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I’m a really good swimmer…

I just had a stray thought about this line today and it just made me laugh because I just realized that swimming for Garnet isn’t actually swimming? She just walks along the bottom of things: pools, the ocean, volcanoes, etc. and calls it swimming. So I ended up drawing this and going overboard bc I wanted to play with colors uvu;;

But it’s still a good way to kick off the first day of Spring Break at least!

The Pegasus Knights of the Crystal Empire, though belonging to no specific order (though there are a few knightly orders with a predominant membership of pegasi cavaliers) these knights were among some of the finest troops of the old Crystal Empire. They were known for their stalwart defenses, and can-do attitude, if not for their more unsavory traits. A disregard for command save for the Empress herself was a common trait, a cavalier attitude as it were, and their most heinous… Puns. Pegasus knights were known to pun near constantly, even whilst in the swirl of melee! Or worse, above, as if having crossbows raking one’s ranks wasn’t bad enough, the featherheads had to throw sass into the mix. The nerve!

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NDRV3 Theory - The Disease

First off, I’m wanted to thank @the-shipping-lord​​ and @linoslav​​ for inspiring and helping me to bring to life the most bizarre theory I’ve ever created. You’ve probably realized already from the title and the images where I’m coming from. We still don’t have enough information about this whole new danganronpa world yet, but from everything we’ve come to know until now, one of the most reasonable ideas I could come up with was a “zombie apocalypse”. You’re completely free to disagree with me, but it’s unfair to deny it solely for the fact of being a “cliché” theme, since time travel is as cliché as zombie apocalypses. 

Actually, it would be better if I just say that the Mastermind, the one controlling Monokuma, developed some sort of ultimate “despair decease” that could transform humans into irrational animals, the “zombies”. The purpose of these zombie-like creatures is to spread despair and exterminate the hope of the universe. This description probably makes them remind you a lot of the Remnants of Despair. Except that they can’t even pretend to behave like normal human beings as they basically function like irrational zombies whose only goal is to spread destruction, chaos and despair to a deserted and desolated post-apocalyptic world. 

Of course I didn’t just pick this theme at random. Therefore, I will explain why a stupid idea like a “zombie apocalypse” would be a plausible option for now. Please, keep in mind this is just a theory.

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It all looks kind of rough, to be honest. The special effects in particular all look a little ropey. The blaster fire looks like gunshots – less like a galaxy far, far away and more like, well, anywhere in the U.S., unfortunately.

And the lightsabers weren’t colored in yet, making these wizened Jedi look like they were dueling with fluorescent light bulbs.

There’s a voiceover as well, but it’s flat, uninterested, and incredibly vague. “The story of a boy, a girl, and a universe” is an accurate description of about 100 percent of all movies ever made. The whole thing meanders along until the end, when the title randomly explodes – presumably because the rebels found out that Helvetica Bold has a vulnerable thermal exhaust port.

So that’s kind of lame. Surely, they got their act together by the time The Empire Strikes Back came out, right? Nope.

7 Trailers For Famous Movies That Were Absurdly Full Of S**t


‘Young Vidalia is only available to battle during the Celebi Event.
 As the player chases Celebi through Ilex Forest, they will encounter several trainers pulled out of their time to protect Celebi. A young Vidalia is among these trainers and, believing you wish to harm Celebi, will go all out in battle.’

TRAINER TIPS: Vidalia specialises in Poison Pokemon and Pokemon with sound type moves.

The Galileo Manuscript                                                                                                  

Draft of a letter to Leonardo Donato, Doge of Venice, August, 1609, and Notes on the Moons of Jupiter, January 1610

Galileo Galilei

Image:  Wikipedia

Description:  University of Michigan Library

Description from University of Michigan Library  “This single-leaf manuscript is one of the great treasures of the University of Michigan Library.  It reflects a pivotal moment in Galileo’s life that helped to change our understanding of the universe.

In the summer of 1609 Galileo received a description of a telescope which had been developed the year before in the Dutch town of Middelburg by an optician, one Hans Lippershey. Applying his knowledge of optical science, Galileo built such a glass or telescope for himself, and in the draft letter shown below offers his new “occhiale” to the Doge of Venice, pointing out its potential use in warfare. The final letter, revised from this draft, was sent on August 24, 1609. It is in the State Archives in Venice.

The lower part of this sheet shows the use to which Galileo put this optical device a few months later.  As he viewed the skies on successive evenings in January, 1610, he had noticed several bright objects around Jupiter that changed position from night to night. On this page, he plotted their positions over the course of one week and, when he drew the diagram in the lower right imagining how these movements would look if they were viewed from above Jupiter, he realized that the objects were moons of that planet.  This was the first observational data that showed objects orbiting a body other than the earth.”  

Most Serene Prince.

Galileo Galilei most humbly prostrates himself before Your Highness, watching carefully, and with all spirit of willingness, not only to satisfy what concerns the reading of mathematics in the study of Padua, but to write of having decided to present to Your Highness a telescope that will be a great help in maritime and land enterprises. I assure you I shall keep this new invention a great secret and show it only to Your Highness. The telescope was made for the most accurate study of distances. This telescope has the advantage of discovering the ships of the enemy two hours before they can be seen with the natural vision and to distinguish the number and quality of the ships and to judge their strength and be ready to chase them, to fight them, or to flee from them; or, in the open country to see all details and to distinguish every movement and preparation.“

[Below the text are diagrams and notes documenting the position of Jupiter’s moons on several nights in January 1610.]

Avengers AU | 19th Century

The year is 1891, and Captain Steve Rogers, presumed dead after a failed voyage to the Arctic, returns to England to find a very different country to the one he left behind. 

The nation is celebrating the engagement of their future King, Prince Thor, to Lady Jane Foster, but a dark cloud is hanging over the Royal Family. A series of murders connected to occult rituals have taken place across the capital, and despite the police struggling for leads, there is one name repeatedly whispered on the streets; Prince Loki.

Struggling to return to his former life, Steve throws himself into the investigation, assembling a ragtag group of former soldiers, spies, a doctor, and even a Russian assassin. Loki’s trail leads Steve to the man who funded his doomed expedition, the wealthy entrepreneur Anthony Stark who appears to be hiding a secret of his own. Who are the twins following his every move? And who is the mysterious man known simply as the ‘Vision’?