounts of it that he shares with everyone is entirely from:

Me at this scene: OH, so like, if we take this super literally, and L = life, and for vampires life = blood, that totes means that Yuuri’s a universal donor amirite.

YOI writers: ….how the fuck did you get that out of this.

(also bad translation crunchy, he just calls it “L” not “L words” wow)

Thanks for liking my dumb AU, and I really hope you’ll look forward to what’s coming! :D

Thanks. It was partially guilt (my blood type is either O- or O+ and my mom thought it might be O- which is the universal donor, but either way desperately needed), partially curiosity, and partially me going “it’s been in my head for a while, I’m gonna fucking do it”. I get like that every once in a while; I’m not sure why. If I do go back, I hope the nurse is a little nicer.

Ha! Well, I’m not sure I’d go that far. I think I remember someone telling me that it can take 25 pints of blood to save someone - so I guess I helped save 1/25 of someone.

Thanks. It’s funny, I was texting a friend after and she said “you’re such a ncie girl” and I was like I don’t feel very nice! And I don’t feel very brave either because I got so worked up, it was kind of embarrassing. It feels like a surreal experience now.

Fic Post - “Universal Donor.”

(AKA the blood transfusion fluff I promised).

To Hannibal, the scent of fresh linen and the sensation of the fabric against his skin are not discrete experiences. They bleed together in the hypovolemic haze of his mind, a calming melody made richer by fragrant notes of drying blood. His own, he thinks, but sleeps on untroubled.

Will is close.

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Mad Max Doesn’t Age Theory

I’ve been thinking a lot about the timeline of Mad Max. He was an adult before the nuclear bombs, being part of the last ditch attempt to maintain order on the roads, the last of the cops.

Then they were disbanded, and some years later the nuclear bombs fell and thus destroyed the world. In Fury Road the civilisation at the citadel implies that they’ve been going for several generations.

Yet Max is still a young adult. He doesn’t seem several generations old. We know from the tattoos the War Boys scar onto Max’s back that he’s the rare blood type O-, therefore a universal donor, as well as that he ‘heals fast’ and has 'hi-octane’. So in other words they consider him to be the perfect human without anything wrong with him.

What if the radiation from the nuclear fallout did had an effect on him? And that he now can no longer age? (Maybe due to his unique powerful body type)

Meaning his empty existence will be forced to remember his mistakes forever. Remember how he failed to protect his only child and wife. (And in the original film, his best/only friend too) He will also be the only human being that remembers society before it was obliterated.
Day after day, being reduced to only one goal. Just survive.

I think this is what makes Max, mad.

(Feel free to add to this theory, or say why you think against it, I’m all ears)

Update, Feb. 14, 2015

My father is doing poorly and his condition is precluding a tissue match right now– everything is on hold as far as a living donation right now, and I will give an update as soon as there is more info. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has reached out, thank you for your support and love and prayers. God bless.

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What if the four stars are represented not only by the four blood groups, but specifically stand for the Rh type negative. AB- being the rarest, B- being second etc. The blood type with RH - are classified as universal donors for their respective blood type, so 0- can give to all other groups, while 0+ can only give to RH positive groups, just like A- can give to AB+/- and A+/-. Would make some sense since not all the visitors have bracelets even though allot have gone to Bravat for their future

Hey :) While I really enjoy the 4 stars representing the 4 blood types theory (because you know, this part matches completely), I’m not 100% behind it for the moment for two reasons:

  1. it doesn’t explain everything yet: namely the “radiance” part, people being totally happy + the idol group and mind manipulation

  2. technically there is no way a single drop in Bravat’s cup is enough to determine what blood type the customers are, as well as whether they’re Rh + or -. 

I know Yana can twist science and all though, but still I find it a bit too simple as an explanation for the whole arc and besides, I just hope the astrology + mind manipulation settings aren’t just to create the feeling of something supernatural if the arc is all about a blood collect.
We’ve had something like that with the Green Witch arc already and honestly it kills the mood (because the settings of the GW arc were all for plot convenience, it made no sense with the actual desire of the army to create war weapons, that’s why that arc was clearly not the best and I’m not the only one thinking so). 

Anyway, I’m rambling :) all that to say that while the theory is really plausible for a few parts (kudos to the amazing people who thought about this :)), I think we’re still missing a part of the picture.
It’s just my opinion though so no one has to agree (I’m just saying that if Bravat’s bowl is actually how he manages to find out about the blood types, as a science student who’s actually trained to analyze all kinds of blood tests I think I will really suffer in this arc, but I mean who cares right? X)).

Now that you know my position and the fact I can be a little biased, onto your question: technically (and so if we consider that Yana goes the easy way and that Bravat’s bowl is used to determine the blood types) what you’re saying is correct from a biological point of view. 

It’s also true that… 

not everyone going for a consultation receives a bracelet. 

HOWEVER Lizzie didn’t receive a bracelet after her first consultation either…

but she had it at least three weeks later…

while Ciel got his immediately after his first consultation (and yet Lizzie apparently joined the sect while Ciel didn’t).

So, if Bravat’s cup is supposed to tell with one drop which blood and Rh types his customers are, how comes Lizzie didn’t get her bracelet after her first consultation?

That’s partly why I think we’re still missing a part of the picture somehow, because, besides my dislike of Bravat’s bowl being akin to a biological test of our era lol, bracelets just aren’t necessarily given upon the first consultation.

So actually if we want to be accurate, it’s a bit hard right now to theorize who gets a bracelet, when and why, knowing that Ciel mysteriously got his own after only one consultation, while Lizzie is the perfect example of someone who didn’t get hers just after the first fortune telling.

As such, even if your theory is perfectly accurate on a biological point (only if Bravat’s bowl is such an advanced piece of technology or if he’s supernatural of course), I personally can’t really help you with whether it fits entirely with the arc or not. :/

I think you should definitely keep it in mind, until we get more clues (maybe in the next chapter?) because you have the potentiality to be right for now, it’s just that for me there are still a few unprecise points about Bravat, his bowl and the blood theory. :) 

However, these are great thoughts, very interesting and so thanks for sharing :) I’m just sorry I can’t be more helpful on that. 

Thanks for passing by!